How to Get People to Read Your Blog Using My Mobile and Facebook Ads Tips

If you have a blog post or a page on your website you want to get people to noticed, I hope this video’s going to be really helpful for you. You can see to begin I’ve got a web post, or a blog post on my website that I want to get noticed and this video is going to take you through the entire process I use to get hundreds of thousands of people to see this post. I’m going to do it with Facebook Ads, with Twitter and with ads on mobile devices.

The best part is, I’m going to show you every single detail of how I build all of these ad campaigns so you can do this yourself. This might take a while and if this is on my Facebook or YouTube channel I will have this video split into different parts so if you just want to use one or the other method you can do that.

Between showing you everything I’m doing and doing this yourself I think you’ll have an awesome opportunity to get excellent results with sharing the content you have with the world.

The best part for me is even if these ad campaigns don’t work out as I had hoped, I still have this video to show you how I did it.

The first question you always want to ask yourself is how good is what I’m trying to share with the world? I’ve written, let’s go to my website real quick. I’ve written lots of posts recently and some of them are a lot better than others. I think the Top 25 success book list I’ve done, I think this is a really good post.

It share 23 books I’ve ready myself and 2 my wife read to make a comprehensive and very personal book review list. Now, the key thing with this is, is this post really worth sharing with the world? Is it something everyone’s going to love and be really pumped and excited about? And that’s the question you want to ask yourself because most of your success is not necessarily based on the promotion method you use. That helps a lot, but you have to have something good to start with. I have made a lot of ad campaigns for clients and the main point I seem to miss telling them and they seem to miss getting is that your content has to be good to begin with.

If you’re content’s not good to begin with, it doesn’t matter how you advertise it most of the time, unless you have a massive budget and huge subscriber list. And if you’re watching this video, I’m going to guess that even if you do, you still want a lot bigger list than you have now.

The first question is what you choose to promote. I’ve promoted all of these recent posts but I think this one is my real masterpiece. I’ve put a lot of time into it, it’s very personal and it’s something that relates to nearly everyone. So that first step is key – it’s what you’re promoting.

There’s two ways to go about it. Either you can promote your best content or you can use the data to tell you what people like the best and promote all of your content a little bit. So I promoted my most recent content and some people liked it better than others.

Still, I’m going to make a more serious approach on promoting this because I think this is really good. Once you’ve established that what you’re promoting is worth promoting and that people will share it virally. I think this has that potential. If you have something that you think has that potential, you probably don’t want to use paid ads for it. Now, we’ve discussed choosing what you should promote. All of the steps that follow are going to show you every detail that I use to create something that is successful with paid ads.

So I’m going to show this to hundreds of thousands of people using the exact things. I am actually making these ad campaigns live with you. So we are going to do the whole process from start to finish and I hope that at least some of mobile and facebook ads tips are useful for you.

Now if you want to know what I’ve achieved or why you should watch me doing this: I’ve got huge Facebook page of my own over 750,000 fans now. I’ve got an Elance profile, I’m very good, I’ve tested very well at Facebook Marketing and social media marketing and Google ad words. On Odesk same things: I’ve done awesome ad campaigns for a lot of other people’s pages. I’ve got other people exceptional results. I’ve got myself or my original website I made a celebrity level Klout score. My YouTube channel is successful and I’ve done some incredible things with advertisement campaigns mostly for clients

Now, I’m working hard to see what I can actually do more of for myself and through that communicate more love, hope, and faith throughout the world. So that’s why listening to this or watching this with me do it is worth it as opposed to anyone else actually sharing this information which I don’t know that they are.

Mobile Ads

My biggest opportunity, I think, is either with Facebook Ads or mobile ads. And I’m going to do the mobile ads first because theiry easier and I don’t think as many people know about them and do them. The mobile ads are good because they are as low as 5 cents per click. And the 5 cents per click is just amazing! It’s so low to get US traffic for that much. It’s one of the cheapest forms of advertising anywhere.

