Thirty More Ways to Make Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online that if you look a little bit, you will find something that resonates with you, that you enjoy doing and can make you money. I have written a book100 Ways I Made Money Online relating to my experience at working online that may give you ideas of what may work for you.

In a previous post I showed you 30 ways from the book on how I made money online, would you like to go through 30 more ways with me today?

Thirty More Ways to Make Money Online

Thirty Ways to Make Money Online

Now, I’m going to list these 30 more ways to make money online with short explanations as relevant. If you would like to read way number 1 to number 30, click here.

Way 31 to 60 to Make Money Online

  • Number 31: Click to call affiliate from mobile ads. Commission Junction has what they call a “click to call” affiliate program where you get paid to generate calls that fall within certain parameters.I did a couple of different ads, I used the banner ads that they gave me and put them in mobile ads. Then you get paid every time that there is a qualifying call. I think I made about $7 from that. The initial $1 ad spend made $7 profit and I was really excited about it, and then all the rest of the $100 ad spend after that paid nothing. Not sure how that worked, but there is some potential there I think.
  • Number 32: Chase credit card signup bonus. I have worked this angle a bunch of different times. They pay you to get a new credit card. Most recently, they gave me a new business card with a $500 bonus if I spent $5,000 on it. Now it has a $95 yearly fee after that, so maybe I will cancel it in the future.However, it helped me increase my credit limit and they gave me $500 to essentially spend money I was going to spend on another card anyway. I have got thousands of dollars from Chase signing up for credit cards, and then Chase now has the majority of my credit cards. What works good for them, works good for me.Thirty More Ways to Make Money Online
  • Number 33: YouTube views through Amazon payment. I used Amazon payments to collect over $3,000 from a client I had worked with before who couldn’t find a way to pay me with PayPal, and who paid me $3,000 to get millions of views on his YouTube channel. I used Fiverr and they were really cheap views he got. It is too bad I wouldn’t have been able to use YouTube ads that would have worked a lot better for him. That was at the time one of the most profitable clients I had ever had about a year into my business.
  • Number 34: Warrior Forum, Warrior Special Offer to Udemy course. This made more than $10,000 in sales and got a lot of new paying students onto my Udemy courses because the Warrior Forum featured this in an email to everyone who got Warrior Forum emails.This was one of those things that if I would have tried to hustle and scheme for it early on, I couldn’t have even come close. The Warrior Forum literally just approached me and said, “Would you make this Warrior Special Offer for us? Then we’ll run the Warrior Special Offer as a deal of the day, you can get a percentage of the sales and we’ll send you the students.”A Warrior Special Offer is a little post you pay like $20 to make, and then you put some kind of product or sale you want to advertise. I still give those a try here and there today.
  • Number 35: One I had done before was a Warrior Special Offer for Facebook likes and ad campaign setups. That one worked really well at the time because then I didn’t have a good Warrior Forum presence. I just would post and link to my Warrior Special Offer, and then I would get people reading my posts that went back to my special offer and became clients.
  • Number 36 is another Warrior Special Offer and this is specifically the daily deal promotion I was talking about, the initial special offer I did that got affiliates and that did well on its own, but it did really well when the Warrior Forum put it into the Warrior Forum email that went out to like a million people. Once the Warrior Special Offer got promoted, both from me promoting it and the Warrior Forum promoting it, that combined made an awesome opportunity for all of us.
  • Number 37: I got paid to win a contest on Facebook. There was a guy, he has his son at the office I had for about a year. His son was in a contest and he knew I did Facebook ads and marketing, so he asked, “Can you help my son win a contest?”I said, “For a hundred and fifty dollars, I’ll guarantee your son wins the contest.”He went straight upstairs and sent me the payment through PayPal. I went straight onto Fiverr, bought five or ten gigs of people who would vote for his son. He blew everyone else out of the water and won the contest. I figure what you are thinking after that.
  • Number 38: Won the regional round of a national social media competition for a marketing company. It is funny because they did social media marketing and they still saw that I was doing things so much better that they ought to hire me to help them win the competition as they weren’t going to be able to beat their number one competitor.They hired me and paid thousands of dollars, which at the time I thought was amazing, but the problem was that after all the work it took, it didn’t result in a good client relationship. I won them the national round of a social media competition using a combination of Facebook ads and Fiverr.
  • Number 39 is focus groups for mobile app testing. This was a project I did for my biggest client because they had a huge government project working internationally to test mobile apps that were popular in their country, in all different countries around the world.I was lucky enough to land the US portion of the focus group for mobile app testing. I was selected to do this because they couldn’t find anyone else to do it. It is not that common to have focus groups for mobile app testing and it is especially not common to have them done for cheap.They offered me $1,500 for a mobile app focus group, which you might think, “Well that’s not very cheap!” I promised that I could get people to do a good job with the test.I thought I could easily find mobile app developers because at the time I worked in an office that had a lot of mobile app developers and tech-savvy people like me in it. So I thought it would be no problem to get them to do a focus group test. What I didn’t take into account was how unwilling people like me generally are, to stop doing whatever it is they are doing and do something else, because we are passionate about what we are doing.Thirty More Ways to Make Money OnlineIf someone came by my door right now and asked, “Would you participate in a focus group?” They would probably have to offer at least $1,000 for me to stop narrating this book. Not as much because narrating this book is worth a thousand dollars, but because I love narrating this book and I’m willing to do it for a lot less than you would have to pay me to do something else.Long story short, it cost me around $200 to get a real mobile app developer to participate in the focus group. According to the guidelines the client and the government wanted. On a $1,500 budget to have often eight to ten plus people do a focus group, you can see the problem I had. I solved this problem with a lot of ingenuity. I thought I would find a temp agency, and I figured, “Hey, anyone, everyone uses their phones, anyone can just bring their phone in and do a mobile app test.”Somehow I did mobile app focus test groups using temporary employees and they worked barely just good enough.

