Online Guerrilla Marketing: It Will Take You to New Heights

Hold on tight. You’re about to find out about unconventional ways to advertise your product or service. Let’s face it. Marketing keeps your business alive. Except, sometimes marketing is expensive. Like most business owners, you keep a close eye on costs.

Online Guerrilla Marketing: It Will Take You to New Heights

As you know, there are many types of marketing techniques, and some are more expensive than others. Then, there’s guerrilla marketing that presents information creatively and is usually cheaper.

And best of all, any business can use this marketing technique.

Customers respond to the unexpected

When using guerrilla marketing, you use the element of surprise to drive home your point. You could further describe guerrilla marketing as budget-friendly, original, memorable, witty, and shocking.

When implemented correctly, guerrilla marketing doesn’t seem like marketing at all because customers are entertained instead of turned off by traditional marketing. Your goal is to grab their attention and create an emotional response.

Online guerrilla marketing techniques you can use in your business

Online Guerrilla Marketing

1. Cater to your customers

If you’re a vet, get free advertising by selling T-shirts on your website.

For example, you could print animals on the front and back of the shirts with words like, “My people give me treats” and “I’m protected from nasty pests.” Then, provide a link to the pet treats and flea protection products.

On just one visit, pet owners buy T-shirts and all the goodies for their pets.

2. Give away free stuff

The word “free” has a lot of power. People like getting anything they aren’t required to buy.

In exchange for the free product, ask customers to comment on what they like and don’t like about your product or service or what convinced them to buy from you. Of course, they must buy first to receive the giveaway.

Make sure to put a time limit on your offer.

3. Make a creative video

A viral video is one that people can’t stop sharing.

You and your staff can dress up in hilarious-looking costumes and demonstrate how to use your products. The video should be thought-provoking and above all, make people laugh. Invite viewers to buy a product or service after they watch the video to receive a discount.

4. Hangout with your customers

Schedule specific times when you or someone else hosts a live video conference or a webinar.

Magicians, musicians, and others use this time to promote their business, answer questions, teach things that matter, and entertain their online guests. You can record live hangouts and post them later on your YouTube channel.

A person who exudes charisma is the perfect person to conduct the webinar because they’re a natural in front of audiences. In exchange for attending the free webinar, customers must sign up for your newsletter.

5. Create a full-page ad

Place a full-page ad in your local newspaper (rates are usually reasonable).

Alongside an eye-catching and funny image. Deliver a brief message about your company with a clear call to action.

A restaurant could offer free drinks when customers buy a pizza. Or a printing business could give away a box of free business cards when a person orders X number of brochures.

Try guerrilla marketing sooner, not later

The thing about trying something new is you’ve never done it before. If traditional marketing hasn’t worked, then perhaps guerrilla marketing is in your business’s future.

Business success!

If you have fun using the marketing technique, it’s nearly guaranteed that your customers will have fun, too, and they’ll buy from you.

So what are you waiting for? Find out more about this unique way to get customers flocking to your online storefront.

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