Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

Are you ready to establish a powerful presence online starting from zero and working your way into having your own platform online as I do today with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting?

I’m very grateful for all that I’ve learned in the last eight years so that I can teach you in just a few minutes, the best of what I’ve learned, to repeat what I’ve done, where I can share everything I create with 10s of thousands of people for free each day, and I’ve been able to help drive hundreds of millions of dollars in sales online, to empower others to make money.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

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You can do all of this when you follow the steps that I’m outlining here for you

I’m very grateful for a sponsorship on this video from Cloudways Managed Hosting, they offer cloud hosting, that will get you on any or all of the top five cloud-based providers and this is the number one suggestion I have for building your own platform is to make sure you’re on one of these cloud hosting providers and Cloudways has the ability to put you on all five of them.

I trust you will use my link here if you want to sign up.

Cloudways managed hosting gives you the ability to choose from several different Content Management Systems, not just WordPress,

but several different systems that will allow you to have the flexibility to grow your business all on one web host.

And that is one of the most challenging journeys I went through, is picking a good web host because I wasn’t thinking long term.

The number one suggestion I have for you today in this presentation is to think long term when you set your business up.

Don’t just think about how I can find a cheap web hosting. Get a website out there, think long term and what you’re doing and start off with a long term vision. This is the number one mistake I made and it has taken the very longest to learn in my business.

Instead of just looking — Well, how can I make money this month? Or how can I get a couple of followers this year?

Think — How can I make what I’m doing today a part of the rest of my life? How can I set something up that will help people even after I’m gone?

If you want to build a powerful presence online, the biggest switch that a lot of us need to make is think long term.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

How can what I do today still be functioning in 30 years?

I’ve worked with hundreds and maybe even thousands of clients by now. It’s amazing how many go out of business. How many don’t do more than spend a bunch of money to set things up that no one ever gets value from.

The key switch in my business is when I started thinking long term, how can I set things up so that I can build a following in definitely. How can I help people, even when I’ve stopped thinking about whatever I’ve created and all walk you through the process to repeat what I’m doing?

But the key is, I think long term

How can I set everything up so that in 30 years, I don’t have to make any huge changes to the basics and that might lead you to think of what are the basics and what do I need to think long term about vs what do I need to think short term about?

This is what you need to think long term about consistent branding. The idea is to put everything you do under one common brand.

When I started out, I did all this wrong.

I created one company website after another that gave me addiction, not real productive life band work with several others. And after two years online, I had spent a bunch of money and I had almost nothing that was helping people.

Thinking about that, I devoted my life, all of my working time for years. I spent 10s of thousands of dollars. When I told you what I did, it did not look impressive and you could not anywhere easily find all the stuff that I did.

I heard in one internet marketing mastermind one day the importance of consistent branding and I got mad, I got mad because I didn’t know how to do it. I’m making it super easy for you right here.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

This is how you do it. Put stuff under your name.

That’s why we don’t start with the company website 99.9% of the time. If you are in a different situation, then you might be in that 10th of a percent of 99.9% of the time, start off branding stuff on your name and brand it consistently everywhere.

The reason for this is you can keep putting everything you want to do, all under this one brand.

And that way when you think — Oh I really want to be an affiliate, I want to do affiliate marketing. That’s what I’m going to do, and then when you change your mind three months later, you don’t have to start over again.

And that’s what’s critical. You don’t want to start over again starting over again, ruining things.

And this is why I’ve got hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube despite having changed what I do so many times. That’s why I have millions of followers on Facebook, despite having changed what I’ve done so many times I branded everything is Jerry Banfield. It took me several years to learn this the hard way.

My website: Jerry Banfield. Facebook: Jerry Banfield. Twitter: Jerry Banfield. Instagram: Jerry Banfield.

Everything is Jerry Banfield online until this year, when I finally launched another platform called Uthena.

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You want to start by branding yourself and do it until you have rock solid support from a lot of people you don’t want to play around with trying to build a platform.

Just using your name allows you to fail and fail and fail and fail what you’re probably going to do getting started.

And all of your failures will snowball and help you build a following, and help you not lose everything when you fail, because I’ve done a lot of projects that in my opinion were failures. They got me followers who are still watching my videos today on different subjects.

