Match your online freelance work with what people need

There is a lot of competition to find online freelance work and what you plan to offer as a freelancer might not be what people need.

Have you thought about what you could do for someone else that would really help them? When people have a problem to solve they get on the Internet to find a solution to their problem and you might be the person that will provide that solution.

In order to solve problems other people are having it’s important to have an in demand skill which has low competition.

In your level of expertise you must ask yourself what problems are other people having now that you could solve and also what in demand skill you could learn to satisfy the demand. After you have identified your in demand skill and maybe learned it, do you know where you can most effectively contact the exact right person you could help?

The secret to successful freelancing is to match your online freelance work with what people need.

What online freelance work can you do for someone else that would really help them?

This is a drastic change of mind from what can I do to make money or what can I do to get something for me? When you think like that you always try to take from other people.

When you know more about yourself, what you like to do and why you like to do it, then you can put yourself in a good position to find online freelance work.

What online freelance work can you do for someone else that would really help them?

You have to figure out who it is you could be really useful for. Ask yourself: “Who could I help?” In other words and at least this is my vision and goal, who can you be at the other end of this with helping?

In writing this I am trying my best to really help you and be of service to you specifically. You are who I hope I can really help and really be useful for. I hope I can give you the tools and give you the knowledge that I didn’t have when starting out, so that you can do better.

This world is evolving fast and what online freelance work you do is getting competitive and is advancing so fast that you don’t have time to mess around like I did. You can use exactly what I’ve already learned and come right along with me without having to blunder around for four years learning all these things the hard way.

You can see that I am doing exactly what I am asking you to think about now. I’m writing this thinking that I can be really useful and be of service to you.

What can you do to be in my position essentially?

I’m here to serve you. I am here to help you like a waiter in a restaurant. I am here to bring you what you need because it’s about you. This doesn’t accomplish anything if it’s about me. You don’t need me to talk about me for the good of me talking about me. You need me to do something for you.

“What does this person really need me to do for them?”

If you are not into a place where you’re thinking about what other people need, move your thinking and ask yourself, “What does this person really need me to do for them?”

What problems are other people having now that you could solve?

Some people are having problems right now that you specifically could solve with the online freelance work you do. What problems are out there that you can help with?

I noticed that most of the time I was open to working with something new, often I was open to visiting a new website, watching a new YouTube video, it was always a problem and it still is.

I’ve been trying to setup live streaming recently and I googled looking for answers, I watched YouTube videos and I read people’s blogs. When I shop, I look at products and I read reviews. When I’m trying to do something new, I always go to work on the Internet.

That is where other people have the opportunity to get in front of me and make money from me.

Today, I just bought a new monitor. I saw it first time on Best Buy and I thought that I’ve never heard of that monitor before so I googled it.

One guy reviewed it really well on his blog and it’s probably the fifth or sixth time I came to his blog. He did a very deep detailed review of two to three thousand plus words about that monitor. Everything you wanted to know about that monitor was written in the post. I clicked on his “Buy Now” button and then bought it on Amazon.

I’m not sure how much he made, but I would guess 10 or 20 dollars right there just sitting off his blog effortlessly. All he had to do is make the post and it’s there indefinitely.

What can you do to be useful when people are struggling with problems?

What can you do to be useful when people are struggling with problems?

One of the biggest traffic sources I have on my website is a post to help people with disabled Facebook Ads accounts. When people get their Facebook Ad account disabled, often what they’ll do is google to look for help and for resources.

Then you know what happens? People find my post and they read it! Then they start looking and learning more about me: “How does this guy know about this?” Then sometimes, they end up buying my course.

Originally, most of the people who are enrolled in my Udemy courses have found me by searching for help for something on YouTube. I’ve done a ton of videos on YouTube about Facebook ads because that’s for people who are looking for something new.

If you’re not having a problem, if you’re not in pain, most of the time you aren’t going to go try something new and most of the time you’re going to stick with what you know.

What problems are other people having now that you could solve?

In my case, I mostly read books that are recommended by my friends. I’m not open to being solicited to read someone’s book that I haven’t heard of before. I’m not in pain about it and I can take it or leave it. When I’m in pain, I’m open to buying a new product right away to fix it.

When something’s going wrong, I’m open right away. I’ve bought product after product to get my live streaming setup. I’ve read reviews and I’ve gone all over. So when you start looking around, you can just start with your problems.

What problems am I having?

What problems have I recently solved for myself?

One of the first big problems I solved for myself is how to get more Facebook likes cheap and that is the first online freelance work I did where I made a lot of money on. I realized, “Oh, I’ve just solved a problem for myself that everyone else is having. I’d better help them.”

The problem was so prevalent that I was able to convert a $600 plus order straight through a Facebook message with a PayPal link.

When you look at the problems you’re having, especially the problems you’ve solved, think that other people are having those problems too! The more you can get to know your problems and their solutions, the more you can understand exactly what problems other people are having.

So what problems are you having today? What problems have you solved that you can help someone solve for themselves?

You can then communicate a solution to them for those problems and in doing so they will come to you effortlessly. So what problems are you having today? What problems have you solved that you can help someone solve for themselves?

What can you learn that is an in demand skill?

Often, if you’re talking to people and interacting with them in daily life, you will get these little tips and conversations that will help you answer this question and find the ideal online freelance work you can do.