    No one was happy, the client wasn’t happy, the government wasn’t happy with the test, they said they looked unprofessional, and somehow I got this one done.This was one of the toughest ways I made money in terms of getting things actually done, and at the same time it was extremely profitable with using the temporary employees as I mentioned before. It cost maybe five hundred to a thousand dollars to run two focus groups for four hours, and then I would get $3,000 to do that.

    It was a really sweet system and I had anywhere from ten to twenty-five plus of these focus groups to do.

  • Number 40 is selling ten thousand of my Mom’s books on eBay. My Mom literally had a huge room in our basement back in 2003 or 2004. She had a gigantic room in our basement full of ten thousand plus books, many of them were in new to a moderately used condition. She liked to go to the bookstore and buy a whole bunch of books at a time after work, and after doing this for years, she had accumulated ten thousand plus books.My Dad was saying something about getting people to go throw them out in dumpsters and I said, “Let’s put all these books on eBay.” Someone literally paid five thousand or so dollars to fly out from Oregon, come pick the books up, rent a U-Haul and drive them back out there so his wife could start a used book store.That was one of the first ways I made several thousand dollars online both for my parents, and then I made about $900 out of it, which my Mom was really depressed then, because I just gambled the money away when I was in college back then. That was one of the earliest things I ever did to make money online.PokerStars or gambling online is another way I have made money online, but I’m not including that on this list because it is not legal in the US to gamble online. I’m not including any illegal things on the list to make money online.Why? Because you can probably figure those out yourself.
  • Number 41: Selling my apartment on Craig’s List. I’m spending a little bit of extra time on some of these things like this because then I will go into more of the things in later chapters that are all similar like affiliate marketing, selling products et cetera.You might think that’s crazy, something like selling my apartment on Craig’s List, what is that all about? When I went to move home after I quit my job being a police officer, I went and moved from South Carolina to Mississippi to live with my parents. My Dad informed me that he would help me move. He would bring his Ford Explorer and put some stuff in there and I had a Toyota Corolla.I had a one-bedroom apartment full of everything you needed to live: a bed, dresser, two couches, etc… I put almost my entire apartment, almost everything I owned, especially big, but many things small, on Craig’s List. I made about $700 having ten to twenty different groups of people come over and take things out of my apartment.I literally had a status about six years ago yesterday on my Facebook that said, “Time to wake up out of my bed so I can sell it!” Then, I slept on the couch the next week, and I sold both the couches too. The day I moved out, I sold the couch I had slept on the night before. It was a pretty sweet system.Family came over and took all kinds of extra things out of my apartment. I made about seven hundred selling almost everything I owned on Craig’s List. It’s amazing how easy it is to get rid of things you don’t want anymore, and how liberating it is to go from having a bunch of stuff to having a lot less.
  • Number 42: List of Facebook page URLs. In the course of trying to get clients, I would send messages to Facebook pages offering my services, and whatever messages I would send would continue to evolve with whatever other services I offered.I got the bright idea at some point, after having paid a freelancer to build up this huge list of Facebook pages, to start selling the list of Facebook page URLs because I realized that other people might want a huge list of pages too.Now on my website there is a little page where I sell a list of Facebook page URLs and you can buy it for whatever you would want to do with them. There is a list of hundreds of thousands now of Facebook pages on it.
  • Number 43: List of video game addiction help videos. This is one of the silliest because I sold it for like 99 cents. I sold access to a YouTube playlist of video game addiction help videos and someone actually bought it on my original website when I started working online.What would you do if you had enough money to do it?
  • Number 44: Building a website using Google Sites. That was not a good idea. Google Sites is not ideal for building a website, but it is fast and it is supported by Google, which is nice.

