Love Today As It Is: Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Having more money brings a new set of limitations. If you think that money will give you freedom or solve your problems, I’m here to tell you it won’t.

It may solve some of your problems but it may also create new problems. Having money is something that a lot of people look at as salvation. The only salvation is to see that you already are okay and you have all the freedom you could possibly have. Having more money brings limitations that are surprising. Getting more money after thinking it will be your salvation leads to a bad place when you see there is no salvation with more money.

I’m grateful that today I have more money than I have had a previous times in my life. Every day in my life that I know of, I had enough money to get by. I had enough money that I didn’t starve to death or where I didn’t die. To me, that’s the only amount of money that matters. You either have enough to get through the day and live  or you don’t. Having more or less is subjective. There are lots of people that would say they’re broke or you’re rich. The fact is, having money doesn’t make any real difference in my life today. I’ve gone through periods where I’ve had just enough. I’ve had to live with my parents because I didn’t have any money at all. Any situation where I went from having a little money to having more all come with limitations. They all have freedoms with them.

When I lived with my parents is when I had some of the least money I had in my life. I had a lot of freedoms living there. I knew because I didn’t have any money, I couldn’t afford to pay the bills. I had to live with someone who did have money and who could pay the bills. They didn’t just give me their money to spend either. I thankfully was able to eat from their grocery money and I was able to spend my money if I wanted something. It gave me a lot of freedom to have so little money that I was open to living with my parents.

At all other times in my life I had more money than that so I was not open to living with my parents. That was a big limitation because even though I had more money I had to spend it. I had to figure out the best ways to spend it on a bunch of things. A lot of people have no money and are forced to live  with their family and it’s a great freedom. It’s a wonderful thing to live with your family. I grew a lot as a person when I had to live with my family and some of the worst periods in my life were when I had the most money. That’s why I could never get any more or hold on to money because I would try to make more money and try to work. Then when I got more money I would have this huge ego and end up wasting it all.

I would get so depressed, I couldn’t stand to go through a another day again. The irony is that so many of us go through life thinking that if we just has a little more, our salvation would be there. The irony is having a little more money is right where everything will fall apart for more people.

For me, the time when I got ahead the most are when things fell apart the most also. I’m grateful today that I’ve been freed from that trap of thinking if I had more money that things would be better. There are new limitations that come when you have money that are surprising and aggravating. When you’re broke no one’s going to call you to ask for money. Your friend will do things for you like call you and help you out. If you win the lottery, those same friends that would’ve helped you out and paid for things for you will take from you. They will be trying to get your money. You’re liable to start feeling like everyone’s trying to take things from you. Being broke can be a great way to live because you see other people’s generosity so much. When you don’t have anything for anyone to take, you’re able to interact with people who are generous.

When you get more money and you get more opportunities, the people who gave to you will switch and start taking from you. That’s where it really turns into hell. I’ve heard lots of stories like that and I’ve seen some of that for myself.

For me, it wasn’t so much friends and family than it was I was attracted to situations where I’d lose my money. I was attracted because I finally had the money to things like gambling. I could afford to make a big bet. I could afford to go to stupid places to spend my money. I felt like I deserved to live in a nicer place and have nicer things. All of the sudden I don’t have those nice things anymore and I’m selling all my things because I spent all the money I had. I was so excited about having money that didn’t have any again.

The irony is now that I don’t define myself on how much money I have, the world has given me more to do good things with. Yet, I understand how much money any person or company has is a daily thing. It’s just a number that you read somewhere in a bank account or it’s just a few paper bills you have in your pocket. It’s not something that really matters because it can be taken from you in an instant. In an instant all those electronic records I have online showing whatever money I think I have could be wiped out. All the paper bills could be taken and all of a sudden I’d have zero. This will happen at some point whether it’s while I’m alive or when I’m dead. It will happen at some point. At some point, we all reset to zero because that’s where we started from.

It’s a great gift to see there’s no salvation in the future and a great gift to see there’s so salvation in money. There’s no amount of work you can do. There’s nothing in terms of making money that would make your life any better than if already is now. In fact, I’m here to tell you some of the worst periods I’ve had in my life are also some of the most money I have ever had. I’m thankful today to tell you this is one prison I’ve been let out of and one matrix I’ve been released from.

I pray today to remember that it doesn’t matter how much I think I have or don’t think I have. I pray today to remember that all that matters is the good I do for people. I pray to remember money will never be my salvation or anyone else’s. I pray that you have the same chance to learn this the easy way by listening to me share it. I pray you use the experience you already have had with this in your life. I try to get the easy lesson today whenever I can. I’ve had the hard lessons so many times that I try to have the easy lessons today. I try to share the easy lessons with you, because I learned the hard way myself. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day today.