Name of God Meditation for Relaxation and Inspiration with Ah OO Allah Shalom Yahweh

Today, I invite you to join me for the Name of God Meditation if you want to get rid of fear, stress, and anxiety in the morning, get some clarity, tap into your intuition.

If you’re like me, I imagine you’ll find this extremely helpful to do this name of God meditation first thing in the morning or whenever you really need it.

Because if you’re like me, you wake up and your mind is in chaos and then fear and this particular meditation I’ve been doing has helped me a lot to get centered to focus on delivering the best message I can.

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The most useful things that I could possibly have to say to you today. In fact, doing this post will be an episode in my podcast, if you prefer to listen to the Jerry Banfield show and it’ll also be on my YouTube channel as a video.

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This came out of doing up my meditation this morning. Often, I struggle in the morning to figure out what is the best thing for me to do. What kind of video can I make for you that will really make a difference in your life?

Today, this is the result I got to tell you about this meditation I’ve been doing. I got this from Wayne Dyer, listening to his live talks on Audible and I got to admit it, at first, it seemed a little strange to me.

On the first day, I didn’t quite get it but the more I’ve done it, the more I feel just the amazing energy that comes from doing this meditation. Like some things in life, it doesn’t matter whether you believe it works or thinks it works, it does work.

For example, you get in a car and it drives somewhere whether you believe it should or not, it does work and I’m very grateful to have this to share with you today.

Why the Name of God Meditation?

There are lots of different ways you can meditate. For me, I like the name of God. It helps me remember who I am.

It helps me feel very connected to everything and everyone. There’s a sound that seems to be in common with the name of God across many religions and many different languages.

As Wayne explains, it’s the sound of “Aaa”. That’s the basic sound that goes into the name of God meditation and I like to do just the sound itself and then move it over into some specific names.

For example, “GOD”, you can imagine how the sound “Aaa” is a key part of the sound. At least saying the word God that way is a key part of the sound there.

Also, if you do “Allah, Krishna, Shalom, Yahweh”, you can do the piece “Shalom”. If you like doing “Oo”, that to me is gratitude meditation.

If you get the word “Shalom”, it gets both “Aaa and Oo”. These sounds do different things in the body. They help stimulate and get the energy in the body going and apparently that’s why it works.

If you want some more meditations like this, I trust you’ll drop a comment on its video and tell me what else you’d like me to do a meditation with.

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What we’ll do now is we’ll do the actual meditation. I’ve given you the background of it, the how and why of it so to speak and now what we’ll do is do the actual meditation itself.

Wayne has suggested doing this for about 20-minutes. That’s what we are going to do. We’ll do 20-minutes of this meditation.

I like to do this as a walking meditation. My favorite way to do this is to get outside to get my body moving in the morning. I take my son and he’s about a year and four months old.

I get him in the stroller, get the dog on the leash and we all go out and walk around the neighborhood at about 7:00 in the morning right after we get up.

Then I do this meditation for about 20-minutes and I’m feeling some amazing results from doing this meditation which is why I’m sharing it here with you today.

Thus, let’s do this meditation for 20-minutes. I invite you if for some reason you’re thinking, “Oh, I don’t have 20-minutes. It is too much for this work”.

If you’re feeling good and the name of God meditation seems a little too much, come back to it when you’re feeling bad because often I’m most motivated to do something like meditation when I’m feeling bad and I want to change how I’m feeling.

So if that’s where you’re at today, just remember this and come back to it when you need it. I trust you can come back and find it if you need name of God meditation.

Ready? I’ll meditate for 20-minutes. which you can watch me doing in the video below.

The name of God meditation: ”Aaa”. Now, we take a deep breath and sometimes we feel called to listen in between expression and whatever comes up and feels right we just say that next.

Wow! Did you see how fast that started to go? I probably don’t even want to stop now. Do you see how energized I got at the end of the name of God meditation? Even though that’s the second time I’ve already done that meditation today.

Thank you for making it all the way through this meditation.

The way Wayne suggests doing the name of God meditation is 14 days in a row. I think that was how it was suggested to him and my intention is to do this meditation every morning.

I started consistently doing name of God meditation in the morning and I started to notice more consistent peace throughout my day and less getting into all those emotions we try so hard to avoid like fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, rage, and despair.

I also combine this with listening to a lot of inspirational audiobooks and podcasts. If you want to join me listening to my podcast, the audios from my videos are on my podcast.

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I do book reviews on whatever books I’m listening to that have been inspirational to me and talk about authors. Wayne Dyer: I’ve been going through all his but I just did a review on Gabrielle Bernstein’s “Super Attractor.

She’s got several good books.

I’m listening to books by Louise Hay as well. She’s on my to-do list as well as Abraham Hicks. I’m intending to go through and listen to some of those.

It’s important for me to do the name of God meditation, to listen throughout the day and also to be conscious of what I’m taking in.

That doesn’t mean I try and shield myself from all my family and friends because they might have one negative word to say.

It means that I have a choice to input what I want to output. I listen to Wayne Dyer, do his odd name of God meditation and look, and that’s what I’m doing now.

I listen to an hour or so day of things that really inspire me to help keep my energy levels up and that’s how I’m able to have this to transmit to you. Thank you for making it to the end of the name of God meditation.

I’m extremely grateful. I’d love to know what happens as a result for you of doing this name of God meditation. If you want to know How to Succeed at Everything Online, here’s a video to watch below.

The idea of doing this meditation if you want to manifest something is to think about what you want to manifest while you’re doing the name of God meditation.

At first, I thought, “Well, you know, a profit for my business would be great, a bigger profit and that’d be great” and I started thinking, “Well, is that the best I can do?”.

I felt peace, love, and joy. That’s what I’m intending to manifest and provide security, trust, and faith out of the name of God meditation. It’s essentially something I’m hoping to get out of money, so to speak.

As long as I’ve got peace, love, trust, happiness, and faith then everything else is secondary. I’m able to accept any situation.

Thus, this meditation is helping me and I’d love to hear what exactly you get out of doing this meditation. How is your practice going?

I love you. You’re awesome. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you today and showing you the name of God meditation.

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Jerry Banfield