My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

As a full-time YouTuber helping you build your channel and earn money online, I hope you’ll subscribe today to more new videos. I am grateful for the chance to talk today about my Work Life Balance as a YouTuber.

I consistently see questions about how do I maintain putting out a video every single day on my YouTube channel? How do I keep it together, have something positive and useful to say here every day?

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

I will explain that to you. Write down if you’ve got any questions about your particular situation. Please leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to talk about.

I will first look today at my work-life balance as a YouTuber. The fact is that I have lots of help. In fact, this whole post is going to talk about the help I have set up through family, friends, community, and self-care.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

This is essential to how I’ve been able to build my business online and thank you for all that you do, whether it’s leaving a like on the video, comment, subscribing or anything else.

The key that I have is a local and online team that I’ve broken this down into.

First, I’m surrounded by my family and this is critical. Meeting my wife after struggling with dating and for 10 years meeting my wife has been one of the best things that has ever happened in my whole life.

I see her and my 2 children throughout the day. In fact, they went to Disney the other day without me so I could stay home, cut the grass, get ahead, have a relaxing day and be ready when they got home.

I was shocked at how rarely I had blocks of time, like six hours by myself. Often between videos I will go in and see my wife and my son. Seeing my family and my wife’s family every day has a massive impact on my life.

The way I look at it is as a human being who is loved, who feels part of a community who’s taken good care of consistently is motivated to give back and help others.

Watch the video below that tells of the importance of daily self-care routine.

It’s easy to have a positive life and have a lot of useful things to do and say. Thus, being surrounded by family every day is huge. This is a key to my work-life balance as a YouTuber.

What helped me to really do this and appreciate this was going to Alcoholics Anonymous because while I met my wife in 2011, it took until 2014 to get sober.

I could not stop with my self-destructive behavior even though I wanted to. I finally got desperate enough to pray to God to do anything to stay sober.

One of the thoughts that came was that maybe one of those AA meetings would be a part of anything you just offered.

I go to Alcoholics Anonymous after five and a half years sober every day now and that is a huge help to me. That’s kind of what I say, there’s my family and then there’s my AA family. Alcoholics Anonymous gave me out in the community to see new people almost every day.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

My work-life balance as a YouTuber

It gives me a very valuable perspective because one of the biggest issues I found in my life with a balance is having perspective about what I think.

For example, on YouTube with my channel, how many views I think I should get and what’s going on with my business is all a function of my perspective.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

When I get upset and frustrated, often consistently going to an AA meeting helps me change my perspective and while I might go in thinking I need more views or how am I going to sell this or what’s gonna work to make money,

I came to the meeting thinking “Thank God! I’m sober. Thank God I have a business that I love doing and how can I help somebody else”. It’s that kind of thinking that makes a big difference. This is a key to my work-life balance as a YouTuber.

What got me to go and got me excited about Alcoholics Anonymous was thinking that I could help other people stay sober.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

We’re here on this earth as far as I can see for 2 main reasons i.e. to enjoy the ride and to help others.

Those are the main reasons we’re here for and Alcoholics Anonymous is a big part of me helping others and just being in that mindset of I show up at meetings you can say most days it’s not that I’m struggling to stay sober.

Here’s an in-depth post about Why I Go to Alcoholics Anonymous Every Day to Stay Sober?

In fact, it’s pretty rare that I have some big struggle going on myself that I need to open up about at a meeting and whenever I do have a big struggle, I open up about whether it is something small or something big and scary.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

The majority of the days I go, I’m there to help other people and to see what’s going on. Therefore, I get helped myself though.

Alcoholics Anonymous: When I started going there, that’s when my whole business and everything I did was go online and take a huge turn for the positive. Until then I’d just been a hustler going around trying to make money and not doing much for other people.

When I turned my mental life around to stop sabotaging myself, worked the steps in Alcoholics Anonymous and applied that to my business, that’s when my business also took off online and I appreciate all you do to help with that. This is a key to my work-life balance as a YouTuber.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

I also have what I call hired help and friends. I see a hypnotherapist, a massage therapist and a personal trainer every week. Hypnotherapists and massage therapists specifically were suggestions people gave me in Alcoholics Anonymous when I was struggling to relax.

An old-timer suggested that I ought to go get a massage and I’ve got a lot of suggestions that I ought to go see a counselor and a hypnotherapist is the preferred counselor.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

I love hypnotherapy. It’s basically like an active meditation with a little bit of down-to-earth practical counseling. When I put that in the massage together with some exercise, I have something that creates a big change in my state most days.

Hypnotherapy, that active meditation, is extremely relaxing and transcending. Below is a more in-depth video of why I spend $500+ a month getting massages. This is a key to my work-life balance as a YouTuber.

