New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020. Thank you for all the love, advice, and support since the last video I put up about having almost half a million dollars in debt. I’ve listened to your feedback.

I’ve listened to your advice and the consistent advice was “Get back to what you do best” and what I do best is digital marketing courses.

I’ve put up a Kickstarter project now which you can get to at or go straight on Kickstarter with the URL in the description. While the project failed to be funded, it did inspire me to get all my courses moved over to

Here’s the previous debt post/video 35 with $484K in Debt and a Plan!

The Kickstarter project is a place where you are able to pre-order the new 2020 digital marketing course bundle I am creating. Every single video is being created from scratch. I am using all the new videos in this course bundle.

It means you get the most up-to-date best quality information from me i.e. the highest quality courses I’ve ever produced.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

The advice I was given consistently by you and the people watching with you is, “Jerry, make some amazing digital marketing courses for 2020 and all of your debt will work out just fine and you’ll have a really inspiring story to share with other people”.

This Kickstarter project is the first step because it allows me to pre-sell the course to verify that there’s validation. This will include up to 18 courses based on how many sales we make.

It includes everything from a course bundle to $27 to get up to 18 courses with $27 invested and then you can get one-on-one help.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

I’ll walk you through the basics of this project right now. If somehow you are new to digital marketing, digital marketing is a very valuable skill you can use to earn money online serving clients.

This is how I started and built my business before I started teaching online courses. I learned that by just doing it by myself on my own YouTube channel and Facebook page.

I learned what really works by trying everything and seeing what works and then I got clients to pay me tens of thousands of dollars to learn even better skills to help them.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

Then I started making online courses to teach them. Even if you don’t want to serve clients or aren’t making money online, digital marketing skills are extremely helpful to increase the effectiveness of what you’re already doing.

If you’re already writing posts, uploading videos, making a podcast, trying to share some kind of message online, having digital marketing skills is essential to reaching the most people with the least amount of time effort and money.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

This is my experience with your help that we’ve been able to accomplish based on my digital marketing skills. Millions of dollars earned online and millions of followers gained.

There are lots of people with charisma, interesting personalities, and great information to share.

The secret to getting great results is digital marketing skills. We’re putting all of this together in a way that shares it and makes meaningful connections.

What’s included in this course bundle is everything you need to replicate the results I’ve got to be successful with your efforts in digital marketing or anything you’re trying to do online.

I’ve made it so you can just get one or more classes in the bundle or you can get one-on-one help if you’d like to. All of this is at and the Kickstarter project is up for 30 days.

That means once the Kickstarter project is gone then the courses will be for sale on Uthena and the course prices will be much higher on Uthena than they will be on this project.

Therefore, this project is the way to get the most courses for the lowest cost and I’ve also got some amazing other options on this project that will not be available for this cost after the project.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

In fact, you might think it’s crazy for me to offer what I’m offering on this. Let me show you what courses I’m planning for this project.

Here’s a look at the Kickstarter project itself. It’s set up to be both relevant for people who have never seen me online before and for you that’s coming back over and over.

For you that’s coming back over and over again, I imagine you’ll want to see which courses are included. That depends on the number of sales we get. You will get a minimum at full funding which is $1,234.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

To me, this will finally be the first successful Kickstarter project I’ve had. I’m so excited about it and you’re guaranteed when the project is funded.

If the project somehow is not funded, you won’t get charged for your pre-order and then the courses will not be created. When the project is funded, these 5 courses that a minimum will be created.

These to me are the essentials you need for successful digital marketing. First, a basic overview of high-level understanding. Now, this might not seem that important upfront.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

You might think you just want to learn one thing but learning how to put all this stuff together is incredibly valuable to pick the best places to put your time and energy and the best results, therefore, come from doing that.

There’ll be an all-new Facebook Marketing 2020 course and all-new YouTube Marketing 2020 course.

Man, I’ve learned the hard way on that one in so many different ways. I’m so excited to share the best of what I’ve learned about YouTube on a new course.

