What Will Work if You Are Desperate and Need to Make Money Online

So now that we’ve discussed more of desperation, we can look at together more of what might work if you’re desperate and need to make money online. So let’s take a look at what you can do if you’re desperate now that we’ve talked about what being desperate is.

Craigslist (this is on the Warrior forum). Picking up cash gigs on Craigslist can be a great way to make some quick money. I know people post things on Craigslist. They’re looking to get some work done quickly. I’m leading focus groups in Sarasota, Florida, and some of the people that I’ve gotten to come to these focus groups came from Craigslist. They come to the focus group, they make around $50 or $60 for testing a mobile app, and they go home with that money. That’s easy money right there. Plus, it’s money people have had a lot of fun making. A lot of them found that opportunity through a temp agency, so if you’re desperate for money, temp agencies work, too. I worked for a temp agency, and I’ll tell you – that sucked, but it was good character building. I did medical insurance billing for a week, and as someone who has always been blessed with intellect and academic skills, think about what it means that I failed the test in medical insurance billing. I learned a valuable lesson there: if I hate doing something, I’m not going to do a good job at it.

In Internet Marketing – the way I started my career and the way Lisa says she started hers, too – is to simply offer services. Figure out what you’re good at. I figured out I could offer to help people with their Facebook page likes when I started out. You can help with writing or research or software, or whatever else you think you can provide a service for that helps out.

PayPal is a really easy way to accept payments. If you want to provide services online, having a PayPal account is really easy. Another thing you can do, like I just said, is go to a temp agency as Tina points out. A temp agency at least gets you some cash in your pocket and usually pretty quickly. A temp agency has employers like me that go to them when they have work. Often it’s temporary work, but often it’s work for a lot of people. I’ve had 30+ people come through my focus groups through an advance temp agency I use in Sarasota.

All of those people got paid and advances got paid. They just went there and signed up really quickly, and some of them have made hundreds of dollars working with me through the temp agency.

You can set up your business, too. If you’re desperate, now is a great time to do something like I’ve done, and make a website about you. You can offer services on there, you can just write on there, but the idea is that you’re going to need money to get it set up right. Whether you’re just buying a domain name, or you’re getting some $10 per month hosting from HostGater. I have a dedicated server from HostGater, which means shared servers might have 400 people on it, and my server has just my website on it. It has the same bandwidth as a shared server, but it just has my website on it. That costs a lot more. But I’ve worked my way up to that. I started with just the $10 a month plan. What you can do is write articles, or what I’m doing, make videos and podcasts, and you put them up on your website and you create long term value. You make long-term value that people can use.

You can see, I’ve written a lot of things on my website about topics like this. For example, “10 Steps to Get Your Online Business to $10,000 Monthly.” I share with you what I’ve already done, and I share (totally for free) how you can do it, too. You can do this on your own website. You just set up a website, and you start writing, making videos and podcasts, or whatever is easiest for you. Just set it up and start doing it. You can do it with something like a YouTube channel, too. You can set it up and start making videos on it.

Here’s one I really like. This is something I went full-force at: cut your costs. Especially when people are saying things like “I can’t afford to spend any money” – that’s because you’re already spending money on a bunch of things. Here’s where I had to cut my costs – I had a beautiful corner office that cost me $10,000 per year. I kept that until I got desperate. When I got desperate, it became obvious I had to take my happy ass back home. Not only do I work better at home, but I create nearly twice as much at home just out of the convenience of it, and I save $10,000 by being at home.

Now you could say, “Stupid for you to have an office in the first place.” My dad thought my office was ridiculous, back when I had an office over here for $600 a month instead of one over here for $950 a month. Look at every single dollar you have as equal. Those $600, those $1,000+ you’re spending on rent or a mortgage – those are the same dollars as what you’re spending on something else. Downsize your living quarters if you’re desperate and broke. Often if you own a house, you could move in somewhere cheaper, and you could rent out your place using either yourself or a property manager and you could be making enough money to nearly afford living somewhere else. I wonder if my old apartment is up here.

Here’s another thing I did. This was one of the times I was desperate: Brook Pines Apartments. Brook Pines is in the ghetto! But look at the rent – $435 a month. I moved into the ghetto when I was financially desperate when I was 22 years old. I moved into the ghetto. My rent was $395 a month. I moved out of a place where my rent and expenses were a lot higher than that. When you are desperate, you are in a position where you are willing to do anything. Willing to do anything means moving into the ghetto if that will save you money. I’m not saying you need to move into the ghetto. I’m saying when you’re desperate, considering every single option is what you want to do. Considering all of the options and finding one by inspiration – that’s best.