    Google Sites is Google’s kind of little WordPress type platform, except that it has a lot less features than WordPress. It is not compatible, at least the last time I used it, with hardly anything, but I did earn thousands of dollars building websites using Google Sites.
  • Number 45: Google AdWords monthly management. This has been my most single successful specific service for a client, still to this day earning hundreds of dollars every month. I have been managing Google AdWords for years for a client who often doesn’t have me do anything throughout the course of the month with the Google Ads, and then occasionally there is a month where there is a bunch of work.
  • Number 46: Google AdWords account audit and ad campaign creation. One client hired me to actually audit their existing Google Ads and make some new ads for them. When they weren’t happy with the very first group of ads I made though, then they didn’t have me do anything else for them.
  • Number 47: 60 SEO vein articles. This is one of the worst things in my whole life I have ever done for money. The client paid me hundreds of dollars to produce 60 search engine optimized articles talking about their business, which happened to be vein restoration. It still bothers me to even say the word “vein” today because I spent hours and hours spending hundreds of dollars myself ordering these articles on Fiverr.My theory was that I could just literally outsource the 60 articles straight to Fiverr and make a few hundred dollars. What I didn’t count on was that the client would actually want the articles to be decent, and with the people I found on Fiverr for $5 an article, which is $300 in total, it was difficult to get decent quality articles for that price and SEO optimized.The client paid like four or five hundred dollars, I ended up spending ten or twenty hours and almost the same amount of money the client paid me to get them a bunch of vein articles they weren’t even happy with and that they never ordered again.This is another good example of just a nightmare of trying to offer to do everything for people when you haven’t done it yourself. I remember that one hour sitting there editing vein articles, trying to make them even readable. I can’t even stand to read about anything vein related today.Will affiliate marketing work for you?
  • Number 48 is a paid email response. This is something I tried recently on my website to limit emails because of the amount of emails I would get on a daily basis just putting my email out there. A bunch of emails, mostly selling things, mostly wasting both my time and the person that sent them’s time, so I tried having a paid email response.I made it $25 and you had to pay to email me. One or two people actually went through and paid the $25 to email me. The problem was that I didn’t have a very good way for my customer service to get set up then, and another problem was that lots of the good opportunities I have gotten have come through free emails. Now I’m grateful I have a friend Albert who reads the emails first and is the gatekeeper.
  • Number 49: Teachable direct sales. I hosted my courses on a website called I have now made some direct sales through it instead of using my WooCommerce page on my website. Another different way of selling courses that is effective.
  • Number 50: Selling Teachable courses on my website. This currently is how I make the majority of the money I’m making online as of September 26, 2016. This is currently making about $300 a day selling courses on my website. Now that’s in sales because I have to pay out some of my co-instructors like Ermin, but I have the courses listed on my website using WooCommerce, then I actually sell a free coupon into the Teachable course, so that’s why number 50 is different from number 49.
  • Number 51: Selling free coupons to Udemy courses on my website. Instead of using my website to sell free coupons to Teachable courses, I also sell free coupons to Udemy courses. Obviously, I did this before and this was the first thing I did. I sold access to free coupons to my Udemy courses, now I still sell free coupons to other people’s Udemy courses. I will talk a lot more about selling courses online in a later part of the book.
