Never Feel Tired Again!

Never Feel Tired Again!

How do we never feel tired again? If you’d like to find out, will you please read this post or watch the video at the end because if it works half as good for you as the strategies that I share do for me, then you literally will never have to feel tired again?

Never Feel Tired Again!

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I’m promising to give you right here a way to never feel tired again and here it is.

The way to never feel tired again is to remove and get rid of the idea of being tired. It’s the idea of being tired that contributes to us being tired.

That means removing it from speech, especially not saying the following, “I am tired.”

I find whenever I say, “I am tired,” I am literally using the power of God. I am making who I am into what, “tired.”

Even if I observed a moment of fatigue in my body when I say, “I am tired,” then I become tired again. It’s like making it happen twice.

Never Feel Tired Again!

The key to not ever being tired again is removing the idea of it from our brains, just taking it out and throwing it out there.

Now, this might sound, “Okay, this is some self-help crap. It’s not very useful.”

It is amazing for me. I am going through being a newborn dad again. This is my second child that I’ve got in the baby carrier with me and I am full of energy. I am getting enough sleep. I am feeling great. My wife is consistently feeling great. She is consistently in a good mood.

All those things you might expect, “Well, you must be tired because you’re having a newborn at home.”

No. I’m not tired because I’m having a newborn at home.

The main reason is, I don’t go around thinking and saying how tired I am.

Now, there is an important distinction here.

I’m not saying that you will have all energy all the time every single moment, that’s not the title of this post. It says “Never Feel Tired Again.”

That’s what we are here to do.

Therefore, what do we do instead of saying, “I’m tired?”

Because certainly, we are going to feel our bodies asking for rest. We are going to have some energy states that are higher like I’m in a higher energy state right now, and some energy states that are lower.

I was just laying down about an hour ago.

Now, you might say, “What difference does it make, Jerry, if you say, ‘I’m tired. I’m going to go to bed’ versus ‘I am energy, I am love, I am happiness.’”

I am observing the body’s desire to rest right now and I’m going to honor that. That’s all the difference in the world. It allows me when I’m feeling the body asking for rest.

Now, here’s the whole process of going about saying, “I’m tired.”

This is how it happens.

Never Feel Tired Again!

First, we, the observing consciousness in this body, a spiritual being having a human experience, we observe in the body somewhere a sign of fatigue or a desire for rest, you might say. You might feel, however the normal feeling that triggers you saying, “Oh, I’m so tired right now.”

Now, that feeling is not going to go away, it will come less frequently and it will be dealt with faster without going around saying, “Oh, I’m so tired. I’m tired. I’m tired.” Because I just said that several times and my eyes literally started drooping and I started immediately feeling tired as soon as I said that.

That’s how powerful it is, to say, “I am anything.”

Now, when we observe those same signs that normally trigger us to react with something that often is annoyance, “God, I’m so tired right now. I don’t have time for this. I want to film a video. I need to go to my meeting. I have to stay up all night with my son.”

Whatever it is, the same process happens.

I’ve observed, for example, when my body is telling me to rest, often my eyes will start feeling droopy, my head will feel calm, and what I now do instead of saying, “I’m tired,” I say, “I am relaxed. I am relaxed.”

That sounds a lot better than tired, doesn’t it?

Never Feel Tired Again!

Because a lot of us exist in two states: irritable or tired.

If we are honest, the two different things that we present to the world, you are either way too full of energy and you are talking and talking like I am in this video, or you are just anxious, you are irritable, you are jittery or you are tired.

How many people do know those seem to be the only two states that exist?

Anxious, jittery, annoyed, irritable, angry or “Oh, God, I’m so tired.”

You see, just renaming the states brings out different sides of them. I’ve learned when I notice signs of fatigue in the body, a signal from the body to rest, that those are often the same signs I associate with being relaxed, calm, peaceful and tranquil.

You see when I say, “I’m tired,” I essentially condemn the whole body.

“Well, how dare you give me this sign that you want some rest?”

Whereas, doesn’t it sound calm or peaceful to lay in bed?

I think it’s very calm and peaceful to just lay down. It’s a great time to relax to lay in bed. Therefore, when I see those signs instead of saying I’m tired what I do is I interpret it as, “Oh, good. I’m relaxed.”

Right now, I am in a high state where you might say lots of energy just pouring out. The body is ready to produce, the body is ready to be useful.