For example, I did a League of Legends Live Stream that went viral. And that got me a lot of YouTube subscribers, a small percentage of which have converted over to watching these videos.

Consistent branding is one of the critical choices to make up front, establishing your presence. If you’ve been messing this up and you’ve got all kinds of different things online, just make the switch today.

Make your branding consistent.

I’ve talked about this a lot because everything else you do from here is very dependent on consistent branding.

So let’s go to the next thing to do here, once you’ve got consistent branding, then it’s very important to set up a value delivery system.

The key question being — How are you helping people with what you’re doing?

You need a value delivery system because this is where you are giving people something that is useful for them.

And when you give, you help, and you serve people, this puts you in a position to earn. I’ve earned over $10,000 a month in profit on average for years.

I’ve stepped up my value delivery system to the highest level it’s ever been, and that’s preparing me to make more money than I’ve ever made before.

The key is to have an outstanding value delivery system where you systematically are giving people predictable value on a consistent basis.

Let’s take a look at an example of this so you understand what I’m talking about

This is my primary value delivery system that I’ve been doing for years now. And every time I’ve deviated from this, my business has suffered severely, because the amount of value I was giving other people suffered.

I have finally got the basics down and I’m rocking my own value delivery system and things like this to work very well for you.

Step one is, I film long format videos just like this one. The key purpose of my videos is to inspire.

What does it mean to inspire? To help bring out the excitement, the passion, and the enthusiasm within you.

The next thing on the value delivery system is to help you solve problems. If I see a very specific problem like this one, I see people asking me, “Jerry, how do I set up an online presence online?”

This video solves a very specific problem. How do you build your business online? How do you set it up?

I also make videos to help generate ideas. For example, I recently made a video about the Top 10 ideas to Make Money Online in 2020.

I do long format tutorials, educational and inspirational videos to give a lot of value totally for free. And then I upload it to YouTube.

And there on YouTube, YouTube helps me distribute what I’ve created out to my subscribers and out on Google search and out into the world.

YouTube gives me a place to get my video discovered for free. I t also gives me a place to advertise my video to help new people find it, which is an ideal combination because more than likely, if you want to build a big following, you will need to get into advertising and this part of the value delivery system allows me to focus my ads in the place where I’ve proven to get the highest return.

The next thing on here is I convert that into a podcast, I take the videos I do, and knock them down, take the audio out and put them into a podcast.

The podcast gives me another platform to share in a different format, to reach more listeners who might not have found me on YouTube, and to build relationships.

When you go to my YouTube channel, and you also listen to podcasts and then you end up going to JerryBanfield com/podcast, you might end up listening to more podcast episodes and videos.

This value delivery system allows me to be available in every format, especially once I transcribe it to a blog post.

Now, I have helped with a lot of these parts of my system. And the key is when I get it transcribed on my blog, which gives me another opportunity to get found in Google search.

And it gives the central place to send everybody to. I have my website at And then I can send everyone to say — Hey, YouTube, go and look at my website. You can get blog post versions of the same video. And what’s nice is my website is the area where I have the most control on YouTube. But it is owned by YouTube or Google.

On podcasts, I’ve got the most control over that. This helps me to convert once people on my blog to convert people into customers.

The whole value delivery system allows me to take the knowledge, the help and the inspiration I have within me to convert it into a format that then I can distribute, get help with distributing, and then empower and help others.

This is the idea of a value delivery system and that’s why it’s so important to have consistent branding

Because you want to execute your value delivery system over and over and over again.

That is how you build a following and if you do some advertising, you can boost the speed at which you’re following gross, but ultimately, that consistent black branding plus the devalue delivery system empowers you to build an amazing presence online.

Now this is one example of a value delivery system I’ve run for years and this one I’ve got down to an exact science.

Here’s a new value delivery system that I imagine will be very helpful for you to see if you aren’t exactly prepared to film long format video tutorials.

I am in a $30,000 studio and it only costs you like $8,000 or $10,000 to make a studio like mine today, but when I bought the stuff that cost $30,000.

You can set up value delivery system number two, much easier. You can literally use your phone to do value delivery system number two.

Now value delivery system number one, this is a very high quality output. This allows me to make a lot of money online by helping other people make a lot of money online.

