Getting rid of my glasses! My journey in natural eyesight improvement!

Would you like to know about my journey in natural eyesight improvement because you might want to try it yourself?

Getting rid of my glasses! My journey in natural eyesight improvement!

Since I’ve been a teenager, I’ve worn glasses to help me see far.

For example, if I’m driving, I’m required to wear glasses, currently. If I’m going to a meeting place where I’ll see people in person, I’ll wear glasses for clarity.

Getting rid of my glasses! My journey in natural eyesight improvement!
Getting rid of my glasses! My journey in natural eyesight improvement!

My vision, the last test was something like 20-60, and what I’ve been on for the last few months is a journey to naturally improve my eyesight because I know it’s possible.

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When I was a teenager, my vision tested at 20-20 and I could see very well from far away as well as near.

Then, something happened completely naturally, completely within my body and it changed all on its own from about 20-20 to 20-30, to 20-40, and over the years to 20-60.

I haven’t got an eye test yet, but I think my vision’s already improved from the worst that was maybe 20-60 back to maybe 20-40, and what I’m on is a journey to bring my eyesight back to 20-20.

Today I’m sharing my experience here to help you know that these things are possible.

These things are possible for you. You can naturally change and fix a lot of things in your body. If you want a lot more detail in science on this read Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book called “You Are the Placebo” where he healed his entire back by himself at home after getting hit by a car.

That’ll give you a lot more detail and science from a medical professional about this.

Getting rid of my glasses! My journey in natural eyesight improvement!

What I know is I love the idea of sharing this story. I already have had very vivid imaginations of speaking and telling people how I simply decided that I wanted my eyesight to go back to 20-20 and I started taking the necessary actions to support that.

What actions have I been taking?

First is to just acknowledge and notice that I want this and I want it bad, and to imagine what it feel like to have it.

Then start asking people for help.

I asked my hypnotherapist for help. We did a hypnotic regression and active meditation on it. I pictured very clearly telling a story in front of an audience in the future of how I went through this whole journey and at that point is complete.

What I did at that time is I just started acting as if my eyesight was already 20-20. I simply refuse to wear my glasses even while driving, which I’m required to wear my glasses while driving. I can still see good enough to drive.

However, it is important that for driving currently I wear my glasses, which I don’t do that often. What I’ve noticed is most of the rest of my life I wear my glasses at optional times where I’m not required to, and I’ve had near-sighted vision, which means I don’t see as well far away for a long time, since I was a teenager.

However, before that, I didn’t have it and when I’m reflecting on this, what was my life like when my vision changed?

Getting rid of my glasses! My journey in natural eyesight improvement!

When my vision changed, at that time in my life, I started playing a lot of video games and I stopped looking far away as much. I started sitting in front of a TV a lot and spending hours every day playing video games and reading books, and that’s when my vision changed.

I’ve kept those habits up for a lot of years and what I’m seeing is if I change how I use my eyes, my subconscious programming when it hits critical mass will continue to change how my eyes actually function.

It’s my subconscious mind that’s controlling how my eyes function. It’s our subconscious mind that controls a lot of our bodily functions that we don’t think about. The subconscious mind controls them and I’m reprograming my subconscious mind that these eyes see 20-20 and that’s how I’m using them.

When I’ve been using my eyes for last 20 years to just mostly see things up close, and then wearing glasses farther away, I’m programing my subconscious mind that it’s how my vision is, and I’m going through and changing my programming.

I’m eliminating my screen time to one hour a day. I’m intentionally looking out, looking farther, looking way up at the sky, refusing to wear my glasses anytime they’re not required by law, which is only by driving, and then once my vision is able to test it 20-20, I can get the requirement to wear glasses removed from my driver’s license.

This is my journey in restoring my eyesight naturally. I’m already imagining the video where I’ve got a piece of paper that says my eyesight is 20-20 and telling you that this is how I did it: “Look back to this video. Go back to this. See how I believed in it before it happened. See how I took steps to change my life before it happened.”

Getting rid of my glasses! My journey in natural eyesight improvement!

I’ve watched other people’s videos. I’ve talked to other people who’ve already done this, who had the ability to change their eyes, literally unconscious demand when they were a child.

I know this is possible and it doesn’t matter who says it’s not possible. Just like when human beings first got in planes and flew them, many people said that was impossible. However, as soon as someone actually did it and people saw it, then it didn’t matter how many people said that humans can’t fly. It’s a reality now, and this is my new reality, and this is my journey.

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I love you.

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I appreciate you being here.

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