You might not be able to answer it sitting still, standing or in the gym on a treadmill, but you might be able to answer it just by listening.

I did not listen very well for most of my life, and yet I heard a local business owner just give me exactly what I needed to know. I was talking to him about his business and he was telling me how he had paid some guy like thousands of dollars for some SEO work that was pretty much a scam.

What can you learn that is an in demand skill?

Then, he ended up talking about how frustrated he was with his own Facebook likes and how other business owners had the same issue. What I heard was: if you learn Facebook and how to build up a page, there’s a huge need for help with that and there’s extremely low supply.

So what did I do? I went to work and I first learned. I found that I could buy fake Facebook likes on Fiverr for cheap. I put them on my page successfully before Facebook and Fiverr started cracking down on this.

So for a few months, I built a massive page because I tested it out myself. I learned to do it for myself and then I offered to do this online freelance work for other people. That is how I started my business using Fiverr to buy Facebook likes for pages.

After just hearing a business owner talk about it, I was able to mark the prices up five, ten to twenty times. I’d buy for five dollars and I’d sell for $50 to $100. Then, I realized that what people really needed wasn’t fake Facebook likes because that was not what I needed.

What I needed was real Facebook likes, ideally for what you could pay for.

Then, where do you get that? You get that straight from Facebook ads.

When I realized through trying to do it myself that tons of people needed help with Facebook advertising, I understood that this was an in demand skill. If you know how to do this, a lot of people will be willing to pay you, and hundreds of people paid me to help them with this.

If you can locate this in demand skill that tons of people need help with, and that you can help with, then you’ll be amazed at how easy it is compared to trying to struggle out there in the real world.

What can you learn that is an in demand skill?

There is a lot of competition if you are trying to be an insurance sales man or trying to help with the same kinds of things everyone helps with, but when you isolate that in demand skill, there is almost no competition.

When I started learning Facebook ads, I was able to pickup clients so much faster than I’ve ever done before. It was absolutely unbelievable. So many people I have approached just said, “Yes, thank you! I didn’t even know I could even look for someone to help for this.”

So listening will help you with this a lot. Listen to what people around you are saying they need help with and at some point when you have enough self knowledge, you’ll see a little idea bubble popping up and you’ll realize that you could learn that in demand skill.

The lower the learning threshold is to get started, the sooner you can start picking up clients who will essentially pay you to learn. That’s what I did with Facebook ads because I didn’t get good doing it for myself, I got good by trying to do it for a bunch of clients. Then I got great at doing it for myself.

Clients all over the world essentially paid me to learn an in demand skill.

I know there’s a course up right now showing how you can get paid to learn web development. You get paid by people to build websites and for every website you build, you learn how to build a better website.

The more in demand skill you can get, the better chance you have to actually get paid to learn it from the very beginning.

Where can you most effectively contact the exact right person you could help?

When you’ve got an in demand skill to learn or an idea, the next question to ask is where can you contact or get in a relationship with people that need help with that?

Usually it will be within the same medium and for me it was on Facebook. I have found that all I had to do was watch and look through all the ads I could see, then find the ads that were really crappy and low quality. Then, I clicked and messaged the page right when the page message feature came out, and said:“Hey, I saw your Facebook ad.”

Where can you most effectively contact the exact right person you could help?

I would be nice about it and ask: “How would you feel if I could lower some of your cost on Facebook ads based on my own success doing it for myself?

This sales pitch worked incredible with a fantastic cold conversion rate, straight through a message. People would often buy an advertising campaign without ever talking to me for as much as three-four hundred dollars, just off of that one little message. It’s how I got online freelance work very easily.

When you get to know where people need help and what they need help with, then you can usually find a contact method. If you’re trying to help people out with something, you should already know a little bit about it.

You can usually just network, you can find Facebook groups, local networking groups, mastermind groups or Twitter profiles. You can find all kinds of places where people are already talking and then you can reach the exact right person.

I have done a lot of spamming strategies and you don’t want to do those to find online freelance work. They are a lot of effort and you irritate a lot of people. When you can laser in on the exact right person to get a hold of, then you can do everyone a favor and not send out a bunch of extra messages.

Most importantly, do yourself a favor not to get a lot of negative feedback by finding the right person. This can take a lot of work, but the more you learn an in demand skill, the easier it gets and you are simply interacting.

This all matches up with your self knowledge. When you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll naturally participate in things related to what you are doing. I went to an Internet marketing mastermind group locally and I learned a lot there. I was guided into doing Udemy more because I could see how much the founder of the group respected having a Udemy course up.

Where can you most effectively contact the exact right person you could help?

I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time, but I got some really valuable learning out of it. Even if you don’t get any clients or customers, you can really increase your learning by finding ways to interact with, and build relationships with people who are doing the same kind of things you are doing.

You want to build relationships with allies who you might call competitors. You want to get to know the other people who are doing what you are doing. You want to learn from them, so that together you can be the very best, and I have learned a lot from the top instructors on Udemy.

Some of what I learned has allowed me to be where I am now. I was inspired by other top instructors and instead of looking at them as competitors, I looked at them as examples.

When you do that, you’ll be amazed before you’re halfway through with what you get, and what you are able to give.

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