I Will Talk With You For An Hour On Zoom About Digital Marketing and Online Business Success!

Would you like to have a group call or one-on-one call with Jerry Banfield about digital marketing and online business success because this will help you if you are building a business online?

Group and One-On-One Call: I Will Talk With You For An Hour On Zoom About Digital Marketing and Online Business Success!

Are you building a business online? Do you want this year to be your best year of growth ever? What if there was only one thing that you needed to do to take yourself to the next level? What if it was super easy and it was right here with you right now?

I Will Talk With You For An Hour On Zoom About Digital Marketing and Online Business Success!

I’ve reflected back on my business online. The transformation happened when I started talking with other people who could give me really good feedback about what I was doing.

Mentors that had a lot of experience that were able to look at what I was doing and say, “Jerry, this is your unique value proposition” and to inspire me to take action on the vision they saw and to have the self-confidence that they had in me in myself.

You are going to love scheduling a call with me when you go to Jerrybanfield.com/call because that’s the value I’ve got available to offer you today.

You can choose from a group call or you can choose from a one-on-one call with me where we can talk about digital marketing, online success and divine love, personal development, self-actualization. All of those critical components of our personal lives that add to and ensure the success of everything we do online.

In the group calls, you’ll be able to listen to other people’s experience and get a valuable perspective on what you’re doing and to join the group calls that are really low cost.

If you want to talk with just me, you can pay more and get the full experience.

I would love for you to schedule a call at Jerrybanfield.com/call today because I love doing these. It’s so much fun for me to hear what you’re doing in your business online. I am so good at listening to what entrepreneurs are doing online, processing it in my mind and putting back ideas and opportunities.

We just had a group call last night. A new Udemy instructor was talking about how he was making these courses and wondering where he could grow.

After listening to him for a few minutes, I asked several questions and found an incredible opportunity for him.

I asked, “Is anybody in your country that speaks your language talking about the things you’re talking about?”

He looked on YouTube and there was not one video on how to make Udemy courses in his language. I said, why don’t you do that?

There’s no competition.

Anyone that searches has no choice, but to watch your video because there’s simply nobody else that’s speaking your language and who’s talking about how to make Udemy courses, that is talking about how to build their business online in these specific ways.

I love being a part of those transformational calls.

I remember on another call with a client, he said, “Jerry, I’m building my website. I’m talking with this company, they’re going to charge me thousands of dollars. It’s going to take months and they’re going to charge hundreds of dollars a month to host.”

I said, “Why don’t you hire a freelancer on Upwork for $30 an hour who will do a great job, and has got a lot of reviews? Have them build your website and make a few YouTube videos for each individual page of your website on your major topics.”

“Give it to them, have them transcribe it, put it on your website. You pay for the domain, you pay for the hosting. It’ll only cost you maybe $30 to $100 a month depending on what kind of hosting you want, and once you’ve paid the freelancer, maybe $1,000 total, you’ll have full control over the website. You can hire them to do any updates.”

That one call saved him, I estimate over $10,000 between the cost of it and the hosting.

One-on-one call

I love doing calls like this because in a short amount of time I’m able to apply my eight or nine years of experience having a business online to process what it is you’re doing and to give you very valuable feedback on it.

I trust when you go to Jerrybanfield.com/call, this is the experience you will get.

I’ve set up an awesome sales page for you.

I’ll walk you through it right now and show you how much it currently costs.

My goal is to have you saying after the call that talking with Jerry Banfield changed your life and your business forever.

I’m available to talk about one-on-one, absolutely anything you want to talk about.

When we do group calls, we usually focus on digital marketing and online success.

You can click either of these buttons.

I’ll show you exactly what happens.

One-on-one call and group call

You click on “Join my next group call” and what you’ll get is a look at my calendar, my schedule, and you’ll be able to pick out a specific time that you want to go to.

I Will Talk With You For An Hour On Zoom About Digital Marketing and Online Business Success!

It will be in your time zone, make sure it’s in your correct time zone down here. You pick out a specific call time. You click that you want that call, click “Confirm,” put your name and email. I recommend a phone number so you can get a text message reminder an hour beforehand because you’d be amazed how many people forget to show up to the calls even after they’ve paid.

The group calls right now are only $20. You put your name and your credit card, and hit “Schedule Event.”

I Will Talk With You For An Hour On Zoom About Digital Marketing and Online Business Success!

You’ll get an email with a Zoom link where you can join the call at the time you’ve scheduled.

You get a follow-up email with how to schedule additional calls.

If you want the one-on-one call, it’s a very similar process except you’ll notice my calendar and the one on one calls wide open, and the current cost is $297 for a one-on-one call.

One-on-one call

I’ve charged as much as a thousand dollars an hour for calls before I have just started focusing on doing calls again because I loved them so much, I am giving a lot of value in these calls and it’s so much fun doing the calls.

I wonder how I ever got away from doing calls.

How did I get into these other areas and say that I wouldn’t accept calls anymore.

What you’ll notice on the one-on-one calls is that there’s a lot more flexibility in days and times. You get access to my full calendar for the one-on-one, not just the group calls that have their slots open.

You can pick any slot, the exact same as the other calls, the differences for the one-on-one calls. I also ask specifically how I may help you to be best prepared for the call.

I recommend if you do a one-on-one call, make sure you fill this box out as completely as possible because this will help me read it and be prepared.

I Will Talk With You For An Hour On Zoom About Digital Marketing and Online Business Success!

For example, if you’ve got a YouTube channel, Udemy profile, website, give me these things so I can look at them before the call. That way we can have a much better experience.

Definitely put a text reminder in.

You wouldn’t want to pay $297 for a call, and then forget about it.

It happens.

Put your name and the credit card, hit “Schedule Event” and you will be all set.

You’ll get a link that you can join using Zoom and you’ll see at the exact time you scheduled.

I’ve got more information here on Jerrybanfield.com/call that talks about the things I’ve already said in the video.

I’ve got courses that are the main focus of what we talk about. We’ve been talking a lot about teaching courses online, YouTube channels, getting traffic, Udemy, different ways to host online courses.

We’ve been talking a lot about that in the calls recently.

However, the subjects of our calls always change and always evolve based on the specific audience.

I’ve been successful in helping a lot of people in these online calls.

I have the call pricing right on my website, so you can see it clearly and decide which experience is right for you.

I Will Talk With You For An Hour On Zoom About Digital Marketing and Online Business Success!

I’ve got some more stories along the lines of what I already shared here.

I appreciate you learning how to schedule a call with me, why scheduling a call with me might be a huge difference in your business.

I’m so excited to talk to you, which we can do as soon as you’re ready to get started at Jerrybanfield.com/call.

If you watched this video or read the blog post, please let me know in the call or in a comment that this was a part of your experience scheduling the call.

I find that feedback is incredibly important in the process of developing my business. As a function of having these calls and my partners and all the people I interact with, I have a lot of feedback on my business and that’s one of the factors that helps me succeed, helps me continue to grow, to learn and to be here.

I’m grateful for the chance today to help you have that feedback you need to build a successful business online.

I appreciate you spending this time with me.

I’ll see you on a call.

I love you.

Youโ€™re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.