So when I got desperate, I cancelled my office. Another time I was desperate, I cancelled living in a much nicer house and moved into the ghetto. You can also do this with food. How many times are you going out to eat a week? I guarantee almost everyone who said “I can’t afford to spend any money” could afford to be in my Online Success group at our current rates, which are really low because we just started as of October 2014. I guarantee everyone who said “I can’t afford to spend any money” could cut one meal going out to eat each week. Going out to eat is very expensive.

My wife and I, some months, spend a thousand dollars a month going out to eat and things related to that. You could ask, “How the hell do you do that?” We go to Disney. We have meals there and we can hardly go to a meal there without it being $50, and neither of us orders drinks and we often split a plate. But the meals add up really quickly. If I take my wife out for lunch one day during the week, and we go out one or two days on the weekend, that adds up quick. When I was desperate, we stopped going out to eat so much. We started cooking more meals at home. We would go over to my wife’s parents’ place for dinner. Going out to eat is very expensive, and it’s a luxury and something a lot of people take for granted.

When I was a Corrections Officer, I was amazed to see people bringing in meals from Applebee’s and Chili’s – big, huge meals. Now, these are people making the same amount of money I was, which was about $20,000 a year to risk my life being a Corrections Officer. I was desperate financially. I took any job I could get, and that’s when I moved into the ghetto, too, to save some money. My coworkers, who would tell you they were broke, were bringing in $20 and $30 meals to eat at work. I could not explain to them successfully that bringing those meals in was almost an entire day’s worth of pay. They just didn’t get it. I asked, “How can you bring that in? That’s almost all of our pay today!” “Oh, it’s fine, I’m working two jobs.” You could work one job and bring a home-cooked meal in. Cut your food costs. Cutting your food costs is so easy. “Well, I can’t cook.”

When you’re desperate, you’ll learn to cook. You’ll go buy things like rice or tortillas and eggs that are cheap in the store, and get some hot sauce and cheese and you’ll put that into a breakfast burrito and cook it. I eat a breakfast burrito most mornings. That costs a few cents to eat. If I went to McDonald’s, that would cost a few dollars. If you’re desperate, you need to cut the expenses, and I recommend trying to cut everything you can.

Transportation is another big expense. The last car I bought was in 2006, a Toyota Corolla, brand new. It was $15,000. That car has been a gigantic money-saver for me. The car payment was only a few hundred a month, and now, I haven’t had a car payment for a while. I bought that car while I was in Corrections because I needed it to drive to work, or I bought it shortly before I started in Corrections. While I was in Corrections, the same people bringing in food – I remember this one lady paid $15,000 for an SUV with 40,000 miles on it. I told her, “You realize I bought a brand new car with no miles on it for the exact same price,” and it turned out it was half the interest rate she was paying. If you’re desperate, you need to slash every expense that’s not critical, and by critical, I mean helps you survive. Your living space might be critical if you can’t downsize it, or if you’re already living with mom and dad or already paying low rent. That might be critical. But damn near everything else can be cut. Look at what Sam says: “Stop buying alcohol. Cut down on cigarettes. Try to walk or ride a bike.”

All of these things will help you if you’re desperate. If you’re desperate, you’re going to be willing to try some of these things. If you’re not desperate, you probably didn’t get this far in. If you’re not desperate, you’re probably going to say, “I can’t stop drinking.” I know I’ve said that before. “I can’t cut down on cigarettes. I love cigarettes.” You have to find places to cut.

One of the places I would not recommend to cut is entertainment. It depends on what you do for entertainment, and how much it costs. My wife and I try to go to a movie every week or two. It’s around $30. We get popcorn and tickets and a drink. The popcorn refill is only $3.50. Most of the cost is from the tickets. My wife likes to bring in a bottle of water and snacks for herself. But for around $30, we’re having some good quality entertainment. But, at the same time, we could watch a movie at home for free or for a few dollars. But still, the idea is, if you’re desperate you’re going to be willing to try cutting things, and what you need to figure out is what can you cut that doesn’t matter. Often the only way to tell is to try cutting something to see if you really miss it. It turns out that a lot of the things that I cut, like my office, I didn’t miss. I don’t miss my office 99% of the time. I saved $10,000 cutting my office. If you have a business based online, you rarely need an office, but I thought it was a good idea. And a lot of expenses we get into, we thought were a good idea to start with and then it turns out that they’re not.

