Why Does Jerry Banfield Film Videos with No Shirt and a Baby?

Why Does Jerry Banfield Film Videos with No Shirt and a Baby?

Is that a baby? Yes.

I’ve seen a bunch of comments on the videos including how I should call child services.

Why Does Jerry Banfield Film Videos with No Shirt and a Baby?

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Let me explain how this works. My son is in an infant carrier. This is an infant carrier for my baby.

Well, it’s a carrier with an infant insert.

He prefers to be direct skin-to-skin, so he can hear my heartbeat and get my chest hairs all over his face. It’s easier for him to slide around if he’s directly on my chest.

He loves being in the infant carrier.

He will pretty much only sleep right now if he’s in the infant carrier and I’m moving around. He actually likes it when I’m moving around, when I’m talking, when I’m doing stuff.

Infants seem to expect to be carried around on a human body that’s shirtless for most of the day and most of their early life.

Why Does Jerry Banfield Film Videos with No Shirt and a Baby?

He gets a little upset when he needs to change positions sometimes. I try to back off for a minute, and then he moves around and adjusts. Then, I try to bounce up and down, it helps his blood circulate.

Infants like being in a carrier because right when the infant comes out of the womb, out of the mother and are born, the infants are so used to being cuddled up all day in the mother that they mostly like, pretty much the fourth trimester, to be cuddled up all day until they have had enough of that, they are a little stronger, they are ready to start crawling, getting out on their own.

Our daughter slept pretty good. I did the same thing with her. I used to make gaming videos.

I had some awesome killing sprees while she was in the infant carrier and I used to play “Call of Duty: Zombies” with her and do inspirational videos. The infants love the infant carrier.

The only time I’ve got to film videos right now is a stretch of two to three hours at night while my wife and my daughter are sleeping, and I’m out here in the shed where I’m doing the work.

The rest of the day, I’m either with my daughter, or my daughter and my baby son, or I’m at my AA meeting, or occasionally, once a week, I get a massage or have something else to do.

I don’t do much else.

Why Does Jerry Banfield Film Videos with No Shirt and a Baby?

That’s my life right now as a Dad.

My wife and I are getting good sleep, thanks to this system. I’m able to still continue filming videos, thanks to the infant carrier and thanks to my son who sleeps well in this.

That’s why I’ve got my shirt off. That’s why I’m wearing it. It’s an infant carrier.

You can see it’s strapped on my back, so he stays stuck in there.

Why Does Jerry Banfield Film Videos with No Shirt and a Baby?

There are straps on the sides, so he doesn’t fall out of it all of a sudden. If he is in a position he is uncomfortable with, he will complain a lot. I always give him some space. I bounce to help his blood circulate or I back off to help him readjust, and then I stand up again.

This is why you keep seeing me in this thing. It’s an infant carrier. It allows me to fully participate as a Dad and still continue working because as you can imagine with all the stuff I do online, I don’t get paternity leave.

If I’m not continuing to produce, then there is no substitute.

I could just not do anything for a year if I wanted to and probably have enough money at least to cut down a bit or maybe move in with Laura’s parents.

You see, I value showing up here each day.

What else would I be doing, sitting around watching Netflix or something?

I might as well just get out here and film. I realize some people don’t like me not having a shirt on.

That’s too bad. Here I am. I show up as I am.

Why Does Jerry Banfield Film Videos with No Shirt and a Baby?

What I’m promoting is Dad’s participating in raising their children here.

Moms are doing great going to work, pumping, being able to work, and Dads, we need equal rights in that respect too, to not be judged because I’m here with my son, that I shouldn’t film a video because I’ve got my son right now.

I have so many comments, “Call child services,” because I’ve got my son in an infant carrier while I’m making a video?

Yes, it hurts.

Yes, I’ve cried about it.

I don’t know why.

It just hurts sometimes to see how little understanding there can be of my position.

I realize, it’s partly my responsibility because I haven’t done a video to explain it

So here’s a quick video.

This is why I’m shirtless. This is what I’m doing with my son in the videos, and you see the back of his head. He loves this position. He loves being in the infant carrier. He sleeps like a baby in the infant carrier.

Sometimes, he squirms around a bit and wants to readjust.

I know he is ready to go feed when he just won’t settle down after a little bit.

He will just throw a continuous fit if he wants to eat and get out of the carrier.

Why Does Jerry Banfield Film Videos with No Shirt and a Baby?

I hope that explanation is useful.

Until he grows up a bit more, videos going forward will be in this.

Yes, I will put a shirt back on after he’s not in here with me.

Maybe I will keep his shirt off, who knows?

Thanks for asking about that Joseph.


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