The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Miraculous Healing Power!

Would you like to learn about the miraculous healing power of our body because Jerry explains that body and mind are connected?

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Miraculous Healing Power!

Our bodies have miraculous healing power and we often take it for granted.

When you cut yourself, you expect that, “Oh, that’s going to fix itself.” You don’t sit there and look at it the whole time saying, “Are you going to fix yourself? What are you doing?”

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - Miraculous Healing Power

They’ve even found that patients who are unconscious, if they’ll talk to them, like during surgery, a doctor says, “Hey, could stop this bleeding right here?” and even when the patient’s unconscious, the bleeding will stop.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I’ve read a story, a book called “Arigo: Surgeon Of The Rusty Knife” about a guy in Brazil who was able to do surgery with a pocket knife. He could take your eyeball out and clean stuff in it and put your eyeball back in with no anesthetic.

Doctors went down and filmed this and quit their job after seeing this. He actually went to prison for witchcraft because he didn’t have a license. This guy did hundreds of thousands of surgery in Brazil. People from all over the world would come to see him and he could fix almost anything.

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - Miraculous Healing Power

A lady who had cervical cancer would come to him and he’d just go with a little pocket knife, cut it out. She’s healed.

He went viral when he did that on a politician. A politician had lung cancer and he would go into a trance, so he wouldn’t even remember doing it. But he went up to the politician’s room one night, cut the cancer out of his lung with a pocket knife.

The guy went to his doctor the next day and the doctor said, “Where did you have surgery? This is great, it looks like you had surgery a couple of weeks ago.”

He said, “No, Arigo did this in my hotel room last night?”

And the doctor said, “That’s impossible. This is clearly healed for two weeks.”

The one doctor even held his hand when he did the surgery. He said there was some kind of energy that was running through him like doctors tried to replicate this and it did not work. There was some kind of energy he had in his body that allowed him to do these things.

If you listen to Wayne Dyer, he’s got a ton more stories like that. There are so many more stories like this out there. The point of all this is I feel empowered in my own health today. I believe even in the law of attraction that I can avoid car accidents, that if I leave the house in a state of pain, I’m more likely to attract something like a car accident.

If I leave the house in a state of peace and I focus, my objective is to get to one place to another safely and nothing else matters, that I can actually, by being connected to God essentially, my car will be in the right place at the right time where the car accident won’t happen.

If you think about something like a car accident, it’s almost like winning the lottery, except in a negative, like everything has to line up just perfectly for it to happen. You have to be at the exact light with this exact person’s not paying attention.

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - Miraculous Healing Power

Well, I hope what I’ve given you here is a feeling of empowerment that you are God over your body, that you can think your body into however you want it to be. The most difficult step often is to adjust the thinking and to focus on having it right now.

Like with my eyes, I go back and forth between, “I wish I could clearly read that sign over there” to “I can see clearly now. I can see what’s right in front of me, really well.”

Being grateful for what I do have instead of focusing on what I don’t have. I’ve gotten a lot of canker sores throughout my life from biting my lip. I will bite my lip, and then it will swell up and just have this huge canker sore. I’d have to chew on the other side of my mouth and not eat acidic foods and finally, I did this strategy on the canker sore.

I noticed when I get a canker sore, I’d be, you know, tongue in that particular spot of it and wishing it would feel better and focusing. But how often would I think of the other side of my mouth, which had no canker sore. I got a bad canker sore after visiting my mom and canker sores are often stress-related.

I felt like, “My mouth should know how to chew by now. Why does at some point my teeth go crazy and I just bite into my lip?”

Stress. There’s that energy of stress in my face, and then that causes the lip biting. I got this massive canker sore, like I just couldn’t even chew on that side, messed up how I talked. I was listening to “You Are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It was talking about focus very clearly on what you do want and what you are grateful for.

I said, “Man, this right side of my mouth feels so good. Whew. Oh man, that feels great. There is no canker sore over there. It is awesome. Woo man. That’s great. It feels so free of pain.”

And within 24 hours of doing that, the left side canker sore went away almost completely after days of being just huge.

I felt like, “Wow.”

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - Miraculous Healing Power

Then, if I’d eat something and I immediately, a lot of us go into these cycles.

So I bite my lip, “Oh my God, I’ll have again a canker sore and now I need to stop eating acidic foods” before it’s even swelling up at all. Now I start chewing on the right side of my mouth like as soon as the first little thing happens, you go onto this expectation like, “Well, this is how it’s going to go.”

As soon as I broke that and focused on the gratitude on this side, the swelling went down almost immediately.

I started eating foods that even though you can still see it, it did hardly hurt, and if it did, I felt like, “Oh, that’s fine. The right side of my mouth, it feels great.”

It just went away and I’ve hardly had any of the canker sores since then. It’s like, “Man, what else can I do with my thinking, what else?”

Now I’m on my eyes and it’s the same lesson with the eyes, “Man, I wish I could really read that sign clearly, but I’m so grateful I can see clearly, but ooh, driving at night, a little challenging. I should put my glasses back on. Nope. I can see clearly the car in front of me. I’m safe driving where I’m at, I’m going the speed limit. I’m grateful for all that I’ve seen.”

It’s just that mental game.

I think I’ve shared a lot about my story now and I’d love if you’ve got questions to answer those for you.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.