Being desperate means you’re willing to do anything to get out of the situation you’re in. But it also means you’re willing to try new things to earn money. If you are doing good enough already that you’re making some money, being desperate might help show you where you can make more or try new things.

One of the things I did when I was desperate is that I went after real estate agents and I tried to get them to pay me to build their YouTube channels. I thought this was an awesome plan, but the data suggests it wasn’t. I cold called real estate agents even though I hate cold calling. I at least tried it, and I failed at it. But that’s okay because what I learned from doing that helped me to do even better. The idea is my desperation became my best friend at helping me stop doing things I didn’t need to do that were habits, and start doing things that were positive. Try new things.

Let’s see what else some of the people recommend on here. Look at Clickbank products. I’m not one for affiliate marketing myself, but I know some people that have done really well making money online with affiliate marketing. It’s at least something to try. If you’ll notice, another post here on What To Do if You’re Desperate to make money is cut expenses. If you’re advertising on Facebook, I cut a lot of my Facebook ad expenses and I cut nearly any paid ads except those that I verified worked. The problem is that when you’re in a habit – for example, you can see my page and I have 700,000 likes on my page. I advertised it a lot. When you’re in the habit of seeing things like a hundred thousand people saw your post (most of them paid). When you’re in the habit of doing things like that, it can be hard to break the habit and say, “I don’t really need this anymore, it’s not working.” Facebook capitalizes on that a lot. When you give them money, and you see that you’re getting likes and getting engagement, you get excited about that and you don’t want it to stop. If you’re not getting anything immediately or directly out of that, it does need to stop.

I love Mint.com. Mint.com can help you with your cash flow, and Mint.com helped me a lot to see what I was spending and what I was making. I was shocked at some of the amounts of things I was spending that I didn’t realize. Like I said, I was spending $1,000 per month on food, eating out, and groceries combined. But that was back when I was buying alcohol, too, so I just threw those in there. But now, last month, I only spent $1,500 total, and usually if my wife and I go, I pay with my online business and everything. That’s the lowest I’ve spent in a long time. That’s all of my personal expenses that I’ve put on credit cards, so that’s a lot of bills and things like that, too. You can cut your expenses, and that’s a great way.

If you’re desperate to get some more money, you can also sell and get rid of things you already have. My mom and dad were looking to move 10 years ago. My mom had 10,000 books – literally. She’d accumulated more than 10,000 books. I put those on eBay and sold those for her for $4,500. Someone came from Oregon and picked those books up with a U-Haul. A doctor flew from Oregon – his wife bought the books to start her used bookstore. Her husband, a doctor, worked a full shift, flew from Oregon to Virginia, got a U-Haul, came to my dad and loaded the truck up and drove it back to Oregon for her. $4,500 out of something that seemed like a liability.

What do you have lying around your house or apartment or closet? What do you have lying around you could sell? I’ve been willing consistently to sell things to get rid of stuff I don’t need. If I wanted something new, I’d often get it by selling something I had. If I wanted the new X-Box, I’d sell my old X-Box while it was still good, and get a new one. Selling your stuff is a great thing to do.

Creating a plan can help, too. Mint.com can help with creating a plan. It can help you see what you’re spending. What you’re tracking, what you’re researching, what you’re analyzing, what you’re noticing gets easier to manage. If you’re studying something, it gets easier to figure out what’s going on and what to do about it. You may be surprised – you don’t need nearly as much money as you thought you did. If you cut your bills, you might find that you only need a few thousand a month to last and get by. If you focus on that number, making a few thousand a month online is very doable, especially when you use websites like Odesk.

Odesk is an online work platform. I’ve hired a lot of people, around a hundred, to do things for me on Odesk. I can look at some of my previous job postings. You can see, I’ve hired a lot of people to do things on Odesk. I’ve hired people for almost every part of my business at some point on Odesk. These are people who are sitting on their computer making money either hourly or by fixed price. And Odesk is the biggest site. You can see, I’ve paid people to work – 4,294 hours on Odesk. I’ve hired 107 people. I’ve spent over $10,000 hiring people on Odesk. The point of this is, there are a lot of people hiring and paying for work on Odesk. If I switch over to my personal profile, you can search for jobs on Odesk. What you have to do first is figure out what you’re good at. You set your profile up and show what you’re good at. Then, you can apply for jobs. If you’re willing to do anything, that might mean you have to do some low-priced jobs to start out.

