100% Productive, Confident, and Creative: My Diet, Exercise, and Sleep System

What’s my secret to being so confident, productive, creative and energetic every day? How can we reach our 100% maximum potential and share that with the world? I’ll take you here through my routines during the day that helped me to do this and my lifestyle that supports this everything that includes my diet, volunteering support groups and my family and community environment. To begin, let’s look at the critical factor to start each day.

Sleep. I am very structured in my sleep. I consistently go to bed within the same one hour window each night between 10:30 and 11:30 currently and I consistently wake up between the same hour or so window between 7:00 and 8:00 consistently most days that gives me an average of 8 hours of sleep or so every single night. Sleep is very important for every single function in our body from our brain activity and our focus our mental clarity to our body health. If you want to go through and be so energetic, you need a full night of sleep and to me, my sleep is non-negotiable. I’m not staying up to hustle more and be more productive. I’m going to bed and understanding when I get a full eight hours of sleep, I can do a great job in the 16 hours I’m awake versus trying to push it an extra few hours, cut back on sleep and reducing my quality of output all day. Thus, start with a good night of sleep. Nothing I’m doing daily is more important than getting my eight hours of sleep. I adjust my sleep routine based on my life also. Even with an infant, I was consistently getting 8 hours of sleep. At that time what I did, stayed up late and watched the baby so that my wife could get some sleep and then I would sleep in a bit later to make up for that.

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Thus, having a supportive family environment that I wake up in every day is also extremely helpful. It gives me clarity and focus. Sometimes it even gets me off-center a little bit encourages me to learn and grow. I wake up with a wife, a daughter and a son in my home each day. The people around us are critically important for influencing us and impacting our lives. I keep my life free from anyone who is a toxic negative influence. However, I do go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day and have a meeting planned every single day. I am an alcoholic. I’m grateful for over 5 years sober now and I go and do my best to help people that are in that toxic negative place. I put videos out with the hope to make a difference in that.

At the same time, it seems very important for me to stay out of that in my home whenever possible and in the people, I hang out with. Thus, it gives me the chance to stay kind of clean and focused to help others that are in that state but not to get drawn into being in that state consistently myself. As soon as I get up, what I’ve been doing recently is making a smoothie in the morning. I’m following my doctor’s advice as a whole plant vegan. I read the book how not to die and I follow the whole plant vegan lifestyle there. I get up and the first thing in the morning, I have a couple of supplement powder scoops, coconut oil, a couple of bananas, desired water and ice. I make a smoothie that in theory has all the nutrition I need for the entire day in terms of nutrients. From there, I eat a whole plant-based diet which means this, I have almost all that I eat has the minimal amount of processing that I can get and still enjoy my diet and keep it comfortable.

This means I eat a lot of whole fruits like bananas, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and oranges. Then I eat a lot of whole vegetable things like kale, cucumbers, broccoli, and salads. I eat those with beans especially I like hummus and I eat those with nuts especially nut butter like almond butter. And then I also get in some whole grains. I like Triscuits and I also do sweet potatoes with some cinnamon and then I do have the snacks I like. I’ll do some almond butter with some chocolate chips and honey as a little snack and occasionally I might even just take a pole straight from the process the refined sugar straight out of the thing for a little treat. I generally drink only water.

I hardly ever drink anything besides water because I’ve found that drinking tea overclocks me a bit and then sometimes it compensates by underclocking me. That means I get a little too fired up and too on edge then I get a little tired and sleepy. Thus, I stick with consistently drinking water as the only beverage I drink. It keeps life simple and it also keeps me free of any caffeine which according to the book I read about sleep, caffeine interferes a lot with our ability to sleep, get tired at the right time and stay asleep. Even if we just drink a cup of coffee in the morning, the half-life of caffeine for some of us can still mess our sleep up at night.