Same thing with the massage and then personal training after the workout, same thing twice a week. Therefore, most days a week, I am doing something like hypnotherapy, massage, or personal training.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

I also volunteer at my daughter’s school that has a very similar effect to hypnotherapy massage as well. I love being around those kids and since it’s a private school, you could really say that’s hired to help friends also.

I have a very strong self-care regimen as well. I do an hour of reading and an hour of exercise. I eat a whole plant-based diet. Although, I do supplement and occasionally have some vegan or some vegetarian.

This is a key to my work-life balance as a YouTuber.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

I dip in the vegetarians sometimes with things like collagen supplements. I focus a lot on my diet and staying in good shape because if I want to have a useful message to tell you, I need to keep this body in very good shape.

That’s because I need my mind functioning. My brain needs to be functioning at 100% if I’m going to make a video that is of any quality for you.

It’s funny when my mind is functioning 100% and I’m still making one that’s not very helpful, what I found is that keeping my body and my mind functioning at maximum capacity is critical to being able to deliver something that is truly helpful for you.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

As it’s a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous, “Carry the message and not the mess”.

If I show up and I’m all messed because I’ve eaten a bunch of things that left my mind all confused and fearful and then I show up to make a video which I’ve done plenty of times then the value I’m giving to you is greatly diminished.

So it’s putting all of this together that leaves me feeling just superhuman on a daily basis and then when things like fear do come up, I’m able generally to get through it and walk through it pretty quickly. This is a key to my work-life balance as a YouTuber.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

In addition to my local team, I have an online team as I call it. These are people I don’t get to see on a very regular basis. Many of whom I’ve never met and these are essential of what I do on YouTube especially.

When I go look at the local team, I really could use the local team or rely on the local team for almost anything. It’s an online team that is especially critical of what I do on YouTube.

First, my out-of-town family. All of my biological family lives far away from me. I moved off to Tampa to go to graduate school and met my wife there and I’m still here in Florida.

My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber!

I talked with my mom daily and the rest of my family. I keep up consistently with my out-of-town friends and family on a weekly basis and this is very helpful for keeping me grounded, connected, and getting that perspective.

I have friends I still talk with from college that are 15 plus years ago and my family that I’ve obviously been with the whole time.

Join Jerry Banfield's Partner Program

I have a partner group at This is the foundation of my support team online. My partner group is my membership group. The members of my membership group were on all the key functions of my business.

This is a key to my work-life balance as a YouTuber.

One partner does things like managing my website and doing customer service. Another partner does video editing and uploading in my podcast. Another partner is starting outgoing and getting to sponsors for brand deals.

Another partner does graphic design. I’m extremely grateful to the partners that show up every week on Wednesday at 4 p.m. Eastern.

We have a call where we’ve got an Evernote where we are accountable. We talk about what we’re doing and what we intend to accomplish.

We keep each other accountable like, “Hey Jerry, you said you’d upload 8 videos and offload a key task last week during last week’s call. Did you do that?

My Partner Program is essential. It’s the support group I’ve needed online. The key with my partner group is that this is a place where we’re truly here to help each other which makes networking very effective for what we do.

I’ve been in networking groups. I paid a thousand dollars to join a trustee group in my business in Sarasota. I paid more money to join a business networking group.

What I found is that I need a support group where people are truly committed first and foremost to helping each other and not to commit it first and foremost to make a profit and what can I get but truly what can I give to the members of the group.

I have my partner program and I’m thinking, “What can I give to the members of the group?”. This is a key to my work-life balance as a YouTuber.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with partners paying for services and this is how I do my hiring. When I need someone to hire, the first thing I do is go to my partner program that has a private Facebook group.

The first thing I do is throw a Facebook post out and I say, “Hey, I’m looking for somebody to go find sponsors for my videos. I’ll give you as much as $1,000 as a commission to go find me a sponsor for videos”.

And then I’m so grateful that within 48 hours, one of the group members is like, “Yep, I will get started right away on this for you”.

If you want to know in detail about hiring me as a sponsor, here’s a detailed video.

I just posted again, “I need someone to manage YouTube ads”. I’m amazed at the law of attraction and my partner program, it seems the exact right partners that I’m going to need in the future tend to join before I even realize I need them.

Now, this doesn’t mean every single partner joins in and gets hired right away, but this is my foundation of support.

Some partners are incredibly patient as well. AJ Brockman on the east coast of Florida, we know that we’re doing an event together and it’s been a couple of years now. It’s just a matter of figuring out when that exact event is going to be.

Some partners got to know me over a period of months before we figured out a way we could work together.

So, my partners are the foundation of everything that gets done in my business. All the stuff you see that I do is a function of how everybody else helps me and all this Jerry Banfield stuff is a function of all the people who contribute to it.