Website launches 2020 course. This one is something that’s taken a lot of tough learning and experience to figure out how to get a fast website up and I’m still learning to get you the best information.

Tik Tok 2020 course. I’m very excited to make that show how I’m doing vertical videos with Tik Tok that I then share on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube stories and these have just been blowing up.

One of mine got 15,000 views on Tik Tok with almost no followers for free within the first few hours of release and that is something that is not seen in very many other places online.

That’s relatively easy to do is to put a video crying about my mom up and people really like that and were more supportive of Tik Tok.

The nice thing is when you make videos on Tik Tok, you can easily share these straight to Facebook and Instagram stories which are one of the best ways to get organic reach today.

As you can see, I’ve given you a little taste of all the information this course bundle will include and I’m certain. I’m certain that we will get to that level and the courses, these 5 will be made.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

The only question is “How much higher?” How many more sales will we all work together to make? The bundle will include more and more courses based on the number of sales that is made. Therefore, the more of us contribute, the more you get out of it.

The 6th course I’m planning is an Online Branding Basic for 2020. Things like,

Do you pick a company name?
Do you pick your own name?
How do you organize your website?
Which profiles to put up?
For the long-term, is it better to make multiple channels or separate everything?

I’ve learned a lot of difficult ways of that, which I’m excited to share in that course. On course for #7 at $3,456 or more in funding, I’ll drop the brand new Search Engine Optimization Course for 2020.

I’ve just recently leveled my SEO game after a recent Google update that just knocked almost 1500 search clicks a day on my website down to 1,000 or so a day. I’ve just up my game.

My clicks are going back up and I think we’re about to reach higher levels than I’ve ever seen before. I’m excited to share all the best SEO information I have in this course.

At #8, I’ve got an Email Marketing Course for 2020.

An Instagram Course planned for #9. A Video Production Course planned for #10. A Live Streaming Course for course #11. A Twitter course for #12. Podcasting for #13.

My 4-hour Workday which is a Productivity course and essential. If you’re into digital marketing, there are so many different things you could be doing and often the biggest challenge is figuring out “Which one should I do today?”.

Should I make a story on Tik Tok and then put it on Facebook and YouTube or should I go film a YouTube video?

Dealing with all of our personal lives and figuring out a consistent work schedule that makes sense. I go through my entire work-life balance.

This course I did 4 years ago was very popular and I will do a completely new version based on that original version that’s fully updated with all new videos that give you everything I’ve learned since then.

Next, when we get up to $23,000, I’ll do a brand new Teach Full-time Online Course in 2020. That course was fantastically popular before also and I have an incredible depth of knowledge on this as well, especially how to teach and earn money online without using Udemy really well-versed on that.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

Course #16, I’ll do a full course on how to publish books. I’ve earned tens of thousands publishing in royalties and self-publishing my own books online. I’ll show you exactly how you can do that.

At $45,000 I’ll do a course on how to contact powerful and influential people online for free. This is something I’ve got a lot of experience with because people are trying to contact me.

I see what work they do versus what they don’t, and then I go and contact people myself, reach out and share my experience with that in this course.

Finally, I’ve got a secret course at #18. Once we get that many sales, that course will be revealed once the goal has been hit. It’s so amazing. We only get to see it once we have that many orders.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

When you pledge on Kickstarter, these are the different reward amounts and what you get based on them. Thus, the amount that comes in sales, this is how they come in.

You can put a specific pledge without a reward if you want. If you just want to contribute money out of the generosity of your heart, you’re welcome to do that. That’s extremely helpful but I imagine most of you will want to pick a specific reward.

At $9, you can pick any one course. If there’s really a course you specifically want, you don’t care about the rest, you can put in $9 and pick any one course.

Now, that reward really is a sales tactic of a diversion. Most of you are not going to just want one specific course and therefore that one really gets you in to see the value of the next one. For $27, you get all of the courses.

