Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy to Find Clients

Want to Use Facebook Messenger to Make More Money Online?

Using Facebook Messenger to find new clients has helped my online business grow. Two years ago, I had no clients and no resources. Since then I have gained clients from 30 countries with many needs. You can live the life you want, work when you want, and have time for the activities you enjoy. Unlike other internet marketers out there, I give as much helpful free information as you ask for! Visit my website, and you can join my sales team, at jerrybanfield.com! Here is what I learned:

These Business Networking Strategies Work Best for Me:

  • Facebook messages: I have found these to be the best! They bring the most sales with the least amount of work. Some of my biggest clients have come from sending Facebook messages.
  • YouTube videos: I am heavy into creating content for youtube. When you do them right, they take a lot of time. YouTube videos are great for creating a positive online presence
  • LinkedIn group messages: They are good not just for sales, but for gaining advice. When you are stuck, LinkedIn group messages are a great way to get advice.
  • Forum Postings: Many of my clients this year came from posting and sharing my knowledge on forums.
  • Twitter @searches: I have great search rankings though tweeting my work, and people retweeting them. This is a great way to use several methods to get a great effect!
  • Contact form submissions, oDesk agents, focused blog posts, and network building opportunities you find online, offline: These are out-of-the-box methods.


Putting these strategies together could make your business work too well. I couldn’t take all my emails, and phone conversations. I had to quickly learn how to innovate!


Why Facebook Messenger Works for Me…

Why use Facebook Messenger?

Facebook messenger is an incredibly powerful, and totally free tool! However, there are as many things that can to well as wrong. I focus mostly on Facebook messages at this point. It is incredibly difficult to do just right, and takes time to perfect. Think of it like composing a song. Anyone can play a piano, or instrument and just bang on the keys and make some music. The masterpieces happen when you play it artfully, and in sync at the right times.

I know, because I can’t play music.

I can, however, compose the online business equivalent of music. You need to hit the right keys, at the right time, to the right people. Then you will take off! One thing that will be helpful is to have a FB page that is already established. You can cite this page when you talk to people. This will help you, but is not necessary. I just used my personal account when I started!

Are Your Messages Reaching the Right People?

Here are three tips to help you message the right people:

  1. Make sure your account is in good standing. These companies will likely look at your social media accounts.
  2. Know what you sell, and how to value it! You know what you do best. I create online advertisements. I look at many page’s FB ads. There is a perfect tab that allows me to see all of their advertisements. This lets me see what they are selling.
  3. Could I do business with them? How would they use my product or service?


My Facebook Messenger Method.

How do I Find Relevant Pages?

If you are in a specific place, you can type it in the top bar. Then you can browse local businesses. I would create a list of leads. You need to make sure you are emailing a business page. Search for business pages near you, like I did below:


Use Facebook Messenger to talk to local companies.

There are millions of FB pages. Choosing out of these millions is critical for your business. If you are in the “make money online niche” you may not want to target pages that are doing the same thing or are, or have their own systems in place. You can find different types of pages that will provide you more of an ideal client. You can search with specific terms that relate to your prefered market.


I used Facebook to find this page to messege

What clients, opportunities, and success do you already have? Which are your favorite, and why? Once you know how to find leads that are fulfilling, you can target your search efforts more effectively. Learn which pages your current leads are putting up, or subscribing to. For me, my ideal client is someone who runs an ad on FB. When I find pages with ads, I like their page. It seems like you are less likely to get flagged for sending messages when you like their page. You are also giving them something they want, a like.


Writing a Message That Works!

How to Get More Business Sales Working Online with Facebook Messenger -

Half of the work is finding these pages. The better you get at finding pages that want your product and don’t even know it yet, the more you will be able to funnel sales through you FB Messaging campaign. You will know who the right clients are, and waste less time messaging dead ends.Often these messages bypass the gatekeeper. I could show you the same thing with email. However, emails are heavily guarded. Spam filters are good at blocking sales messages. I am more likely to get a person who is a decision maker in the company.