People who edit videos, upload videos, go through the website, etc. I do a very small amount of the total of everything that gets done on Jerry Banfield stuff when you count what everybody does together.

Viewer comments also help me out with a ton. Viewer comments are the way I get some direct positive reinforcement because in a lot of kinds of work you do like my massage therapist.

When she gives me a great massage then she gets the immediate feedback from me “Thank you. I feel so great. I really appreciate it”. She gets that immediate feedback.

Viewer comments, to me, are the foundation of how I get that positive reinforcement about what I’m doing.

I rely heavily on viewer comments to guide me in terms of what I’m creating that is truly valuable and what I’m creating that’s kind of less effective use of my time so to speak and this post was directly created by viewer comments.

My work-life balance as a YouTuber

In fact, I got a text message from Tegan. He said, “How do you balance out what you do with YouTube and your personal life?”.

I’m grateful. I took the leap of faith and gave up doing everything else so that I could do this as my main thing and I did that before it made any money.

I did that before it made any money. I did that when I didn’t know exactly how the money was going to work out. I simply had faith and did everything myself to start off with and I’m amazed at all the help that gets put in my life.

Many of the partners started out with repeated viewer comments and then wanted to get into the inner circle and do more than just talk.

I’m very grateful. I read all the comments that are on my YouTube channel. I read all the messages currently that come up on my Facebook page.

I do my best to read everything that you share with me because that’s how I get my positive reinforcement. Lots of days, I don’t have anything around me that says anything I’m doing is useful to anyone.

I’m just making these things in kind of a vacuum. I’ve learned the hard way that I need my viewer comments to stay grounded and also that I need to mute viewers who are just here to talk trash, who are just here to get attention by posting comments that rile me up.

One of the big things I’ve done that’s helped me to focus on all the positive viewer comments is when I see a comment that appears to be intended to offend or hurt, I simply hide that and feel relieved that I won’t need to see anything from that user again.

If you are seeing that your comments are hidden, you’re always welcome to find someone else who will post a comment and request that your account be removed from the hidden list.

Finally, I’ve got clients and sponsors. My clients and sponsors are my inner circle and my opportunities to learn and grow. This is a key to my work-life balance as a YouTuber.

I’m very grateful for the 3 recent companies who’ve sponsored me to do videos. I am very good at what I do. I love what I do which makes it ideal for me to sponsor videos.

I also offer a quick turnaround time and am creative in terms of formats with proven results. I intend to 100,000 views per video depending on which package you pick and I also put my posts into a blog or podcast.

I am very grateful. The sponsors play a big role in helping me to be able to keep doing videos and to earn enough to make everything work with the business as well as the coaching clients at

Join Jerry Banfield's Partner Program

I have monthly coaching. If you just want to work a little bit over a long period of time which I highly recommend, get that one on one call with me plus you get into the mastermind. You get into the inner circle.

I think one coaching client hired me in 2017 or technically at the end of 2016 and used almost all of the money he had in the bank to buy one call with me every month and now he’s got over $50,000 in the bank.

Here’s why you should hire me to sponsor your video. Sponsor Jerry Banfield on 2,000,000+ Monthly Impressions on YouTube, Facebook, Podcasts, and More?

He makes over $10,000 a month with his business online and he has a whole set up very similar to me and has helped me a lot. My clients and sponsors are the ones I work with online too. That’s where I focus. We learn and grow together.

I have to up my game, especially the coaching client who is trying to achieve a certain result. I often have to up my game and it helps me learn and grow and refine what I do better. The sponsors help me get creative, learn new topics, and discover new things.

I’m very grateful for my online and local team. I hope this is helpful to show you exactly what it is that helps me maintain doing what I do here because this is a very weird work world compared to what humans have done for most of history.

Showing up, seeing people in person, doing what you might call a real job, this being a full-time YouTuber has a lot of challenges.

There are lots of times I think about quitting. I was just thinking of deleting my channel the other day. I thought, “Man, I’d just be so happy. I could just go around, hang out with kids, meditate all day, not worry about anything and not think about anything”.

But thanks to my local and online team. Life is here to be enjoyed and we’re here to help others. My YouTube channel is one of the most effective things I do for helping someone else.

So, thank you for giving me the chance to help you today. I’m excited to see your comments on the video to hear any questions you have.

I trust you subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to be a part of the Jerry Banfield family online.

After pitching the partner program, the coaching and the sponsors for so long, I trust you want in on those. You know what to do. The links are in the description and I’ve shown them 50 times.

So, this is my post on “My Work Life Balance as a YouTuber”. Thank you. I love you. You are awesome.

Jerry Banfield