But the value delivery system number two is something new. I’ve just started. And this is something almost anyone in the world with a phone can do.

And that’s what’s so good about this. I’m combining, I’m using both of these value delivery systems now to maximize what I’m giving because if you want to make money, then you need to give and help others make money.

Value delivery system number two, let’s walk through this.

What I do is I film 15 second videos again, the exact same purposes value delivery system number one, inspire, solve problems and generate ideas for people.

For example, my video yesterday.

I did a video on How we could end discrimination with a very simple, quick 15 seconds video, what I do is I hold little signs up, and that way even when people don’t have sound on they can see what I have to say in the video.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

I then edit in my music. As a musician, it can often be difficult to figure out ways to get people to listen to the music you make. Well, these little 15 second videos people love having music on them.

If you don’t have your own music, if you use Tik Tok to make the videos, you can put some music on the videos. That way I edit in my music and that way, I’m engaging listeners with instrumental, amazing instrumental music that is listening.

I’ve got stories that I put up on the cards. Then what I do is I share these videos in stories on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

This allows me to reach 10s of thousands of people a day for free among my social media profiles. This allows me to duplicate my organic reach in a different format.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

A lot of the people watch the stories, don’t watch the long file format tutorials, etc.

The beauty is you can start doing this right away with just the friends you have on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re using Tik Tok or other apps, vertical videos are very engaging. You can share these in stories like I do, and immediately get started on your value delivery system.

The final part of the process is to respond to the comments and messages and to convert those followers into raving fans.

Now, it is essential to take the next step of the process, which is the last step.

If you’ve got this, if you’re following me, you do consistent branding so that when someone sees your Facebook, your Instagram, your YouTube, your Tik Tok, it’s all obvious that it’s the same person.

When you do this value delivery system over and over again, you build up the organic engagement. You get from followers, you respond, you message people, you help people, you work over and over on that again, and all of a sudden when you’ve done a value delivery system like this, especially if you combine it with another one, you’ve got a rock solid foundation of relationships and raving fans who love what you do.

And that empowers you to take the next step in this process

To summarize, you can start and do all of this for free. The purpose of going through these value delivery systems that I’ve given you is to help you get the validation and build these relationships on social media.

You don’t need a website or a platform before you’ve got relationships and validation. I’ve seen entrepreneurs that make this mistake so many times and I did it myself.

I spent money on websites that I couldn’t get anybody to go to. I spent a bunch of time and energy trying to make products and services that I couldn’t sell.

You need to start and get validation and build relationships first. And you do this by running some kind of value delivery system, getting that initial feedback, experimenting with different ideas over and over again, helping people over and over again.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

How do you think I figured out these value delivery systems? I was in the middle of helping people and trying things relentlessly for years.

Now I’ve got systems down that have proven effective, just experiment over and over again, tweaking things. And then you can get a niche out of that. A lot of entrepreneurs try and jump straight into a niche.

You don’t need to jump into a niche. Experiment, build relationships, get validation, and then you’re ready to take the next step. And the beauty is everything I’ve shown you so far, can be done for free.

And until you’ve done all of this really well, you don’t need to do anything else. You don’t need a website or a platform until you’ve done all this.

Once you’ve got hundreds of people that you’ve helped and that love what you do and are consistently watching what you share for free, interacting, commenting. Once you’ve got a foundational community of raving fans. and the more you put into this, the more time and energy and the more you help people, the faster this can go.

You could literally do this in a month or two. Some depending on the pace could take a year or two. But once you’ve got this, then you’re ready for the next big step.

And the next big step is this. Now you’re ready.

Once you’ve got a foundation of relationships and followers that love what you do, you are ready to build a platform. And ultimately, if you want to do full time online, if you want to do what I do, if you want to be able to help the most people, if you want to be able to make the most money, you need your own platform.

Because third party platforms can be very unstable. They can be very hot and cold.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

You can get an email banning you for no reason from a third party platform. You can all of a sudden lose your traffic, a video can get taken down.

These other plus social media platforms are very unstable. Thus, once you’ve got the relationships and the following, you need your own website or application to really reach the next level.