I have a better chance at getting a response, positive or negative.

Sending emails does not have this power.

Get More Attention with Brevity.

You want to tailor your message in a way that is personal for the business. I start with something like: “how would you feel…” Then, I offer a scenario that I can offer them. See the example below.


When using Facebook Messenger, write five sentences or less
When using Facebook Messenger, write four sentences or less. 

I get right to the point in two sentences. They see exactly what I am offering. To break it down: the first part of sentence one is asking a question that makes them think about themselves, the second part is a positive thing I can do for them.

I have found the “How would you feel if…” introduction to be most successful. Something else may work better for you. I have sent many emails, Facebook Messages, and found that the average orientation does not do anything almost 100% of the time. A message like this will get more than 10% response rate. I would imagine people in business have done very little, if any communication via Facebook messenger from their page. I have done little from my page, and mostly send emails now.

The next sentence tells them that I appreciate their work. Next you can give them a sales pitch, or offer. It often works best if you can give them a link to visit. People want convenience. By adding a link, they get a nice preview of your website, all nice and neat. They want things within reach. So you can share your webpage, or share your mission.

What Makes Facebook Messages Different?

How does this differ from other outreach tactics? It is very short– three sentences. It also includes various ways they can contact me for more information. They can send a FBM, email, or through the contact form on my site. You want to be prepared to respond wherever they decide to respond. You can see that this has a lot of possibility to do really well. However, you will have to send many everyday.

You should craft these messages yourself. Only then should you copy and paste various versions to different people.


How to Avoid Facebook Messenger’s Spam Filters.

How to separate your message from the junk

In some cases these messages end up looking like spam, or common junk mail. You can see examples of how these messages are constructed by looking in your inbox, or spam box. Also, be sure to know the law pertaining to online marketing outreach. Most spam messages are sent from bots do not use a proper URL. People have to trim out the word “com” and replace it with a period. This is annoying, and not a trustworthy message. These practices will lead to more people “junking” your messages.

When you think about messages you receive unsolicited, a lot of them are stupid! If you send me a message and took the time to find my message. I got one in my email that says, “You are doing a very good job with your online marketing,” or, “You are not ranking very well on Google.”

If you start off saying hi or hello, or introducing yourself, you will lose their attention. You have five seconds or less to tell them what you will do to help them, or they are closing your message!

They are mostly expecting people to message them who are customers, potential customers, and people like us, who want to do business with them. You have two sentences to tell them what value you are offering. The chance of your message being flagged as spam decreases as you spend more time formulating a good message for that audience.


There are a few small tweaks that will make my previous message more trustworthy, and less likely mistaken as trash:

  1. “Dear Stauer Team,” is added to let them know the message is written specifically for them.
  1. I saw your facebook page and was impressed with your 10,000 likes, clicked on your ad, and liked your page! This shows them that I am interested in seeing their posts. Everybody loves an extra like!
  1. Grab their attention with specific personal ideas. If you can, find something they have posted to talk about. This shows them that you have spent a bit of time engaging with their content.

Always Craft Personal Messages!

People are more likely to read a message in their inbox that has relevant, and personalized content. Personal touches also keep our messages from getting sucked into spam filters, never to be seen again. It is also a great idea to stay away from adding too much bulk to a message. Spam filters, and people dislike too many attachments. Many phishing attempts come through message attachments. When you only have a few seconds to get the attention of a potential lead.


What is the Best Way to Use Facebook Messenger?

Facebook messenger is a great tool to source local connections with. You can give yourself a chance to skip chamber of commerce meetings, business meetups, or other networking events. It is an easy way to pick up a little business without spending too much time.

This works well when you are crafting a few solid messages, but is a hard method to scale up. You will not be able to follow through with every lead by sending out hundreds of Facebook messages. The URL is the key factor that leads to the failure is using Facebook as you would e-mail blasting software. It is bad practice to send out the same message to hundreds or thousands of inboxes, so you will have to spend time personalizing your template, loading each business’ page, and finding things to talk about that will get you a sale.