The opposite of that, you might say, is the relaxed or calm state where I don’t have anything to say, I’m laying down in bed, and therefore when I delete “tired” from my vocabulary, then I find that I often am relaxed especially as a dad of a one-month-old and a three-year-old.

I’m often relaxed. I am often available for a nap and I’m grateful tonight what I did is I laid down for 30 minutes. You see, I’m not saying that you will get rid of the word “tired” and just be in a high energy state all the time.

I’ve found that not saying and thinking, “I’m tired,” in fact, asking this question, “What would my life look like without ever using the word ‘tired’ or the whole mental concept I have behind the expectation that I should be in a high energy state all day and then suddenly drop off to sleep?”

That’s the basis behind feeling shame. A lot of us feel shame.

I felt shame lots of times in my life for feeling tired.

Never Feel Tired Again!

I remember I was out on this ROTC training exercise with my army buddies in college and I’d been out clubbing all night before, and I said, “I’m so tired, I’m so tired, I’m so tired.”

I just fell asleep all over outside. I was on my M16 falling asleep looking down the sights during the training exercise.

“So tired. I’m so tired.”

And I felt so ashamed about it, like if I was a real man I could just power through this. I should be able to go out into the club all night, get two hours of sleep, come straight out, exercise, go out in the field and fully participate without being tired.

What I find is that when I use the word “tired,” when I say, “I am tired,” it brings this whole mental state about where there is shame because I don’t see any shame in feeling relaxed. I don’t have any expectation that I should never get to relax.

When I say, “I’m tired,” I start getting angry about that.

“Come on. I have to be a dad today. My wife is more tired than me. She needs to sleep more than I do.”

I start feeling all these negative things because of that initial judgment that all starts with a simple observation in the body. I observe that my eyelids are a little droopy. I say, “I’m tired,” now, I’m pissed off that I’m tired. I’m absolutely not going to give in to that and rest. You see, it just snowballs.

When I say, “Oh, my eyelids are droopy. Okay. I guess it’s time to relax. I’ll go lay down for a minute.”

The idea is to honor the body’s desire to rest because the body has basically two states. The body wants to either rest or be in motion, and what a lot of us do when the body signals, the body says, “Hey, time to rest.”

“Oh, I’m tired. I don’t have time to be tired right now.”

We resist it, and then the body will force us to rest through illness or the body will get so aggravated it won’t even be able to go into rest.

Never Feel Tired Again!

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I’m very grateful today that I’ve learned to stop saying, “I’m tired.”

Now, here’s what happens if we just say, “I am ready to rest” instead of saying, “I’m tired.”

“I’m ready to rest” makes it okay. It makes the feeling okay.

Now, you might be able to say, “I’m tired” and you might be able to not get all up in a tizzy about it like I do, you might be able to do that and just realize, “Oh, I’m tired. I’m going to go rest.”

If that works for you, then that’s great.

For me, if I go into the “tired” I’ve got all this mental conditioning about it. I just don’t use that. I say, “I’m ready to relax” or “I’m feeling attracted to a calm state right now.”

Or, I’m thinking about when I can go to bed next. What that does, it allows me to adjust what I’m doing in order to honor how my body feels. What I used to do was I’d make all these mental plans and I would just barricade through the day no matter how my body felt, then I’d get in bed at night.

I’d be in bed and my body would be absolutely beat with fatigue, but my mind would be so spun up that then despite my body being just wiped out, I couldn’t even fall asleep.

My mind would just be going and going so much, and the opportunities I missed were the little times, that little 15 minutes to sit down and relax. Like tonight, what I did that saved my whole night is, I came home from my AA meeting and my body was signaling “time for rest.”

Never Feel Tired Again!

My eyelids were getting droopy. I was feeling that really just calm and relaxed feeling that comes with what we normally call tired. I was feeling little bits of tension in my neck, which can lead to a headache if not honored and what did I do?

I’m grateful I didn’t go into the whole tired story and that’s how I thought about this.

I thought what a miracle I’m not condemning myself for how I feel right now and instead I just honored the feeling. I said, “Okay. I’m in a really relaxed and restful state I’m going to just lay down for 30 minutes and close my eyes.”

I asked my wife if that was okay and that allowed me to get some really valuable rest right before I’m on duty for the next five hours while my wife tries to basically get half to two-thirds of a night’s sleep, and then hope for a nap or two tomorrow.

