You’re Not More Qualified Than You Boss – You’re Equal

Feeling I’m no better than anyone else and no worse than anyone else is an ideal place today. I used to strive and work harder than everyone else because I thought I was worse than everyone else. The opposite is often true. You’ll see people that work hard to prove they’re worse than anyone else. Anytime there’s a story, they will try to tell one that’s worse. They will say how their life is more messed up because on the outside they feel like they are superior to everyone.

Today, I enjoy being an average, equal member of the human race. It’s nice to look around and see everyone is an equal. My daughter, who is 7 months old, is my equal. My friends that are 70 years old are my equals. Barack Obama, who is the President of the United States is my equal. He’s no better than me and no worse than me. That is a great place of peace and I look around and see what everyone else is doing.

When I look from a place that everyone is an equal, then I don’t have to argue with what everyone is doing. When you have someone that’s your equal, you respect that they have their own life. You respect that they can make their own decisions the same as you can.

If you think you’re better than them, you’ll fight hard to try to prove that. If you think you’re worse than them, you’ll fight hard to try to support what position the person takes. I like the idea that all humans are sons and daughters of the creator. That point that one person can be a son of God that means that we are all a son or daughter of God. Proof that one person is is proof that everyone is since we are all created equally. That’s in the United States constitution which is a big thing for me since I live here. The principal that we’re all created equal makes things simple. It makes things simple in business, we are all created equal.

There aren’t people under you who are  not as capable as you. There are not people over you who are smarter than you or better than you. There’s a group of equals who are all doing their best to achieve what should be the same result.

It makes it easier in a relationship. No one needs to be the good guy or the bad guy in a relationship. It’s two equals doing their best to make a healthy partnership together. I know that much of my life I had ego mania. I was an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. That meant I tried to prove how great I was to the world all the time because inside I felt like I didn’t belong. I felt like I was less than everyone else and the average person had less than I did with the normal life. I had to prove that I was exceptional all the time to myself.

Today, I see someone in a wheelchair and that is my equal. I can walk, but I’m no better or worse than them. I have different limitations than them. I am an equal with the president of any country. I have different limitations than they do. There’s lots of things that you can’t do as a president that you can do as a normal person like going to the store alone.

When you see that everyone is an equal, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Every human being has exceptional potential. Every human being is also fragile and weak. No human being can stand completely on their own. An equal requires other equals to provide help, love, and support. No one does anything bad on their own. No one perpetrates some crime without it having been part of all the other equals around them.

If you look at life as a partnership of equals on this entire planet, problems like wealth discrepancies go away. We are all equals so it doesn’t matter if one person has more money than another person. It doesn’t matter if one person looks different than another person. It doesn’t matter if one person is younger or older, we are all equals.

That’s the point of view I work from today. Every human is here  is my brother and my sister. I do my best to treat them like that because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I belong. If we all feel like we belong and treat each other like equals, all the big problems disappear. We don’t have to solve things like poverty or problems in the school system. If we are a group of equals partnering together in this life, all those problems disappear.

Almost all problems are created out of the belief that some human beings are superior to others. Some person because of their wealth, status, or looks is better than another human being. A person because of their past deeds or their status is somehow worse than another human being. It’s a place of peace today that starts within. When I create a world outside of equals, that reflects my inside world. When I try to tear other people down, I tear myself down.

If I’m tearing down other equals, I’m tearing down someone that’s just as good as me. I’m just saying the same things about me. If I say how stupid other people are, aren’t I just saying how stupid I am? If I say how small other people are, am I just saying look how smart I am? It takes a smart person to see how smart other people are. It takes a stupid person to see how stupid other people are. Everything I create within is projected out. I tried today to create a life where I fit in and I’m no one special I’m no greater than anyone, I’m not worse than anyone. That fixes almost every problem in my life automatically. I don’t have to try to fix the problems that are created from believing you’re above or below someone else. I’m just me. I’m just as important or unimportant as anyone else is.

Today I pray to remember I’m no better and no worse than you and every other human being. I pray today when I am struggling with this to ask for help with having humility. I pray to approach my creator and my fellow humans with love and understanding and acceptance. Then I know I will get that back in return. I pray that you have the same chance to create a world you want to live in. I pray that you have a world that’s peaceful and happy for you to live in where you don’t have to hope salvation will come in the future. You can experience it right here, right now with the same people that are in your life and the circumstances you already are in. Thank you for reading this. I hope you have a great day today.