And I’ve seen entrepreneurs there, just don’t go past the building your own, don’t even get to the building your own platform, they just stay on Facebook or stay making videos and d don’t get their own website.

And what happens

If you don’t have your own website, it’s hard to bring everybody in, get everybody together and truly offer something at the highest level. Your own destination gives you the greatest ability to grow and earn and I see consistent suggestions from entrepreneurs with huge followings online like me, saying the same thing.

Get your own website, your own application, your own platform where you have the highest level of control, which is only necessary once you’ve got a big following.

Now, this is the hardest part of the equation in terms of what you can do a whole lot for free to build up to this, but what I struggled with was pick a host and go build my own platform successfully.

That has taken me the longest time in my business to do so. What I’m going to do now is give you a way to make it a whole lot easier.

As I said before, Cloudways sponsored this video to help me share the hosting and the opportunity they have for you here.

What is essential with your hosting and building your own platform is to build something scalable.

— What does scalable mean?

Scalable means if you go viral one day, your website won’t crash. That’s what I mean by scalable. Where you can instantly be ready to step up your game.

With Cloudways you are ready to scale and I will show you inside the dashboard.

Cloudways also has an affiliate program that will allow you to start earning, your own platform gives you the very best opportunities to earn in several different ways.

One, you can have, for example, affiliate links across your website, when you bring readers in, the affiliate links can convert.

Another way of having your own platform helps you earn a lot is when you set up your website. Then guess what? When people following you see your new website, they’ll ask — Hey, how did you build this, I want one of those.

Then you can say — Look, use my link to sign up for Cloudways managed hosting. Hire me, I will build your website for you. Or I will collaborate and get it done or I know somebody that can do it.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

When you’ve got something that you can use indefinitely to host your website and you don’t have to change. That’s what’s beautiful about Cloudways managed hosting, you can set up your hosting and you will never outgrow it.

Outgrowing hosting is really annoying. Here’s what happens: You get your search engines start giving you traffic

When you do a great job with your value delivery system, search engines will start giving you a lot more traffic for free when you have an amazing blog.

So guess what happens?

If you start getting a lot more traffic and you’re on a web host that’s not easily scalable. Your website will slow down without you even realizing it.

How do I know this? I learned it the hard way several times. Then when your website slows down, you’ll stop getting as much organic search traffic because people hate slow websites and will start backing out of your website when it loads slow.

When you’ve got a host like Cloudways managed hosting you can depend on fast page loads, no matter how many visitors.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

The only thing is you need to pay a bigger bill. And that’s why it’s important to have a host like Cloudways is where you can stay flexible and easily pivot and grow.

The initial platform you set up might not be the one you end up doing for the longest, but on Cloudways managed hosting, you can very easily pick a server. And if nobody goes to one of your websites, you can just easily put another website up on that same server.

And if that one starts to grow it, you could copy that website over to a different server, and then grow and put another new website on your original server. It’s very easy to grow.

Let’s take a look inside on the Cloudways’ website to give you more of a look at it

What I love is that if you look at the pricing, you see different options on all of these infrastructures.

You can use Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. I personally love Google Cloud. This is the same hosting that Google uses.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

This is our Google network and what you can do now is some of this hosting may be more expensive than what you are in the habit of looking at on cheap servers.

I can’t stress enough that you really want to pick a host that you can stick with forever. Now one strategy you can do. You can start off for just $30 a month on a Google Cloud Platform.

Or on Cloudways managed hosting you could pick something like Digital Ocean to begin with. And then as your website scales up, if you want to switch over to Google Cloud, you can have your website copied over to the Google Cloud platform where if you like that one best you can do that this is an amazing amount of flexibility you’ve got on Cloudways

And when you have a web host you can stick with forever, then you can do a really good job of affiliate marketing.

What ruins affiliate marketing is when you’re constantly changing and promoting different programs as I know firsthand. If you’ve got Cloudways managed hosting’s affiliate marketing program, you’ve got some outstanding earning opportunities where you can get $30 per sale.

Here are the different payouts, I recommend this one, you use the $30 per sale plus the 7% lifetime commission.

Because there’s no earnings cap on that, you could refer somebody that can make you thousands of dollars over a lifetime for a single sale, when you’ve got strong relationships and you’ve delivered a lot of value.