That’s where, again, the main thing comes in – you have to get past your personal objections about things. “I don’t want to do that. That’s beneath me to work at that hourly rate.” Oftentimes, you have to work your way up. You can see my average hourly rate paid on Odesk is $3.47 an hour. I’ve paid people as high as $30+ an hour on Odesk. I paid a blogger $20 an hour to write for me for months. There’s a lot of great jobs on Odesk, but they’re often competitive to get. But you can go to Craigslist.

There’s another website you can go to called Elance, which is just like Odesk. There are people per hour. There’s freelancer.com. You can find people in the Warrior forum that need help. So, there are tons of things to do if you’re desperate. But the thing is, if you’re desperate understand that being desperate is a feeling. Being desperate is a feeling. It’s not some objective state that I can quantify for you any more than I’ve done already. Being desperate is a feeling, and it feels like being frustrated. The thing is, you have to decide: if you’re desperate, you’re willing to do anything. If you’re frustrated, you’re not desperate enough to do anything.

Another thing I’ll close with is Patreon. I’ve seen a lot of people on Patreon that are trying to get started and make some money online. I have my Patreon set up, and I get paid for every video I make. How cool is that? Patreon is set up for artists and creators. But the thing is, with Patreon getting started is hard. Especially if you don’t have an audience and you haven’t created anything. If you look on my website, you can see that I’ve created a lot. But still, even though I have hundreds of videos, posts, podcasts – it’s hard to get an audience and get started. You are not likely to just wander onto Patreon and start making a bunch of money. But I’ve gotten the same kind of response from people on Patreon. They put up a page and they’re asking people to pay them. So they have a page like this, where I’m asking people to pay me, but they’re not willing o do pledge for pledge. So in other words, they’re not willing to give to me if I give to them. They say they don’t have enough to pledge to me, in return for me pledging for them.

What I’ve done to grow my page is I’ve pledged other people. You can see, these are all people I’m supporting and then they pledge back to me. The idea is that it’s easier to get a bigger audience, a bigger group of people supporting you, if you have an existing audience. But let’s look at the thought behind this. There are people saying they can’t afford to pay $2 a month to give that to me, in return for me giving them $2 a month. How can you make any money online if you’re not willing to spend $2 to make $2. I spend over $100 contributing to other people, and they give me $100. But when someone who visits my Patreon page for the first time sees I have people supporting me for hundreds of dollars for videos, it makes it a lot easier to make them contribute also. And I have people contributing who don’t have a Patreon page. Then, I generally just get money in without putting money out. But it’s the mindset.

It goes back to this – if you’re desperate, you can’t afford to look at making money as something you can’t afford to spend money on. If there’s a good opportunity to spend money on something and maybe get a return out of it, like my online success group. For $20 a week or whatever the membership rate is up to by the time you’ve come across this, being part of a professional learning community whose members are already being successful working toward more success online, for that kind of value that’s worth tens of thousands a year, you can afford $20 a week.

There are all kinds of opportunities, not just my group. It’s the mindset – you having your own domain name for $10 a year. What does it say when you show someone your free website like JerryBanfield.wics.com or JerryBanfield.wordpress.com or something, the first think a person thinks subconsciously is, “Man, that person is broke. They can’t even afford a $10 URL.” So, well before you would join my learning community, you should have your own URL (at least one, and probably for your name).

If you want to make money and want to solve your financial problems, if you’re desperate to solve those problems, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes or you’re going to be stuck with those problems indefinitely. I tried a lot of dumbass things to quit drinking, and I was stuck for 9 years in a place where I was frustrated, but I wasn’t willing to do whatever it took to solve the problem. When I got desperate, I finally got to a place where I will do anything not to drink today. I will do anything. If that means I have to go to the gym all day, if I have to go sit in church all day, I don’t care – I will do it. That’s the mindset of success also. I don’t care what it takes. I will accomplish my vision of working and serving you and creating online. Whatever it takes. If I have to lead focus groups to test mobile apps, I will do that. If I have to do affiliate marketing or something, I will do that. The bottom line is, I will do what it takes. If I have to spend $100 to test something to see if it works, I will do that. I will accept that risk. I will take that risk. Desperation is a place where you’re willing to take risks.