Valuable Tips For More Sleep, Energy, and Positivity

Getting enough sleep will create a miracle for your health. I have never been this healthy in my entire life and if I could tell you the number one thing that I’m doing it’s getting enough sleep. Sleep is the biggest thing your body does to heal itself.

Have you ever noticed you’ll go to bed with something and you’ll wake up and it’s mostly better? Or you’ll have went something and it’s a lot worse? That’s because during sleep your body works really hard to heal itself up. If you’ve got some cold or virus, your body will try and fight it a lot while you’re asleep and then you’ll wake up and will have gotten a lot worse, but most of the time your body works to repair itself and take care of itself while you’re asleep. It takes the time to fix things and to heal so if you’re messing up your sleep you’ll notice you don’t heal as fast, you don’t get better from things as fast.

Why is it the most common advice you get when you’re sick is to drink lots of fluids and get lots of sleep? If that works when you’re sick, why wouldn’t you do it all the time? That’s what I do all the time. I drink lots of fluids and get lots of sleep all the time and this is the healthiest I’ve been all my life. I’ll give you a couple of quick pointers for sleep that will help you get more sleep if you’re struggling to get more sleep. All I have to say is I’m leading by example, this is the best I’ve felt and looked in maybe 10 years and it’s because I’m getting enough sleep.

What helps me to sleep? Two practical things I’m doing during the day help me a lot. I get 30+ minutes of aerobic exercise just like is commonly recommended helps me get to sleep. If I get at least a 30 minute walk every day, I try and do at least 30 minutes every day and like today I’m doing personal training and maybe I’ll do the elliptical afterwards. If I do at least 30 minutes, but usually an hour works really good, I’ll easily be able to sleep. My body will spend that extra energy exercising and then it will be ready to fall sleep as soon as I get in bed.

Another big practical tip is to be aware of your sleeping environment and to use it for sleeping. If you’re married or have a boyfriend or girlfriend I understand there are other things that will go on in proximity to sleeping. I’m saying don’t use your bedroom as a place to lay in bed and watch TV. Don’t lay in bed unless your intent is to go to sleep. It’s conditioning yourself and conditioning your body that when it gets in bed, it’s expecting to go to sleep. That way, it’s almost automatic. The same way that when you have a pet when you do certain things they expect to be fed or take a walk. You condition yourself the same way you condition your pet. When you get in bed, you fall asleep, that’s what you do.

Then, the biggest part to falling asleep is having inner peace and stillness. Spirituality and if you can use religion to get to spirituality that can help you fall asleep gigantically. The value comes in when you’re able to have peace, silence and faith in your mind and gratitude before falling asleep. The main reason I couldn’t fall asleep most of my life was I was continuing to run my mind. My mind was going a thousand miles an hour getting in bed and what I would do to compensate it I would usually get in bed when I was just exhausted so I knew as soon as I hit the bed, I’d fall asleep in 5 minutes.

I used to pride myself on being able to fall straight asleep. What I did to get that was I never got enough sleep. I was so afraid of having to spend time in bed not being able to fall asleep that what I did was deprive myself of sleep all the time, which then left me cranky and angry and bad moods during the day which then would lead me to want to stay up late to get a little time that wasn’t annoying or bad and then to repeat the cycle day after day after day and that was before I started drinking. Once I drank, then it got even more exaggerated. I had really late night’s drinking and then early nights to bed with hangovers, really late night sober, then a lot of stress and then it just got worse and worse until I started taking care of myself and until I got some peace and serenity in mind.

That’s an every day job. I’m grateful I have people say “Jerry your energy is just contagious how do you do it?” It’s an every day job. It’s the main thing I do every day is take care of myself, love myself, be grateful, and understand my place as a part of the whole and not a separate self. That’s an all day job. It usually requires prayer consistently and gratitude, going to a support group helps, serving doing these videos or podcast episodes, however you’re using this. This helps.

My entire life is set up around taking care of myself and sleep is a central part of that so if you find yourself making excuses as to why you can’t sleep. If you find yourself like I did most of my life and really exhausting yourself prior to going to sleep, if you find yourself unable to get to bed because you spend three hours trying to get to bed, if you find yourself taking sleeping pills or drinking or some other sleep aide, if you find yourself in these situations it’s an indication that there’s big things in your life to work on and working on those big things is the best work you can do because life is wonderful if you take care of yourself.

If you don’t take care of yourself life sucks. You’ll notice when you don’t take care of yourself, people who don’t take care of themselves will always entice you to not take care of yourself with them. If you do take care of yourself, you’ll notice you hang out with people who also take care of themselves who respect your need to take care of yourself.

You’ll hang out with people that respect your need to go to bed. You’ll hang out with people that you will respect their need to go to bed and to take care of themselves. Sleep is an easy way to take care of yourself and have a wonderful life. Today I pray that I will take good care of myself during the day especially right now so that then I can heal myself at the end of the day with sleep. I pray that I’m grateful for the excellent sleep I got the night before that allows me to function with so much energy today. I pray that by sharing this with you, that you can use this information and  energy to take a look at and notice your sleep routines.

That you for being with me today whether it’s on YouTube, on my podcast, or in my Udemy course or wherever else I put this. Thank you, I hope it’s useful, I’d love to know what you think, and I appreciate every moment you spent here with me today.