However, I realize for a lot of people, $9 is a great amount. They may just want one course and therefore that is a good introductory reward level. However, the one thing you’ll really want is at least $27 or more to get access to all of the courses.

Then if you want to get fancy, you can go even higher. You can get a t-shirt. I’ll send you any Jerry Banfield t-shirts you want, any of them that I wear in my videos or the brand new ones.

You can get any Jerry Banfield t-shirt or the new Uthena or Jerry Banfield show t-shirts + all of the courses at $75 or more with free shipping. $75 is enough to ship anywhere in the world.

At $199 or more, you get an hour of one-on-one video call with me + the shirt + the course bundle. Thus, most of these rewards include everything below.

If you get up to $678 or more, I’ll film a video specifically for you. This will be a video just for you. It will not be released on my channels but you can do whatever you want with it.

If you want a video on a very specific subject or you want to make a video that you can share and put on your channels, I will film one video for up to 10 or 20 minutes or so maximum length in my usual style. I’ll film a video for you at that level.

If you want to talk to me every month in 2020, this you can get at $2,345 or higher level. You can get a 30-minute video call every single month with me in 2020.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

If you want to talk even more often, for $4,567, I’ll talk to you every week. Maximum of 9 people on that one. This one really triggered me. I’m like, “That’s kind of crazy to allow people to talk with you every single week.

That’s less than $100 a phone call or that’s an outrageous price compared to how much people have paid to talk to me before and for your generosity and help with this project, this is a limited time Kickstarter offers.

You can talk to me every week for 30-minutes about whatever you’d like if you want to and this is a limited-time opportunity to Kickstarter.

It will cost much more than that if you aren’t able to get it on the Kickstarter as it currently does on Uthena.

The last 2 rewards are epic rewards that I’m excited to see and get to know you when you get in on these rewards.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

If you want to come to film a course in my studio and visit me for up to a week, I’ll give you access every day that you’re here for up to a week.

Now, you need to get your own place to stay like an Airbnb or a hotel room but I’ll give you access to join me in my studio and film a course with me. We can also go out and film on location. You can get an hour, maybe 1, 2, 3 hours a day or so.

I will be available to film a class with you and that means that you make 10, 20 or so hours that when you visit, we will film an online course. You can use that course however you want to and the videos however you want to as well. I’m so excited to see who joins in at that level.

At the $5,678 level, you get a week to come film with me and if you are not able to travel or you’d prefer me to come to you (the USA and Canada only), it’s for $9,876 which is the maximum award for this project.

It is for only 3 people maximum. I’m not interested in taking a whole bunch of trips all over. I will come up to 3 of you. I will fly out to wherever you are and we will film for up to 3 full days.

We will film an online course. I did this with my friend Tomas George before. We filmed an awesome course named “42 Secrets of Influence Online”. He came and filmed with me and got an Airbnb and set up a filming studio in the house he rented.

He wanted to use all of his own equipment. We made an awesome course. I love doing this.

I’m so excited to get to know you when you select one of these 2 rewards and these single-handedly when you pick either of those big rewards, those will kick the number of courses in the bundle up for everybody else.

New Digital Marketing Course Bundle for 2020 — My 5th Kickstarter Project!

Everybody else would be incredibly grateful if you picked that reward out because then everyone who’s getting these lower-level rewards will get a whole lot more courses in this bundle.

Please let me know in a comment if you are one of the top 10% that read all the way to the end of the post given so much of your time and energy to get to know this.

I am grateful you’re here. I imagine you’d love to be one of the first to contribute to the Kickstarter project. If somehow you haven’t subscribed already, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’ll see new videos.

If you haven’t already turned the notifications on, you can turn them on, on YouTube. You can follow on Facebook and set notifications on Facebook, especially if you hit see first and turn all notifications on.

This is a really good way to make sure you see everything and to make sure you get in on my new live streams. Thank you very much for reading this. I love you. You’re awesome.

Jerry Banfield