This way, I honor how my body feels instead of condemning it, judging it, and trying to just push it aside.

When I say, “I’m tired,” I’m often tempted to do just that, push it aside, and say, “You know what? I don’t have time to be tired right now.”

Because when I got home from my AA meeting what I wanted to do was film this video. Not this particular one, but I wanted to film a video when I got home. I have a bunch of video ideas I wanted to do, but my body signaled for rest.

It said, “Hey. Calm and relaxed state. Feeling like laying down would be nice right now. Eyelids drooping. Neck tension a little bit.”

And if I had said, “I’m tired,” I bet I would have got mad and said, “I don’t have time to be tired. I want to film this video.”

I would have pushed through it, and then I probably wouldn’t have made a very good video although someone might argue this one is not very good, but that’s fine because I’m enjoying it.

Next, I probably would have got crushed with fatigue because what the body does it signals gently to start with, and then it keeps signaling harder and harder, and what a lot of us do, we push so hard that then our bodies force us to relax with an illness. Our bodies force us to relax with some kind of injury or accident. Our bodies make us listen.

Never Feel Tired Again!

What I try to do is listen and it’s just like in a relationship. Lots of times people will ask nicely for things, then they will ask nasty, and then they will go away.

I try to respect what my body says and by not saying, “I am tired” right now, it helps me to do that.

Now, it may not work for everyone. It works really good for me, so that’s why I’m sharing it with you.

If you’d like some other tips because obviously there is more to it than just not using one particular word or phrase.

Now, for having our optimal level of energy, of course there is more than simply not saying one word or it’s simply changing a couple of phrases. Although, just changing the wording can be really powerful on things.

Imagine sending your mother a text message saying, “I’m feeling like ending it all” and now compare that with sending a message like “I’m feeling like ending my business.”

You see, obviously one little word, one little phrase can make a massive difference.

I called my father and said, “I feel like I’m ending it all” like nine years ago.

Using certain words can have a whole lot of power behind them. You say something like, “I feel like ending it all,” your mother might totally lose it and go off, get scared and call someone. You send your mother a text that says, “I’m feeling a little down right now. I’m going to rest and read some inspirational books and see what happens.”

You can see that there is a big difference in that little bit of wording and it works the same way with being tired. You can say, “I’m so depressed” or you can say, “I’m feeling a little low” or “I’m feeling a little uncomfortable.”

They both communicate the exact same feeling, but you can see it has a lot of different energy to it.

Now, wording makes a big difference, but there is also a lot more to it than wording.

Here are a few more tips, if you think, “Okay. I’m sold on the wording, but what about this, Jerry? What about that?”

Here are a few general energy tips that make it a lot easier to not have the body get into feeling so much fatigue, so much of a desire to rest to start with.

Never Feel Tired Again!

First and foremost, every single little thing we do impacts our energy.


What we eat, what we say, what we wear, what we do in terms of our job, where we live.

Every single thing we do, everything we drink, everything we take into our bodies, all of the little things we do throughout the day make small modifications to our energy levels.

I’ve noticed that eating a whole plant-based diet as explained in the book How Not to Die gives me a much higher average energy level with a lot fewer dips into all those undesirable spots and even when I do take a dip, it tends to be comfortable, it tends to not be such a crash.

I find that minimizing eating things like added salts, sugars, fats, oils help, and I’m not saying I don’t eat any, just eating right in moderation.

I find also not taking or using any kind of mind-altering substances that includes alcohol, any other kind of drugs or even medication that make slight modifications to the mind, even things like Advil, even when I’m sick or even when I’m in pain, tends to generally give me a better experience on a day to day basis.

After considering that we can see that our whole lives, every single thing we do impacts how we feel.

Now, one of the main things people do that lead to a state of tired all the time is go to places like work, or especially at a job that’s just done as the means to an end, where there is no joy in doing the job itself. It’s purely a method to make money.

I’ve consistently noticed whenever I’ve done that, I feel drained by the job, but then I get really excited because I’m not at the job. My energy levels tend to be a mess if I go do anything that’s draining.

I try to avoid doing anything that’s draining in my life today because if there is no love and joy in doing it, if I’m just doing it as a means to an end, then it tends to produce a much worse result in the end, and it tends to leave me feeling tired a whole lot.

Never Feel Tired Again!

