1 Hour a Day?

How does investing an hour a day into whatever we are trying to grow give us the best chance for growth in that area?

1 Hour a Day?

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What I’m finding is that anything I really want to grow, when I put an hour a day into it, that makes a fantastic difference.

For example, for my Facebook live gaming, I try to do an hour-long or more live streams every single day and I find I’m getting a lot of growth on that.

I’ve done this in my recovery going to Alcoholics Anonymous. I go to an hour’s worth of a meeting every single day and that has produced fantastic results in my life in terms of my sobriety.

1 Hour a Day?

I’m grateful now almost five years, all right I’ve rounded up a little bit, it’s like four years and seven or eight months or something of sobriety consecutive, and that seems like a miracle after eleven years of struggling with that.

I’m grateful today I put in an hour or more with my family every single day, which might seem like common sense and yet, a lot of us don’t make time for the things that are really important.

I put in an hour a day in exercise and taking care of this body, things like stretching, walking my dog, prayer and meditation.

Obviously, you want to put more than an hour a day into sleep, but maybe something like an hour a day into relaxing or resting, or doing something peaceful that you find.

For example, at night time with my family, it’s often a good time for me to get that rest.

I put an hour a day into my business online, things like responding to comments, uploading videos, etcetera.

I put an hour a day into reading or listening to books and music, things that are inspirational to me and you can combine these sometimes, like I often combine my hour a day listening to books in with my time walking my dog.

I put at least an hour a day into trying to eat healthy, which often includes making healthy foods like kale chips, washing fruit, and that gives me a time to relax or listen to audiobooks as well.

1 Hour a Day?

When we put an hour a day into something there is this positive reinforcement loop we just hit over and over with it again, and there is no substitute for doing something every single day versus trying to, let’s say, do it all in one day.

For me, I get amazing benefits going to Alcoholics Anonymous every single day, that I don’t imagine I would get if, let’s say, I just tried to do four meetings on Saturday and four meetings on Sunday, and then I went five days without doing any.

That’s the same thing with game streaming on Facebook.

If I did two days where I did like five hours of gaming streams versus doing seven days of one hour of little more streams, it’s consistently showing up every day that makes a big difference.

This frustrates a lot of us when we are living in our minds because we expect we should just be able to make one grand gesture for our families like spend the day with our families once a week, and then just work the rest of the week and hardly show up and that should be good enough.

In my experience whatever I put an hour a day into grows and often will bring me a lot of happiness and therefore anything that’s really important to me, I do it an hour a day or I don’t get the majority of the benefits from it, because our minds get a certain level of fatigue or want a certain level of variety.

1 Hour a Day?

I enjoy listening to an audiobook for an hour or two every day. If I try to listen to an audiobook for say five or ten hours in one day, I get really burnt out usually, and then I neglect time to do other things.

That’s the same thing with Facebook games streaming, after about a four-hour stream that’s enough for that day.

My whole soul, body wants to have a variety of activities that day.

I used to play often 6, 8 or 10 hours of video games a day and I felt that imbalance in my life. We are creatures that seek a balanced happy life, and therefore, there is time for lots of different one hour daily activities.

Therefore, if you are saying, “Jerry, I don’t have time,” you might need to cut some of the things that are being done to excess, maybe that will make time for it.

Thank you very much for watching this on YouTube or Facebook, or listening to it on my podcast or reading it on my blog.

I love you.

You are awesome and I hope this makes a difference for you, something simple to aim at. Whatever you want to improve and grow, an hour a day, that simple.

“Put an hour a day into listening to the stuff I’ve created.”


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.