As I’ve said before, your branding is consistent and you can do really well with affiliate marketing, especially when you earn these recurring payouts as long as your users stick with us.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

You can see how the earnings can stack up, you can just estimate how many customers you can get.

For example, you could put 20 here that I’ll need a four gigabyte server on the Google Cloud engine. You can see the estimated earnings of $10,000 in the first 12 months.

If it goes well I can probably only get one person to sign up, and they’ll be on a small plan on Google that will look like $500, you’re looking to earn just from getting one person to sign up for a month with a very low churn rate.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

If you want to get to know Cloudways a bit more, I’ll show you some of this management system key bullet points.

Because the Cloudways website has so much on it, there’s so much they can do.

I think these things are critical. You can host websites and applications for the best in class, cloud-based platforms such as Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon, Google and Linode. This is absolutely incredible. I wish this had been around when I started.

You can also put in a variety of content management software, e-commerce and other PHP applications. You’re not just limited to WordPress, you can use several other systems. And then you can easily scale the servers with no high end cap.

You can grow to a million users a day on Cloudways managed hosting. You’ll just have a baby that matches all the resources you use.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

This is incredibly important.

As an entrepreneur, you need flexibility. You need to be able to switch things around easily. The other web hosts I’ve been on are not very flexible.

In fact, I reached the top of one of the hosting plans on one web host. They literally didn’t have another hosting plan that would work for me, it was really annoying.

On Cloudways, you can put all of your apps, all of your websites all onto one and it’s pay as you go. You only use it and you know, you can scale it. It’s beautiful.

And when you combine this, you get a free SSL with it. They take care of managing the security for you. You’ve got the peace of mind, the performance that scales, you’ve got an affiliate program, they are on top of the affiliate program emailing.

As an affiliate, I’ve got emails, here’s how you make your first sale each day. I’ll show you inside what this looks like.

Here is my affiliate link. This is the inside I’ve got a specific affiliate manager.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

I’m able to contact, it was very easy to sign up for this program compared to some other affiliate programs, which gets me very excited about the chance to earn with you, you can help me earn when you use my affiliate link to sign up from Cloudways Managed hosting, you can get your server launched.

I’ll finish this off by showing you exactly what you can do to launch a server here.

You pick your app, I’m going to pick WordPress. I’ll name this I’ll select let’s say the Google Cloud Platform.

I’m just doing this as a little experiment, I will just start off with a small server, I don’t need anything big to begin with.

And then as soon as I see that the traffic’s growing I can immediately just scale right up and move the server up to what I need to.

I’ll start off with this server size. We’ll start off with a small storage, a small database. I’ll pick South Carolina as the host.

Now look how easy this is. Look how easy this is. I just picked all that out in just a couple of minutes. And look how cheap this is.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

It’s thorough, it’s hourly, this is based on CPU time and then $33 a month, I mean that it’s a very low cost, considering the flexibility and how scalable it is that I don’t need to change web hosts when my host goes viral, or my website goes viral. I am clicking on the launch now. We’ll see what happens when I click “Launch Now” on it

I’ve got my it’s set up. It’s a small server plan. My application says it will be ready in seven minutes. I I’m now ready.

As soon as this is done, I can go get a drink of water, go the restroom, I can come back and I can start setting my website up.

And that is how easy this is to do on Cloudways managed hosting.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

I’m very grateful that Cloudways sponsored this video as I am grateful for the chance to share a web host that gives you such a powerful opportunity to build your presence online today.

If you’d like to sponsor a video I trust you to go to and you can get a sponsored video there.

I’m grateful Cloudways managed hosting sent me a shirt to wear for this video and I am grateful today for the chance to do this whole presentation for you.

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And that’s when you see the beauty of this, you’ve just got to see my entire system here and how you can replicate this for yourself.

I’m so excited to present this in collaboration with Cloudways managed hosting today.

I love you. You’re awesome.

Thanks for reading every word of this post, please drop a comment on the video to let me know that you are one of the elite, one of the Jerry Banfield family, who read all the way to the end and heard every single word on this rambling, 30 minute presentation.

Online Presence Establishment from 0 to Website with Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting!

I mean, I’m this incredible video that’s inspired you so much.

Jerry Banfield