The jobs I used to work that I didn’t like, I had an office job after college and even though I sat at my desk all day, I felt so tired all the time with that job.

When you have got a job like that where you can’t honor your body without getting fired maybe you should just get fired.

For example, when I used to go into my office job tired, I couldn’t just pass out on the desk without being afraid of getting fired.

I’m grateful I work for myself at home because if I feel tired I can just go to bed instead of making a video, then I can get up and make a video in a better state.

For me, if I produce things that are not in a good state, it’s worse than if I didn’t do anything at all.

Yes, I literally could just do nothing and come out farther ahead than if I try to push through.

This allows me to focus on doing my most valuable work, if you have read the 4-Hour Workweek,” most of us do something that’s really valuable, it’s just we do a whole lot of other things that aren’t very valuable.

What we do for work has a huge impact on our energy and all the other things we do. I find that going to AA meetings, they are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, these tend to stabilize my energy levels.

If I’m too high on energy I will level down a little bit and get more relaxed. If I’m too low, if I’m feeling just a bit uncomfortable because I’m so depressed you could say, or I’m just not in some high excited state like now, the meetings tend to bring me up a little bit.

You could look at an equivalent of that, if you don’t have an alcohol problem, you could look at that as the equivalent of volunteering.

I’ve seen a lot of data that shows happiness is much higher volunteering. I look at going to an AA meeting everyday kind of like volunteering because a lot of days I’m mostly there to help someone else, but I feel good doing it.

Some days, I’m the one that really needs help there, and then I get a lot of help, especially when I’ve helped a bunch of other people who have been there earlier.

Never Feel Tired Again!

So, the job we do, the food we eat, anything we drink or any substances, all of these modify our energy levels, and I pay close attention because that’s what makes it easy for me to not put things in my body, because I’ve had some issues with food before.

It’s easy with alcohol and substances, you just don’t even have to put those in your body, you can go on without them.

I’ve read my friend’s wife’s posts about food addiction. You can’t just stop eating or sleeping for very long, you can do it for a little while.

How do we do things, enjoy things in moderation?

We have to have moderation when it comes to things like food.

For me, before I eat something, I think, “How is this going to make me feel?”

My neighbor said, “It’s crazy. I don’t know how you can do that vegan diet.”

I said that I feel better when I eat it. I have more energy. It’s easy.

When I look at a big piece of steak, it’s not tempting because I consider how this is going to impact my energy and I know based on my previous samples of thousands of time eating steak that universally when I take in a big steak, it knocks my whole energy level down.

Even if it knocks it down, and then I can go to bed right afterward, I often won’t even sleep good. It doesn’t knock it down in a good way, it knocks it down in an uncomfortable way.

I look at a big bowl of ice cream and I think that’s going to knock my energy levels down and that might screw my stomach up a little bit.

I’m not interested in that.

I had a broccoli burrito tonight because I looked at that and I said, “I’m going to figure out how to make this taste good with some hot sauce and vegan cheese and this is going to give me exactly what I want in terms of energy.”

When I feel the need to rest, it won’t be uncomfortable, and when I’m full of energy, it won’t be too much, like overclocked.

I look at things like Red Bull, I’m not going to drink that because it pushes my energy too high in that irritation and aggravation, then it drops me down into being tired, being uncomfortably fatigued.

So, what I try to do is maintain a balanced wave for my energy levels because what’s usually uncomfortable is a big high and a big low.

Usually, the big highs and lows are what are uncomfortable and what many of us call tired is hitting into one of those big low points, and if we don’t go up and down as much, we don’t dip into there like I used to in college, where I would go out all night partying and clubbing. Then, I’d go try to do army all day out in the field and I’d get uncomfortably tired, and it’d be miserable and I’d feel a shame of myself that I couldn’t man up and just get through it.

Never Feel Tired Again!

Thank you very much for reading this post or watching the video at the top of this post.

I will answer any additional questions on Facebook before I wrap this up. I’ve also filmed this as a YouTube video. If you have watched on YouTube, will you please leave a like if you found anything in this helpful because you will feel good knowing whatever you got helpful out of this, you are going to help someone else do that too and that’s how I have a business online?

I think all the time, how can I help people have the amazing life I have today?

How can I help people? How can I help you? I do that all day, every day.

So, that was my best idea for how I could help you tonight, talking about this and I appreciate you reading or watching.

I hope to see you again soon.


Jerry Banfield

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