How Many Messages Should You Send with a URL Attached?

 tips for Facebook Messenger security!
Get your mail through Facebook Messenger security!

I could send 20 or 30 messages with my URL everyday. I will only run into a problem if the message I include the URL with gets marked as spam. The problem is when more than one person is using the URL. The URL has a higher chance of being trashed when it is being used with an affiliate. If a URL is not brand new, and has never been added to a blacklist, you will have no problem. If your URL has been flagged, people will get a warning before they leave Facebook from your message.


Would you visit that potentially dangerous site?

Probably not.


If you are having problems with your URL, you can make a different call to action. In this case, you will need to be more compelling with your copy. The best campaign I ran told potential clients about a charity I was doing volunteer work for. We shared their story within our message, and it was seeing great results! I would tell the potential client how my services helped a non-profit achieve their goals. I would say something along the lines of,

“If you want to grow your page, my company has helped the charity Prescription Addiction Really Kills to get over 30,000 likes on their page in the last three months for under $5 a day with Facebook ads!”

This sentence tells my audience exactly what I do for other companies. On top of that, it showcases my philanthropy. This short story is a way to show them I am a person as well as a businessman. I let them in to a small part of my life’s work that I am passionate about.

In one sentence, I communicate:

  1. my moral values;
  2. an example of my ability; and
  3. the services I have to offer them.

The sad part is, the charity turned out to be a big fraud. The founder was laundering some of the office money. Therefor, I had to stop using that story in my Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns. I was an ambassador for them! Prescription Addiction Really Kills was doing a great job contributing to the campaign. I went to their meetings, engaging with inquiries, running Facebook ads. I even got their Facebook page up to 30,000 using my own resources! It is important to remember that failures always happen. Life is rife with them, sadly. I am now in search of a trustworthy charity, and planning to start my own up in the future.

Find A Call-to-Action with the Best Conversion Rate.

If your URL is blacklisted, try using a search term call-to-action

If your URL is blacklisted, try using a search term call-to-action

This message still needs a call to action. Since I can’t use my link, I need to show them a different way to contact me. I add, “If you want to get these results out of your ad campaigns, please email jerry@email.com.” Email can work well, but it still may be blocked by spam filters. You also won’t get the nice image like you do when you share your web site link. If you send this message to a lot of people, it is likely to get trashed by spam filters. Every online marketer has a list of emails. Many of them will take your email and add it to their list. This can ruin your resources.

If you are trying to track your success, sending many messages will make it hard to tell which responses are good, or lead to dead ends. In this case, you can ask them to search for you. This is a great scalable solution. It is easy to track the people who are finding your site through a google search term. Another great factor is that Facebook Messenger’s spam filter will not block this message! I would phrase my message, “For more information, Search for Banwork.”

Make sure your search term is simple. You want people to be able to be able to copy and paste on their phone. Do not include a lot of numbers, and limit the search terms to a few memorable words. People won’t search for anything too complicated. You can use a site screen name, or the name of your website.

You can also choose to use a term that has to do with your work. This is a great choice if you come up first in that google search. For example, if you were to tell them to search for “#1 NY SEO,” you should be the first hit. This is also powerful because it shows potential clients what you do, as well as your ability to put it into action. In this case it shows you have the ability to get your page top placement, therefore proving your SEO abilities. This is a powerful indirect sales pitch.


Go Ahead, hit send!

Good Luck Marketing Yourself with Facebook Messenger!

Learn how your online marketing connects at, jerrybanfield.com
Learn how your online marketing connects at, jerrybanfield.com

Thank you for reading about my experiences marketing through Facebook Messenger. In future posts, I will explain how my Youtube, LinkedIn, and other networking strategies compare to this one. I look forward to learning with you!

Why to learn from me?

My mission is to spread love hope and faith. I will give you knowledge along with these. You will learn how to build opportunities for yourself you never thought you would have. Most any service you see online in the marketing niche use the methods I am about to explain. I will share my experience, and also provide more options that may work better for you. The same tactics do not work the same for everyone! What have you tried?


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