Benefits of Not Sticking to a Niche

Benefits of Not Sticking to a Niche

Why don’t I just focus on one thing, one niche?

Right now, I am making music my primary focus and I did the same thing with Udemy.

I made Udemy my primary focus for two years and that went really well.

Benefits of Not Sticking to a Niche

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Today, I’m making music my primary focus.

I’m very grateful my first album just released and I’m releasing a new album on the 13th of every month going forward on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

I’m putting the new songs up on Soundcloud every day.

I don’t stick with one thing because I don’t have to. I just go after whatever my heart is having fun with.

Right now, I’m loving making music.

I will play you a little bit of the song from last night.

Benefits of Not Sticking to a Niche

Listen to music clip

I made that song last night in 30 minutes and I love it.

I’ve been listening to it. I’ve listened to it probably 10 times today.

I don’t just stick with one thing because that’s not what my heart desires.

Now, for profit, just sticking to one thing often can work really well, but I’ve done a lot of different things like cryptocurrencies.

I’m done with cryptocurrencies, I’m over that.

I’m not interested in promoting cryptocurrencies anymore.

I’m done with it. I’m over it. I’m into music now.

The nice thing is that with YouTube and my blog, I’m able to just organize everything into whatever I want.

I can just put whatever I want to on my blog.

There’s a lot of advantages to not sticking with one thing.

Now, a lot of us think that we have to just bear down and focus on one niche and just do that and that’s who we are. I’m flexible with my idea of who I am, that I’m not my Steem blog, I’m not my website blog, I’m not my latest YouTube video.

I am God, I am a piece of God. I am a spirit having a human experience.

I’m here to have fun, to play, to enjoy life, to help other people.

There is no reason that I have to pick a niche and just bear it on that and only do that. I just do whatever I love and have joy in.

What motivates me to do this is a desire to help, a desire to serve. The foundation, the motivation remains the same, no matter what I’m doing today.

Benefits of Not Sticking to a Niche

I’m here out of love, out of service. I love teaching and in order for me to be a good teacher, I need to learn lots of new things.

What I notice, when I learn something new, my mind loves it.

For example, I was getting burnt out on Steem because it just wasn’t fun anymore and a lot of the bad parts about it were just becoming unsustainable.

My mind loves learning music, it loves playing with music, it loves being a parent, it loves learning and growing, and often some of the biggest learning comes from diving into something completely new, completely random.

What most people in the world do not have is well-rounded experience. Everyone tries to lock down on the niche angle. If you really want to be world-class, if you want to have opportunities that no one else has, being well-rounded helps.

For example, who else in the world has the level of musical experience I do with the level of digital marketing experience, with the experience in cryptocurrencies, with the experience in online advertising, with the experience in video gaming?

I have a ridiculous set of skills that give me amazing opportunities. The more things I try in all these different areas, the more I can create things that if I just kept bearing down on one niche, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Benefits of Not Sticking to a Niche

In my music, it gives me a unique point of view to create music from because I’ve got the ability to promote it without the experience most musicians have in terms of actually playing it.

It gives me the ability to make stuff that doesn’t sound like everyone else’s and to promote that. When I teach all these things, it’s a lot of fun. I just do it because I can do it. I follow my heart every day. When I do bear down on a niche, that’s often when I get most miserable when I try and force myself to do something.

You will see even though the main thing I’m doing is music tonight, I’m just doing a wide-open live stream, answering questions and filming videos.

You could say even now that I’m not even sticking with my new niche, although I’ve got Ableton open. There is the possibility of making some more music here.

I’m grateful to have the chance to do whatever I want today.

I’m so grateful that I work every day to help you have the same opportunity.

Benefits of Not Sticking to a Niche

My motivation is to be of service to you, creating and manifesting the world you love and enjoy. That motivation stays the same.

What I need to do in order to help you with that is be flexible.

It requires me being flexible in order to reach you.

My son says that’s enough for this video.


Jerry Banfield

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