I’m going to show you how to do that first, and then I’m going to do Facebook Ads which are going to take quite a long time and then I’m going to finish up with a quick Twitter ad campaign or two. So to begin I’m going to drag the windows over from my other, I have a double monitor desktop here.

I’ve got everything up to begin this. So this is an account I have. They’re the largest independent advertiser. By independent, they run ads in apps both in Google android and in iOS devices. that’s a really cool thing because then you can do cross platform and it’s also a lot cheaper.

A lot of the apps sign up for Google or Apple directly and their clicks are a lot more. So you can get a lot lower cost doing this, and I’m going to show you how to do that now.

So what I need to do first is you need to create a campaign. But in order to create a campaign, I need to have an ad creative. This assumes you know a little about Photoshop because lord knows I know very little about Photoshop. This is like me having a sports car and driving 30 miles/hour. So, I know how to at least get things done simply to make a banner ad that’s painfully simple in Photoshop.

So what you need to make an ad in mobile devices an ad in mobile devices is to have a simple banner ad and I’m going to make a couple of painfully simple banner ads for this post. What I want to do is to that communicate the value of the post in it.

So, let’s see what is my post called here? Top 25 success books so I’m going to make one that just has the exact same text. I’m going to past that text and obviously I need to fix the font on it and then see where I need to put a little break in it, maybe right there is good. So now I can make the font a little bit bigger. You can see I do very little graphic design. I think of myself as completely horrible at graphic design so I try and keep everything simple.

And I’m trying to lay this banner ad out so it’s in at least a decent enough format that people can read it’s somewhat appealing. So I think I have to move entrepreneur down here. We won’t take all day with this fortunately. I’m just trying to fill out a decent amount of it but not take up every single part of it. The one thing I didn’t show is I put the background, I used the Facebook hex color. There’s one of the reason I can’t use that color, it’s not copywrited by Facebook or anything. So I’ve got the hex color is actually the same one that Facebook uses so it’s one of the subliminal things that if you like Facebook then you might be more likely to look at this post.

So here we go! I think this is a good enough banner ad. It says Top 25 Success Books for Me as a Husband, Entrepreneur, and Alcoholic.

Very clear communication of what I’m trying to advertise. So now I need to save this. the height and width is already in a preset format that I know will run or iPads and other devices. I looked at my analytics from my previous ad campaign and I can get low cost clicks using this size without actually bidding on Tablets. So I’ve made the 728px width by 90 height, I save it. I need to move it into the appropriate folder for now. So let’s just put this is my images folder for now. So I want to call this Top 25 books 1. And so now you’ll see where I use these later. And I like to use maybe a slightly different format for this.

So maybe something just a little bit, tiny bit different from this. So I’m going to do just a little, I’m going to strip out for me and I’m going to put Top 25 Entrepreneur books for Men, Entrepreneurs, and alcoholics. So that relates to other people and obviously I’m going to have to work on this font a little bit. And I’m going to try just having this so that is isolated right there. You can see another painfully simple banner ad. The idea is most people don’t read a lot of the banner ads. I want a banner ad that stands out.

Most banner ads look very professional design or horribly just childish almost. So mine kind of stands out, it has a very simple message on it. Top 25 Success Books for Men, Entrepreneurs, and Alcoholics. The idea is I want people if they don’t click on it to go to my website That’s what I want. So I’m going to just use these two variations of this ad. Top 25 books 2.

I’m going to try these different variations because there’s a lot I can do in the future. But for now I’m going to make a few ad campaigns and see what people like. I’m going to save this with the new title Top 25 Success 728 so now if I want to go back and make new banner ads for this I can go straight back to this in Adobe.

So now I go back and I make an actual campaign. I jump back in to and now I’m going to use those banner ads in a minute. What I want to do is plan out my campaigns on mMedia. What I do want to do is show these campaigns in different areas especially and see what shows the best. For example, I’d like to show them in Canada, I’d like to show them in the US, I’d like to show them in different states. I want to show them in certain areas.

So I’m going to make a few different smaller campaigns instead of a lot of bigger campaigns. In order to do that I’m going to have to think ahead of time about how I want to do that. So I’m going to make a quick little series of notes in Microsoft Word to help me do that.

