Are You Taking Life One Day At A Time?

Patience is the normal state for one that is living forever. There’s no need for impatience when you have forever. This is an idea that helps me a lot to be patient when I’m trying to get through something and hurry through part of the day.

There’s no reason to hurry through something I’m doing. There’s no salvation for me in hurrying through something. There’s always something else to do next. If I hurry through my work out at the gym then I have to drive home. If I drive home, then there’s something else to do when I get home. If I hurry to bed, there’s another day to wake up.

Being patient implies that there’s something you need to wait for. If you don’t have to wait at all, then patience implies you can stay where you’re at comfortably. You can stay where you are comfortably when you know there’s nothing you have to lose right now. Fundamentally, you have all the time you need to have or do anything. You have all the time you need to experience anything, be anything. You have that time already.

Eternal life is easy to argue with. There’s no proof you live forever. There’s two different ways to use this. For me, I use the phrase because it helps. I use the thought into my brain and I let it out when I need it. That way it helps me to have patience in various situations. It doesn’t matter if I agree with it or not. Trying the thought out itself can be helpful regardless of whether you agree with it or not. If you can actually believe it, it can be even more helpful.

Let’s look at the “forever” element. It is an idea that life starts at birth and ends at death. That’s a belief, it’s not fact. Everything is a belief. The entire structured world I see is based on what I believe I’m seeing. I believe I’m looking at a computer screen in front of me while I’m making this. That’s not entirely true. In fact, it’s only a small fraction of the truth. There’s all kinds of depth to what I’m looking at. In fact there’s air in between me and the computer screen. In fact, I can’t see the air, I believe there’s air there. While I think I’m looking at the computer screen, I’m looking at light which allows me to see the screen. There’s so much depth to what I’m seeing that it becomes obvious that my idea of what I’m looking at is just a belief.

I’ve chosen to accept that as my reality. The same thing happens with birth and death because you don’t remember either of them. So much of our lives are based on the idea that we remember and we have something holy here with science.

What about all the discussion about when does life start? There’s no evidence that life begins or ends at a certain point before conception or after birth. Every part of the cell that forms when you are conceived is alive. The contribution from mom and the contribution from dad are alive prior to conception. Even in trying to define where life starts and life ends is based on beliefs.

Why can’t I believe that I’m already living forever? I don’t ever remember not living and I see everyone else and everything else living around me as if it has no time at all. If it was possible to have eternal life then aren’t there people that have already obtained it? How do I know I’m not one of the beings that already has eternal life? How do I know I wasn’t created with eternal life?

It’s all beliefs. The idea that you don’t have eternal life is just as valid as the idea that you do have eternal life. Obviously this exact form does not have eternal life yet, each exact part of it is a part of eternal life. Each atom each molecule goes on forever. In fact, the whole of this body is composed of things that don’t die. They simply change form if you go small enough.

If I’m created of all things that have eternal life then I must have eternal life also. It’s only natural that I can have patience because I’m here forever and now is always changing. I don’t even remember one percent of what I did yesterday. If you think the past and the future are important to eternal life then look in detail at each of them.

You’ll see today you are lucky to know the details of one percent of tomorrow and one percent of yesterday. 98% of things are right here today. In fact, almost everything is right here right now. It’s easy to have patience when you see that everything important exists right now right here. You already have everything important you could ever want.

You might get a different point of view tomorrow. Someday I will have a different point of view. On a practical sense, I’m in the same place I’ve always been and always will be. Time and space are imaginary. They are things we learn and believe. I you’ve learned and believe all these different things in your life. Why not believe you already have everything you want? Why not believe you already have eternal life right now?

When you believe those things patience is the automatic reward you get as long as you remember you have them. I pray today to remember that patience is my natural way of living because I already have eternal life. I pray today to remember that I have forever. I don’t need anything out of the future and the past because I already have forever right now. I pray that you have the opportunity to choose these beliefs if they seem better than the ones you already have.  I hope you have a great day today and I’d love your feedback on this. Thank you for reading.