Thus, I drink almost only water. For the videos that I produce out here in my office, I have a home office shed that’s built right in the backyard of my house. I throw my little suit and tie on. I walk out here. I have the graphic thumbnail already done. I hit the record button. I start talking. I hit record again to turn it off. I drop the title on it, throw that in a spreadsheet and send that over to my editor. I have an extremely quick process that I use to just step up, let things come out, hit it again and send it out. I use TubeBuddy as I’ve shown in another tutorial to research the best videos for me to make and then I try and create things that are most needed by other people. Here’s the video if you want to check it out TubeBuddy Tutorial 2019! Maximize YouTube Views by Researching Video Topics

The essential element to do this is that I need to be in a good state. If I am disturbed, if I’m upset, and if I’m frustrated, I will not make videos because I know that has a big impact on my videos. You can tell that I’m happy, I love my life and that is a big part of why people watch my videos and when I show up and I’m aggravated, I can’t hide it for those that are the least bit perceptive. Thus, I have a lot of self-care I do to keep everything in top functioning. The primary self-care thing I do is going to Alcoholics Anonymous daily. This allows me to get great perspective and to see what other people’s lives are like. It’s kind of like volunteering most days where I come in and try and help someone else even though I’m sober and have a happy life myself. Then some days in my support group I’m off. I need some help and I just share whatever I’m going through and people consistently give me help and I feel better than when I left.

If you’re not an alcoholic, there are tons of support groups out there and I trust when you start looking for one, you’ll find it. Maybe the wrong one to start but you will be guided eventually into the right environment for you. Now my wife Laura, she doesn’t go to any kind of support group. She spends a lot of time with her family and that helps her in the same way that Alcoholics Anonymous helps me. My family of birth is nowhere near me now. Thus, Alcoholics Anonymous is kind of like my family so to speak. I also weekly have 3 critical things I do for health and I will start with a massage.

Massage helps me to relax and for the actual day I get the massage, that day tends to be very relaxed completely and then massage helps my body stay a lot more relaxed, be a lot more free from all those tensions and pent up muscle problems which keeps me loose. And then when my mind says, “Oh my God! Everything’s wrong”. I look at my body. I’m like, “No, no it’s not. My body feels good. I don’t see anything wrong”.

It’s a lot harder to be disturbed when the body is relaxed and massages helped me relax a lot. I get a massage every week for 90-minutes. I also see my hypnotherapist almost every week and that has helped me to get into being a full-time Youtuber and I trust if you’re not already in the family, you hit that subscribe button to get on the family. My Youtube full-time transition was helped by my hypnotherapy. My hypnotherapy helps me to do an active meditation especially and a guided active meditation, where I focus on looking at what are the most important things I can be doing and what am I doing that’s wasting my time. This helps me to show up and do my most valuable contribution each day instead of getting into all these kind of worthless side projects that frustrate me. When I’m on point, I am happy and feeling good almost all day almost all the time. When I get off into some of these little side adventures and I don’t feel good, sometimes they’re valuable learning experiences to help me feel good.

The third thing I do consistently is, I exercise. I have 2 days a week where I do an hour-long personal training session which is very good vigorous exercise. I have a standing desk in my studio so I stand up while I’m filming because it’s much easier to just talk that bla bla bla, think you’ll be getting this na na na, not in the back of my car ah. Whoa, little Kesha blah blah blah came out for a minute. You were not expecting that you were like, “What this guy’s trying to sing and sweating in that suit in the Florida summer. Yes, I stand up when I talk and I exercise on a regular basis and that helps me to have very good energy on a daily basis. I’ve had a little something going on with my nose maybe a little head coal or something. I have so much energy. It barely slows me down at all which is awesome.

Personal training helps a lot with that and then of the days I don’t do personal training, I walk my dog for 30 minutes to an hour or so as well as standing up for most of the day, being active, hanging out with my kids, playing with them, just be getting up consistently and not having that thing in my head like there’s a piece of trash over there but I’m stuck in my seat. No, I get up, throw that away and stay active stay on top of my life. These are the essentials I’ve put together for you here because I see questions like, “What’s your routine? What do you do every day?” This is my secret to be. All of these things combined helped me to have a life that I love. I’ve been through a lot of tough times in my life like not even wanting to live, feeling lost, alone, confused and struggling. And today, I feel absolutely outstanding.

One key tool I use when I start to deviate is, prayer. Because when I start to get off the path and yet lately I’ve had some fear of financial and security. I pray and then guess what I do when I pray? I feel I get to asking other people around me for help. I have a very strong network of people I see daily that are diverse. Older than me, younger than me, different situations in life, different origins and this helps me to stay well rounded.

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Jerry Banfield