New Online Workshops with Jerry Banfield!

You are going to love the new online workshops I’m offering because you can have a video call with me and work on anything you want related to my experience online.

You can work on making money, having better relationships and maximizing your potential. Talk about your health, we can talk about all of it at once.

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I love doing one on one calls, I love doing workshops with groups of people and now I’ve set it up so you can schedule a workshop with me for about four days a week online, and I’ve even got live shows that you can go to in person, if you can see me locally.

I’ll show you here the online shows and how you can find them, just go to, then go find the “Contact” button up on the top bar.

Then scroll down and click where it says “Video Calls and Workshops with Jerry Banfield”

Click on the “View Calendar” and then you can see the shows that are currently available.

You can come see me in person, or you can go to an online workshop, for just $27,81 for an hour.

Click on “Online Workshop”, pick your time zone, set your time zone and you’ll see the times that are available in your time zone.

For example, there’s one spot available today, there’s one spot available tomorrow, there’s one spot available the day after that.

New Online Workshops with Jerry Banfield!

Then in September, you can see all the workshops I’ve got on my calendar.

Right now I’ve got regular times scheduled through September on Wednesday and Friday. I have a few on Monday and Tuesday.

I’ll keep adding new workshop times as I see if they’re available.

I’ve got them at different times so wherever you’re at in the world, there is one that will definitely be right with you.

Online workshops calendar

There’s a maximum of 100 spots that are in these workshops and since I just launched these, it’s a great time, you could probably have a good chance to get a one on one workshop with me or a small group in some of these.

I intend to keep offering these indefinitely because I see when there’s so many things you can watch online, that what you might really need is someone to listen to you and get to know you and provide some specific guidance relative to what you’re doing, and maybe to hear what other people are doing in the workshops themselves to give you some perspective.

I find this is really helpful for me.

If you’d like to go to every workshop without paying individually, my Partner Program now includes access to every single workshop instead of having partner calls specifically.

join partner program

Partners now just get access to go to every workshop using a coupon instead of paying for every single workshop.

Partners that also get a call one-on-one with me as well, which can be helpful as the workshops fill up.

After making 5000+ videos online, I see that the next step is teaching and connecting live and I’m so excited to do that with you in one of these workshops.

When you’re ready to sign up, just go to Click on the View Calendar button. Go through and find a workshop time that works for you and select one.

If you want a one-on-one call guaranteed. I’ve also got that available here and if you can come to a live show we’re doing these Monday and Tuesday nights in St. Petersburg, Florida.

If you live near me and want to come to a live show, you can get tickets for that at 7pm. Monday or Tuesday nights.

Live show calendar

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I love you. You’re awesome. Thanks for giving me the chance to serve you today and I’ll see you at the next online workshop.

Jerry Banfield

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