New Mic For You!

Would you like to read this post made from a video live stream because Jerry is showing a new mic for you that you might want to check out?

New Mic For You!

I’m so excited. I got a new microphone for you. This is a new microphone for live streaming and if you’re on a live stream, please let me know if you can hear the difference, whether it’s actually the mic on my shirt or it’s the mic on here.

New Mic For You!

I got this microphone because I want to do live streams for you that are better quality and as long as I’m stuck having to do the phone audio, I just can’t stand that level of audio.

If you want to do live streams, one of the most important things to do is to up the quality of your audio. So let me know now, if you can, while you’re on this live, when I’m tapping that, is it making a significant noise or not?

When I did my Facebook live, I had to like unplug it and replug it in before the microphone took.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I’m so grateful. I wonder, can you use an external mic?

Because just live streaming on a phone is some of the best digital marketing you can do. When I’m doing live streams for like just five minutes, they’re reaching way more of my followers, especially on Facebook, but you can also do them on TikTok and Instagram.

Nice Gaboo the Filipino who says the new mic is awesome. Thank you.

You can be sure it’s the new mic if it sounds just the same with me talking over here, versus as if I come over here.

When I tried to live stream my show, I’m doing a show three days a week now, twice at the same venue.

New Mic For You!

Nice Podcasts Hero says it sounds good. Thank you.

Thank you for checking this new mic out. If you want to up your live streams, I should have asked them to sponsor me.

Gaboo said, “Nice.” All right, that’s it. It’s the same.

This is a great mic I just ordered it for my iPhone. This is the one I’m testing. I don’t know if it’s backwards or not for you, but it’s the Comica SIG.Lab VO5 Multifunctional Lavalier microphone.

I got this, it’s actually a wired microphone. It’s only $60 compared to spending a couple of hundred and what I’m doing. I got a second iPhone from my sister-in-law. She wanted to get rid of her iPhone because she upgraded her iPhone.

So I got her iPhone and I’m in a live stream on a tripod. I’m going to live stream on YouTube and Facebook now, which will save me a lot of time duplicating live streams.

Liquid says, “Where’s the Jerry Banfield studio?”

This is what remains of my studio set up. Check this out.

This is what remains of it. I’m in the office. I sold it all and this is my wife’s office now because I’ve been feeling a calling to get offline. And yet, I also feel called to show up. It’s not a big deal for me to talk for five minutes, especially if I can do Facebook and YouTube at the same time.

New Mic For You!

There’s no reason I can’t talk for five minutes a day and share something that could help you.

CS Info Tech says, “Good morning.”

Good morning to you. Thanks for watching.

I’m so excited this new microphone will let me live stream the shows I’m doing for you and give you some good quality audio because if you want to do a YouTube live, having audio that’s not just built in the phone, audio is such a simple thing to do.

This is the first time I’ve actually used an external microphone live streaming on my phone. I’m so grateful it works. This is the easiest way to upgrade your set up and going live is the easiest way to put up some interactive videos.

Thus, I intend to get out here and share something that’s helpful for you. I’ve been focusing all my time and energy offline. I’ve got some exciting updates to share with you in future videos. The first key thing to test was to see if this external microphone work, because if it does, then what I’m doing is I’m getting out to some other venues.

I’m going to some businesses locally and Gaboo the Filipino says, “I love the live content.”

Nice. Yes, I love the live content too, because I’ve essentially been filming my videos live for years. It’s kind of ridiculous that I’ve actually spent so much making a studio and pre-record them when it’s so easy for anyone, you just grab a Lavalier microphone that connects to your phone and upgrade your audio, and you can do some quality live streams, just like I’m doing.

New Mic For You!

I’ve got so much more flexibility on a tripod to really get my hands out and talk, and move farther away from the phone. I’m so excited to share that with you.

Thank you very much for helping me test that this microphone works.

Podcast Hero says, “Do you still use OBS studio?”

Nope, I’ve gotten rid of everything. I sold for about $5,000. I sold all of my equipment, I sold my whole studio set up. All I’ve gotten left is in here, a couple of monitors and I use a laptop now that’s five years old and I only spend maybe two or three hours a week on the Internet, on the computer.

I’m also limiting screen time on other devices and this is the least amount of time I’ve spent in a long time.

What I’m seeing is I’m feeling better and I’m connecting with a lot more people, and yet I’ve done all this to build a following and you are giving me the chance to reach you and share something with you.

What’s up Gaga Life in America who says, “Hi, bro.”

I see that you’ve given me the opportunity to serve you and I want to serve you. I want to give you something that’s useful every single week.

M Jnr says, “Thank you for sharing. Sound is great. Looking forward to the live content, much love from London, Brother, time to sleep and stop playing Call of Duty.”

Yes, yes. I intend to do these live streams again. I was doing them a few weeks ago and I’ve tried just filming the show. I tried live streaming in the show. What you can take away is I’m always evolving, I’m always learning, I’m always growing.

And to me, I’ll give you an analogy to close this up.

The trees that die are the ones who’ve gone rigid and aren’t growing anymore, and aren’t flexible anymore. And the young trees are super flexible. They’re growing like crazy.

New Mic For You!

So to me, the key to staying young is actually mental and physical. I did some yoga for the first time in six or seven years today, it was so good.

And yes, Podcast here. It’s so valuable to mix things up and I’m going to mix my live streams out more than ever. I’m going to get my phone. I’ve actually got two phones now. I’ve got two phones and a tripod and an external mic, and I’m going to get out there and mix up my live streams. I want to make some live streaming events.

I don’t actually know how to bring the chat back up once it disappears, or I just clicked the screen. I don’t even know how to bring it back up.

Gaga Life in America says, “I have a new camera and need a mic, but I don’t know what kind of mic is best.”

This one is working great. This microphone is only $60 at least for me in the USA on Amazon. If you want to get a microphone, just a Lavalier microphone that connects directly to your phone is the simplest way to upgrade your setup.

In fact, I would say audio is actually more important than video. If you noticed on the one show I did, I tried to live stream the show. You might not have seen it because I deleted it. The audio was bad and almost nobody watched at all.

If your audio is bad, people will just not stick around for it. But if your video is a little blurry, you know, unless you’re doing something that’s totally video, not audio.

All right, I’ve talked long enough.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

Thank you for watching. I will stop in and do one of these with you maybe tomorrow, or the next day.

I love you.

Thanks for watching tonight and I’ll see on the next one.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.