What Are My Future Plans?

My future plans going forward are to do 1 or 2 pre-recorded tip videos every day to primarily be released on YouTube. They’ll also be linked over on Facebook and then one or so live videos every day because I have my studio set up so it’s good to do live videos and so few people do what I do.

I do live streams to talk and provide good information without constantly selling you on something that might not give you that much value out of it. Thus, my intention going forward is to move to 3 different areas.

1- Create things that are really helpful every day on youtube is one of my future plans. If you want passive income, YouTube to me, is the very best opportunity for passive income. You put something on YouTube, it can make money for years and it can help people for years.

What Are My Future Plans?

My future plans going forward are to do a great job with my live-streaming and my videos on YouTube. Then to transcribe all of that over to my blog. I’m grateful. I’ve got 3 transcribers that take my videos and are turning them into blog posts using transcription software and editing.

Thus, I focus on the pre-recorded videos and the live streams to put out in as many places as possible.

What Are My Future Plans?

2- I’m focusing on Uthena. Uthena is my alternative or complementary website to Udemy and Skillshare. One of the best ways I’ve found to make money online, I’ve made at least half of my money online or approximately half doing this is teaching online.

Teaching online, when I got started, it was one of those things where my mind was in the right place. The universe literally guided me into teaching online at just a great time to get into it in 2014 and I became one of the top 10 instructors on Udemy before all of our egos got way out of control.

I’m grateful now that I left Udemy and I’ve started my platform where Udemy & Skillshare instructors can make more money selling their courses on Uthena. You can upload to Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce and now you can upload to Uthena. All of these platforms have the chance to make payouts every month.

What Are My Future Plans?

The idea with Uthena is that it’s intended to replace your self-hosting. If you’d like to learn more about this, I’ve got a playlist with brand new videos and some of the best information in the world called “Teach online with Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and Uthena“. I’ll add some more videos in there as well.

So, the first thing is creating YouTube videos and live streams that are really helpful for you. The second thing is to help teachers earn money. When I help teachers do a good job and share their courses on Uthena and to get students by promoting on YouTube, it’s good for teachers and students. Therefore, Uthena is a teacher based platform whereas, many of the other platforms are student based or investor based.

What Are My Future Plans?

For example, on Uthena you can get 421 courses. This will cost you $4,000 on Udemy or you can get them for $419 and all the ones we add forever to it will be at no additional cost on Uthena University Bundle. That is one of the best deals that I’m aware of in online education.

If you want to make more money online, the easiest way to get started is serve clients and the best way to serve clients is to have a lot of job skills and you can learn tons of job skills and tons of internet marketing. It’s ridiculous thinking how much I paid to go to school and then you have something like Uthena University Bundle for $491 for 421 courses now plus all the rest of the courses we add forever at no additional cost. That’s what I’m doing in Uthena.

3- I’m doing a live show at jerrybanfield.com/show. What I’m doing online, I’m taking it in person where I live in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s just $20 to come out to a seminar and that is the newest thing I’m starting. I’ve been working on Uthena all year and I’ve been gaining the experience to prepare to launch Uthena for 4 or 5 years. I’m just launching the show where I live locally to carry the message to people who I can see in person.

These are the things I’m intending to do going forward indefinitely. I love all of these things I’m doing. I love YouTube videos. I love the live streams. I’m good at them. I love helping other people that are teaching earn money and give students better deals and I love doing in-person interactions with people as well.

Therefore, these are the things I’ve taken years to kind of set up and these are the things I intend to stick with indefinitely.

Now you know my future plans.

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Jerry Banfield