  • Number 52: I sold my website on Flippa. After I got my website banned from Facebook, and when I was trying to re-brand as, I realized I could probably sell my website on Flippa and make some money on it, especially because it had made the majority of the money for my entire business, I knew I could put good financial numbers up there and get someone to buy it.This was also right when my business was nearly bankrupt and everything was a complete disaster. I was just starting getting sober and trying to put my life back together, especially with my business and in my personal life, and out of nowhere I got this idea to just try to sell my website.One night when I couldn’t sleep — because if you drink a lot one of the things that often happens if you stop drinking or don’t drink at all, is that you have a hard time sleeping — I stayed up all night, not because I was intending to, but because I was not tired all night, and I sent emails out to almost everyone who had ever emailed me, personalized individual emails showing that I was going to move to and saying that I was selling my website.One of those emails reached a former client who really wanted to buy my website and I was able to sell it for $5,500, which was amazing because at that point, it was something I didn’t even want. Another random thing, I then made a course on and sold the course for thousands more dollars on Udemy.
  • Number 53: I sold domains on GoDaddy. My wife is so loving and patient with me. She came home one day and I reported to her, “Guess what, I’ve got the new next big money-making venture.” This was at least three or four years ago when my business was still fairly young and I didn’t have hardly any money.It wasn’t self-sustaining. What did I do? I announced to my wife proudly that I bought five hundred short domains. Five-letter dot com domains that I had researched and I thought for sure that they would be increasing in value. Things like or all kinds of other random five-letter dot com domains that were available for whatever the lowest price GoDaddy offered, which was many $6, $7 or $8 a domain in bulk. I bought five or six hundred of those domains for over $5,000. I sold, wait for it, about three or four of them before the next year’s registration came due.Thankfully, I had the sense to not renew any of those domains. Actually, I think I did renew like 20 of them and none of them ever sold, so I dropped them all. Yes, that little adventure cost me not only about $4,800, lost after the sales of the domains, but it cost me a ton of time and energy trying to sell those domains.I had a bunch of fear, that was realized, that I wouldn’t sell hardly any of them, and yet, I did make some money on some of the domains. A few of the domains I bought for $8 sold for $50 or $100. Just it was only three to five of them out of hundreds.Thirty Ways to Make Money Online
  • Number 54: Creating Facebook ad accounts. Often, clients who are using fraudulent systems with Facebook ads need new accounts a lot because they get the accounts, and then they burn through them. They get the budget up to several hundred dollars a day, then they run the budget up on Facebook. They make some real payments, then they run the budget up on Facebook and then don’t pay it off.Often, these advertisers on Facebook are trying to save a bunch of money doing the background work of ads for their clients by trying to fraud Facebook, so these advertisers often need new accounts. Now I didn’t realize the whole back end of this system until I started working with an advertiser.I just thought, “Hey, I know how to make new Facebook ad accounts, I’ll help someone out.” This was before the business manager, back when you had to have a Facebook ads account created mostly just by using personal accounts. So I made a new Facebook ad account, got it created and working for the client, who then got it disabled right away.The client wasn’t happy because they had paid hundreds of dollars for me to make a new ad account through a wire transfer, so there was no refunds. I said, “That’s too bad, but it’s your problem you got the account disabled right away, I did everything right on my end.” I never heard from this client again.Another client hired me to do another account and they didn’t end up using it correctly. That’s another example of what happens when you hustle instead of providing true value. Sure, I made a few hundred dollars, but it was aggravating for everyone involved and overall not worth doing. A good learning experience though.
  • Number 55: Facebook likes on a weekly basis. This was one of the first successful services I ever had and the most amazing thing about it was that it was a recurring subscription. I got a bunch of people to agree to pay me every week, every month, a few people even every day to get them a certain amount of new Facebook likes, which I did through Facebook ads.I knew all I had to do was set the ads up once, and then leave them running, and often the subscriptions were incredibly profitable. I would have a dollar a day ad campaign running delivering a hundred likes a day for the client who then often would have bought something like several likes a week. The client was getting more likes than they paid for, I was getting often hundreds of dollars a week to do that.It was really good services and very profitable for me. The problem was that the clients often didn’t care for the global likes. They wanted them to be from a specific country or even if they had ordered the global likes to start with, and they realized that’s what they wanted and they chose to do it, they usually would get bored soon enough, or they would just want to save the money and most of these subscriptions didn’t last very long.A few of them lasted quite a while though, and it worked out good for me and the client who got a big Facebook page out of it, built with real people from Facebook ads, and I made some good money from it.
