Start Your Morning Meditation With Me?

Would you like to start your morning meditation with me because this will help you start your day right every day?

Start Your Morning Meditation With Me?

Would you like to join me in a morning meditation? I’ve read about the value of morning meditations so many times. I’m shocked, really. I shouldn’t be shocked that after all the times I’ve read about it, I haven’t actually started doing it.

Start Your Morning Meditating With Me?

I’ve been reading about the value of meditation and I’ve tried lots of various forms of meditation, but I haven’t got a practice yet that really works well for me.

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I invite you now to join me first thing in the morning with a 15-minute meditations starting tomorrow, of course.

What’s up Rakun Gaming? Thanks for being the first on the live stream.

What I’ve heard is that when you start your day after the 15-minute meditation, absolute miracles will happen.

The meditation gets your brain in harmony. It gets you on the right frequency to attract exactly what you want.

Lucas, what’s up?

Meditation puts you in the right place to see the opportunities around you and that’s what I want. I want to see all the opportunities around me because the world is full of opportunities.

Yes, right now, but how do I listen for those? How do I not miss them when I walk by a conversation where somebody is dropping an opportunity?

Will I actually hear it and see how I can take action on it?

Start Your Morning Meditating With Me?

Dr. Joe Dispenza wrote a book about the placebo effect and the key ingredient in terms of what you could do yourself was meditating.

Thus, I intend to start meditating tomorrow for 15 minutes.

Now, what does that look like?

What does it look like when I do a meditation?

For me, I intend to just sit here quietly for 15 minutes, no music, no guided meditation in a quiet space and listen for whatever it is I need to hear because that’s what I really need out of meditation.

If you’re like me and you’re into prayer, that’s the shirt, I pray a lot and I’ve done what I’ve called a walking meditation for the last few years.

While you can do something like a walking meditation, it can be distracting because as you’re walking around, you’re really creating something. The same as I’m making this video now, I’m creating with it.

That’s kind of a form of prayer.

With meditation, what I need is to download my instructions straight from the universe, kind of like an Internet.

Many of the great inventors in history like Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, their practices were to meditate and they’d get their great ideas often like for Edison, thousands of ideas from meditating, and I want that, and I also want the peace that comes from having a brain that’s in harmony.

When you’ve got a brain that’s in harmony, your brain won’t be fighting and conflicting with each other, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientists emphasize the importance of having a brain in harmony, and in his book, you are the placebo effect, which emphasizes the need for daily meditations.

Start Your Morning Meditating With Me?

I read the Abraham Hicks books that also emphasized daily meditation, 15 minutes meditations.

I’m posting this to be accountable to you and to help you in case you’ve gotten away from your meditation practice or in case you’re just getting excited about it and want to know about it.

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Thank you for reading this.

I love you, you’re awesome.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.