Nothing is Wasted Meditation

Nothing is Wasted Meditation

Waste is an idea that goes with a mindset of limitation and seems out of place in an infinite universe. I used to get frustrated about wasting time and money in my life without realizing that everything I “wasted” before prepared me to succeed in this moment.

Nothing is Wasted Meditation

After a breakup, I thought “all that time wasted” when now see I was prepared by my failed relationships to succeed today as a husband and father.

In my business, so many of my plans have gone wrong it is amazing we are still here together.

Today I am willing to keep trying because all the failures taught me that as long as I make an effort and try to help people, it all works out even if it is not how I expected.

In fact, I have learned to be great at something one merely needs to be willing to fail more than others at it.

I am awesome at “Call of Duty: Zombies” because the zombies have put me down more than 99% of other players and therefore I know what not to do.

Sometimes our consumer-driven lifestyle in the USA leaves me looking at the incredible amount of trash we produce and wondering how that is impacting the planet.

Even in this view, the idea of waste in an infinite universe is unnecessary because no matter what we do here on earth, according to our astrological predictions, the sun will eventually consume the entire planet, and then itself be consumed by a black hole, which will likely produce a new star or galaxy to start fresh from.

In the long view, the idea of waste does not exist because everything in the universe is eternal and therefore nothing can truly be wasted.

This is what I am telling myself at least after I spent an hour watching a Fortnite stream and buying a Captain America costume this morning after waking up.

Time to walk the dogs before the stream starts, wake up with the family, and then we go live!

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Nothing is Wasted Meditation

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