How To Make The Most of Negative User Reviews

For much of my life I resented the attacks and criticism I felt people put on me. When someone gave me a bad grade on a paper or a teacher didn’t like my work, I resented that. When I used to get comments online about people saying how bad the things I created were, I used to get mad. I would resent that and try to fight back and prove they were wrong.

Today, I accept attacks and criticism that are exact instructions for how I can prove. It’s helpful and it allows me to do better. It’s an absurd thing when you think about it and I’ll put in a way of attacking a competitor.

I’m teaching a course on Udemy and I have another course that’s competing with me in that category. It was better than mine in that it was longer, more in-depth and had better reviews. What happened? I was mostly ignoring that course. I wasn’t paying much attention to it. I was fine sitting there in third place because I had a lot of other courses that I was paying attention to. Some guy comes along and writes a scathing review on my course with a link to the second place course. Then another guy rips my course to shreds and puts a link to the first place course in the review.

I read those reviews and I felt offended, but I quickly flipped into the normal way I operate now. When you create things and someone rips it, it’s logical and normal to get offended. If you’ve made something and written something, anything you’ve done. For example, if you brought flowers on a date and you get criticized, it’s natural to respond by fighting back. The miracle happens when you don’t fight back. It comes when you accept that the criticism is the universe’s way of helping you do better and give you what you want.

What do I want? I want to make the best courses possible and to save the most people possible. I want to make the most videos that are the most helpful for you today. The criticism I get gives me an exact recipe for how I can do that. It’s a great example on this course. The nasty comments on my course gave me an exact recipe for how I could make my course better. Not only that, they motivated me. I read the reviews and decided there’s no reason I can’t have the best course on this subject. There’s no reason I can’t try and make the best course on that subject. I was ignoring that subject and I wasn’t paying much attention to it.

Those two reviews were so bad that they motivated me to say I know I can do better on my own course. I looked at exactly what the reviews said. I fixed the things that they said were so terrible about my course. I was motivated to add new things that none of the other courses even have. I was motivated to make my course as long as possible and as complete as possible. I put every single thing I could possibly give into it to continue to do my best. Those criticisms motivated me to do better.

My course, now is twice as good as it was before. It now has 17 hours of video, it’s over twice as long as it was before. It has a gigantic amount of love and creativity into it. It is a way better course.

If I simply sought to get hurt by those reviews, I would’ve missed the chance to do better. I’ve had a lot of that experience on my channel and Facebook page about how much my videos suck and how stupid I am.

Each one of those things helps me to zoom in on what I can do most effectively. Almost all the comments relate to me sharing my own personal life experience. I’m not trying to micromanage your life and say you should stop doing things you enjoy. Most of my positive comments like that I share from the heart the good and bad about what’s going on  with me. Most of the bad comments are suggestions for how I can improve.

I get suggestions on trying different gaming videos. I get suggestions about ideas to make new videos. For example, I got a comment to “stop talking about [my] problems and make videos about games.” I started to include more different types of games in my videos. I also started trying to make videos with focus on the games. What I need to do needs to be the best for me. I make these videos for me because I have a hard time sometimes and I often think back to my own videos.

When I get pissed off about something that happens to me, I think of the advice I give others to be loving and understanding. My videos help me with my own practice in my life, that’s the biggest benefit I get out of it. I make them because they help me.

When I read books by different authors and take other people’s courses, I like the author to talk about them. I don’t need you to tell me how to run my life and run my business or run my relationships. I want you to tell me about your life and if I like what you’re doing, I’ll cherry pick the things that I think are worth trying out. If I don’t like what you’re doing, then I’m going to learn from what you’re doing in your life and not do what you do.

I go to a support group that’s beautiful. I used to think all the old timers that go there were the teachers. Now I see that they have a lot to teach, but so does every new person that walks in and has just messed their life up. They show me what not to do. They go out there and do things I’m not willing to do anymore so that I can see that I don’t want to do that anymore. That life is not for me and that person has proved it. Sometimes I don’t want what they have because they look miserable and I decide not to do what they’re doing.

That allows me to have a great life today. I try to create and share that same thing because of all the good and bad comments I’ve received. Ultimately, it’s me who judges good and bad. Who am I to say when someone says your videos suck, you should stop making them, is a bad comment? Maybe it’s the truth. Maybe I should stop making daily inspirational videos.

It allows me to reflect on why am I doing this. I’m doing this because it helps me live a good life. When I live a good life, everyone else benefits and every hater that comes along helps my motivation. Am I doing this to try to get something or get ahead? No. I’m doing this because I want to have a good life today. I’m doing this because I know that the best shot I have at having a good life is by sharing the life I have with everyone else. I get to continue learning about me and  if it motivates you to see how I’m doing this then that’s wonderful.

I pray today to use the feedback life gives me, the good and the bad, to not ignore the things I don’t agree with. I pray today that when I get a criticism that I understand that it can be helpful for me if I look at it the right way. If I can’t look at it that way, I better pray about it to get that point of view. I pray that you have the same chance today to take anything you like that you see me talking about and apply it to your life today. I’m thankful you’ve read this today. I’m honored you’ve spent so much time with me by now. I hope you have a great day today.