I’m thinking I like a $50 ad campaign and I have 250 on there. I can either do 5 $50 ones or I can do 10 $25 ones. I’m going to base it on how many ideas I have.

I want to campaign for all US, I want to campaign for all Canada, I want to campaign for South Carolina because I used to live there and simply my name recognition might get some people through come to my website or see my ads. So South Carolina I’ve got some history there so to speak, and I might get a random opportunity for showing that there so I’m going to try it in South Carolina. I want one in Palo Alto, I believe it’s spelled I’m going to check in the other window right now. I want one there and that’s in San Jose, California. I ran an ad campaign there that was very successful getting a hold of the people at Facebook headquarters. That shows over Google and Facebook and I’ve proved it works so I want to show my website to them and who knows what kind of opportunities I get out of it.

And now what else would I like to make this campaign for? I know people in California have been good about watching my videos specifically. But I’d also like to try out some different areas of the country. So I think I want to do a couple of tech centers in one campaign. I want to do Seattle and San Francisco. Maybe I’ll just do Seattle because that’s where Microsoft is. I’ll just try Seattle. I’ve got these 5 different ideas.

What I’m going to do now is go to my Google Analytics very quick. I’m going to put this into the other window. I want to verify that my campaign ideas are not just total crap. I’m going to go back a couple of months on my website. You can see I’ve been growing my website traffic a lot lately. I’ve been investing in, I’ve got a dedicated server. So I’m working hard to get some traffic.

My stats obviously are not ideal with the bounce rate but everything is on the way up. So what I want to do is figure out where are people most engaged with my website and that’s often a result of something I don’t even understand. So I want to find out where in the US they’re spending the most time on my page so far.

Obviously Florida, but partly Florida is because I live in Florida, so Google Analytics is counting a lot of my own traffic here. So you can see there’s a lot of traffic in Sarasota so you can see North Sarasota I’m real popular. So we’re going to skip Florida because I can imagine the reason for that.

What I want to know is what state I have some sort of weird success in that I don’ t quite understand maybe even consciously, or whatever. And so I’m going to say that these are outliers because I don’t have a lot of visitors here. You see 4,8, and 1 that’s not a lot. But I want to get to where I have more people spending more time looking at my pages and where the bounce rate’s lower.

Now it could be Washington here, but that could also be my friend that online a lot in Seattle. And you can see he’s moved to Spokane so you can see he accesses my website there himself more often than maybe other people do. But still there’s a lot of traffic from Seattle and it’s not necessarily him every day. And I could look here and go to acquisition and see exactly. So you can see a lot of these came from direct input so those are probably him. So Seattle might also be an outlier the idea I have.

Where else do my stats look good? Here’s a weird one Arizona. I have a bit more session duration, I have a much lower bounce rate from Arizona, and I don’t know anyone in Arizona that’s actively keeping up with me much. So this is a random thing, a random state that might be worth trying. And you can see their in Phoenix and Tempe that I’m getting people looking at my website much more than I would expect somewhere else. And now how did I get them to come through to my website? So there’s direct and there’s Google. So I might have been found a couple of different ways. So I’m going to try Arizona because It’s a weird enough outlier in my data that its worth giving a shot to an ad campaign on its own.

I’ve looked at my Google traffic my last idea is going to be Arizona. So all US, all Canada, and then South Carolina, and then Palo Alto and Arizona. 5 $50 campaigns to do this with. So, first one: I’m going to put this on my other screen now, so I don’t have to keep going back and forth. But I’m going to do Top 25 all US. And now I put this in some category related to books.

I mean it could be Education, let’s just take a look at all these categories. It doesn’t matter that much because they will switch up the category as they decide is appropriate. And you probably saw me go through I’m like That on! That one!

I want something to do with success maybe education can even work. So I’m going to try education. Oh I can actually see, I’m going to scrap this one real quick. I’m going to see where they put this other ads campaign network in. and they put it in social media and networking. I’m going to try and do this as education and we’ll see what. Actually I’ll put it in social media and networking since that’s what they put it in before.