The Second Jerry Banfield Show – My Passion

Would you like to read about Jerry’s passion because you will understand then why he is doing the Jerry Banfield show?

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – My Passion

Ishmael or Ethan, do you have a question?

Does anybody want to ask another one?

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Money Mastery! My Passion


What’s your passion? Your passion is sharing, but what is the ultimate goal? Sustaining your family? Going to Nicaragua?

People have ambitions that drives them. What is that ambition that drives you?

The Jerry Banfield Show!


Beautiful question, Ethan. Thank you for letting me talk about that.

Ethan said, what is your passion that drives you?

The vision I’ve had for the last seven years or so has been, how can I build a world I would like to come back to? How do I build a world where if I reincarnated in a different body that didn’t know this body as me, how can I work on making that world today so I’d be happy to come back to it?

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Money Mastery! My Passion

That to me really helps me get out of myself. It looks like my passion is lifting people up, to give you, first take such good care of myself, that my energy is in a place where when I share, I can lift people up around me and allow myself to be lifted up by the people around me.

My passion is lifting people up and raising consciousness and humanity. I see that with a sufficient level of consciousness, all of our problems, as we think of them, go away.

All the things in the world, our issues are all from a disconnected state of separate consciousness of people trying to make money just for their family and not considering, “Well, I’m having a fortune while the actions I’m taking are leading other people to starve to death.”

I get to realize that we’re kind of all one. I mean, I guess ultimately it’s God to put it simply.

That’s awesome.


I don’t have a question, currently listening.


All right. Who else wants to speak?


Where do you see yourself five years from now?


I see myself in this same environment. I am feeling this show is a long-term thing that it will go on for quite a while. I don’t know exactly rather I’ll be in this same room or whether I’ll be in a different room, whether you’ll be here, somebody else will be here.

I see myself in this same position in five years from now. I love doing this. I’ve got just so many things to share and I’m looking around and learning. What’s nice is, on some level I don’t care if I’m in this room or if I’m in a different room.

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Money Mastery! My Passion

As long as we can all be here for the purpose of raising each other up, if there’s six of us, seven of us here, are there 6,000, like to some degree, it doesn’t matter.

That’s where I see myself in five years.

John says, “Where’s my wife see me in five years?”

We have a vision for our finances. Our vision for us is millionaires. That’s our vision for our finances and what is amazing today is I already feel like a millionaire.

I feel that I can have whatever I want to. My wife in five years sees this as having all our debts paid off and having enough money in the bank where we’ve got that security, and where I imagine she will feel safe to make that transition where I don’t need to work for money anymore. I can just do whatever feels right inside.

My wife has stepped up, she’s an attorney, and while I was making all this money, she enjoyed the time to just be at home and be a mom. Actually, she started writing legal articles, freelancing online, even though at the time I told her that’s so stupid.

At the time I was giving her $5,000 a month because I was making $30,000 to $60,000 a month on Udemy and I’m giving her all this money to just save and pay our bills and do whatever she wants with.

She said, “I’m looking for freelance article work.”

I felt like “Why?”

That’s her path, that’s what she’s doing now.

I’m sure she sees me doing something that I love and making a secure financial future together.

I’ll ask her, so she can actually give me the answer when I get home though.


Why is this endeavor going to be successful?

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Money Mastery! My Passion


Beautiful question, Ishmael says, “Why is this endeavor going to be successful?”

Who feels better than when they walked in or just learned something new today?

All right, it is successful. It will be successful because it’s successful now.

This endeavor is, it feels great just to do now, and it’s not a means to an end, like I’m not going anywhere with this, this is the end.

What I’ve discovered, if I can do something that’s pure joy for me and for others, then that will be successful. It’s when I’m doing something as a means to an end, like last year when I started this new online learning platform, it wasn’t a joy to do, it was a means to an end.

This was the best way I could see to make a lot of money. I didn’t actually enjoy doing all the work for it.

It’s successful if it’s a joy to do in the moment, because it will continue to be a joy to do in the future.

The energy about it, if all of you learned a little something today and felt good, you’ll bring a friend or you’ll come back.

Like Nancy, we were talking about the show pricing. Nancy was the first person who said, “I would go to your show and pretty much it could be about anything.”

If I can make a show where Nancy can come back to potentially every show, if she wanted to, like she can go to every show for free. She was talking to her neighbor about the show.

It will be successful because we’re here and we’re enjoying it. There’s just law of attraction. It just brings in everything you need to it.

Thank you for that question, Ishmael.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.