The Greatest Life Lesson You Missed On President Obama’s Twitter

The new President Obama Twitter account has provided an awesome insight into what opportunity we all have to use love and understanding to accept and overcome hatred. I read an article today that the new Obama Twitter account rapidly generated millions of followers and it also rapidly generated millions of hateful tweets. If you put in @Potus as your search terms and then you put in various hate terms and related hate terms after it, you can see all kinds of negative hateful tweets coming at the President.

What’s interesting is that in addition to the hateful Tweets, you can see all kinds of hateful tweets back at the haters. For keeping this in line with love and understanding, I’m not going to show the hateful tweets, you can go look for them yourself if you want. The idea is that hating the haters is just as bad as the original hater itself. If you’re going to use a racial slur against president Obama, you could say that’s hateful. If you’re going to hate the person who used the racial slur, that’s just as bad as the original person, if not worse.

The idea is if you’re loving and understanding, you can love your fellow man. If you can see the similarities in your fellow man, then there’s no reason to hate. What happens, especially in the United States, we are a country that hates ourselves more than any other country in the world and I’ll show you the statistics for this right here.

incarceration in the us

Incarceration in the United States in the encyclopedia. The US has the highest prison population in the world, the largest amount of people in the world; more people in prison than China. China has over a billion people, we have less than half of that, but we have more people in prison than China does. Not only that, but there’s only one country in the world that has a higher per capita incarceration rate and that is a small country in Africa. They only have a population of 90,000 and they have a slightly higher prison per capita population than we do.

In the US, nearly 1.7% of the population is in prison or jail and you can see on the graph right here. What this shows to me is a self-hatred. It’s hard to say that the US is really full of more criminals than anywhere else in the world. Think about countries like India and China and Russia, you would think one of those would have at least as many criminals than the USA.

This is a legacy of self hatred. Self hatred comes from hating within. When you don’t like who you are inside, you will turn to external sources to hate. You will turn to being racist or hating the racists. If you can see how both of those are the same basic problem. I’ve known that problem from the inside. When I was raised I hated people who used things like the n-word and who were racist and what I didn’t see is that I was just as bad as the people I hated because love and understanding, those are what conquer hate.

Hate comes from separation. Hate comes from feeling like President Obama is really that much different than you. That he is not just a man or a person, the same as you are just a man or a woman. Hate comes from seeing difference and separation and hate comes from not liking who you are inside because if I love and understand myself, then I can love and understand the world. If I don’t love myself, then will act the same with the world.

The new President Obama twitter account shows that if we want to live that dream Martin Luther King talked about, then we have to be loving and understanding with ourselves. That means understanding someone that’s  making a racist tweet about President Obama. That is a person in pain, that is a person who then is hating on the racists. That’s also a person who’s in pain. The person who, then is hating on the racist; that’s also a person in pain. That’s also a person who is suffering. That is a person that with enough love and understanding from you and me, that we can help.

Looking at this data to me as someone who worked in the prison system and someone who worked in law enforcement. The data of what we are doing to ourselves shows that on a large national level we hate ourselves. You don’t put 2.5 million people just like you in prison unless you can’t stand yourself. Think about how similar someone is to you in prison. They eat, they sleep, they drink water, they have dreams, they have hopes. They were a little child once. They didn’t think they’d grow up to be in prison. they are 90% similar to who you are. Hatred then is what allows you to look at the 5 – 10% and say this person is disgusting, they should be in prison. That 5 – 10% difference between them and you, is that worth putting them in prison over? Well, you can’t help putting them in prison to some degree. You can’t support tough on crime policies without being tough on yourself; without being loving and understanding when you mess something up.

Today, I hope we can look at this President Obama twitter account as something that’s positive. That the white house is trying to reach out and be a part of life and that we can see the hate no matter what form it comes in, it’s not wrong as much as it needs to be loved and understood. This is what you get when you say it is wrong, you get more hate. When you say that it’s wrong to hate then you continue to keep the cycle going. You don’t put over 2 million of your 400 million people in prison without hating because you wouldn’t put someone in a cell like an animal if you looked at them as someone just like you.

I see Barack as someone just like me and his wife Michelle and I see all of the people on Twitter as people just like me. Yes, there are differences and history, differences reflective of birth, there were slight differences in where and when all of these people were born and that’s between all of us. I look at everyone as a brother and a sister and if I see my brother and sister hating each other, then I hope I can be loving and understanding enough to allow both of them to be and to have space for them to get well and not to look at my brother and sister and say you should be in prison, you should be stopped, but to look at all the hate in the world and have hope. Like Jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do. You wouldn’t talk about murdering another person without having some level of self hatred inside and some desire to do the same to yourself. To me that shows sadness, that shows hurt, that shows sickness. As a person that lived most of my life hurt and sick, I see other people with the hope that we don’t have to be hating and punishing ourselves for being hurt and sick. We can love each other and take better care of each other.

Thank you very much for reading this. I’m trying lots of different videos on my YouTube channel and Facebook page. I’m trying to do my best to share with the world, my love, hope, and faith and understanding because that’s all I can do is lead by example. This is what I’m doing, leading my example on YouTube, on Facebook, my podcasts, and Udemy courses.

Thank you for being here with me today and I hope this a useful, inspirational video. I pray that by loving and understanding my fellow man and woman no matter what form they take. No matter whether they’re President, in prison, one of my fans or someone that’s hating on me. I pray that I can be the best person towards that person, then I can be the best person towards myself every day. Thank you for being here and I value your feedback.