  • Number 56: Share of a startup for online ad management. Now this is never something I would have done with someone I didn’t know. I did this with my friend Rob, who I knew from working across the hall in my startup. I agreed to take a half percent ownership of his startup in exchange for doing his Google Adwords ads for three months.Now the caveat to this is that I also said that I had the right to record and show anything I was doing for him, put it into a course and sell it, or put it out on free tutorial videos. The tutorial videos and courses I made off of Rob’s Google Adwords ads were very profitable and are still selling today. People are still watching the videos today from that because his ads are some of the most successful Google ads I have ever done before.That is an example of something that worked out very well for both of us. That’s something set up for mutual benefit. Rob’s company has benefited greatly from having the additional exposure through Google ads. He has made now millions of dollars in Bitcoin buys from the people who found him through the Google ads I set up, and now that’s my friend Albert who is running them for him. Notice the big difference between that, which I set up about a year and a half ago, and many of the things I set up earlier and I have talked about.
  • Number 57: A thousand YouTube views per month. This was a genuinely helpful service that ran for about a year for my friend John who I met in a Business Networking International group, a.k.a BNI. I met John, who is a real estate agent, and he was building his YouTube channel up.I said, “John, you really could use more views on your channel. Just get a good foundation, build all your videos up.” So he paid me about a hundred dollars or so a month for about a year to get him a thousand YouTube views per month and then I spent about a dollar a day on Google Adwords to do that for him. That was a nice deal, I made about $70 a month working with him over a year, and then he just got a $5,000+ commission for selling my house.What you give, you receive. John gave me good business for a year, and then when we needed to sell our house, guess who we got to sell it?John.Now to be fair, John did know that Laura and I owned a house when he started working with me, so that was a good investment on his part. That’s a good example of serving a client in everyone’s best interest.
  • Number 58: Send Facebook page messages for a client. I was so effective at getting new clients via Facebook page messages that one guy actually paid me to send the messages for him. We never worked together again because none of the messages I sent for him got anyone any business that I know of.
  • Number 59: Twitter advertising. I had at least one client pay me to do Twitter ads for their account. I have never seen that Twitter ads have worked very well for me, and I don’t think the client was very happy either. If you will notice, just the sheer amount of failures in this list is amazing. Still, I got hundreds of dollars to create Twitter advertising campaigns.
  • Number 60: Local mobile ad campaign. Out of all the work I did globally, I actually got at least one client to pay me to do a local mobile advertising campaign with M Media. It was a roofing company and they paid me a fixed amount to show ads for their company all over the place, and that’s what I did. They paid several hundred to have me show the ads and I paid about $50 to run the actual campaign.I should mention that I also met this roofer through Business Networking International group, and they later got paid thousands of dollars to fix my roof.

These 30 ways to make money online are only a third of all the ways I have made money online. All of them worked in some extend with some working just a little and others fantastically well. What I hope you get in reading this blog post is ideas of what you can do to make money online.

Read my previous post where I showed you 30 other ways to make money online.

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