Optimizing AdWords Campaigns For YouTube Videos

Many students in my Complete YouTube Course: Go From Beginner to Advanced have asked about best practices for Google AdWords for Video.  I have answered this question so much that I thought I just should write a blog post here with it that includes all of the answers! You can see the basics of each question asked below and then my entire answer with suggestions.  Hopefully you will find one of these answers helpful in using Google AdWords to promote your YouTube videos.

Video Views with Ads

How many video views do you feel you need before it’s no longer necessary to pay for ads? What is your thought process into making that decision?

I run the ads until the video seems to have reached its peak in organic traffic. Often for a video with low competition, a few thousand views is enough to get to the peak. For a video with high competition, months of getting 10,000+ views per day are needed to maximize the organic ranking. I usually stop the ads when the video views plateau or drop a little bit consistently after the initial growth.


Views But No Sales

I still have a major issue with AdWords video campaigns. I am using my Udemy promo video for the campaign and I get views but no sales or redemptions from YouTube.

Only 10 of every 17 clicks actually land on my site according to analytics. Is this familiar to you?

When using YouTube ads with the keywords you recommend (Udemy, online training etc.) and targeted to my top 5 countries – not one person has signed up even if the course is FREE. This seems unusual. What kind of conversions do you see, and are there any common reasons?

I can’t see where I am going wrong because I have targeted on “online training” and niche specific keywords at separate times.

Are you using the Google display network as an included ad network? I uncheck this because it tends to get a lot of clicks that do not actually track with analytics. Even with ads only on YouTube, 10 out of 17 clicks tracked with analytics sounds about right!

I have had the exact same experience as you with YouTube ads. People would not even take my course for free through the ads. Now I assume the ads will not work at all to drive conversions and all I do is maximize them for watch time. Once the ads drive enough watch time, the videos rank high and then the organic sales come free.

I just double checked my YouTube video ads. I thought I had never tracked a conversion but I was wrong! I have got one conversion tracked on $10,080 in ad spend in my newest Google AdWords account (the one I used most had to be included when I sold my last website). That said, my YouTube videos have brought close to this much in sales from organic search traffic already.


When to use AdWords

Do you recommend to use AdWords all year round for all the videos to boost views and subscribers? Do you think all successful channel do the same? If not, what would be the exact strategy and time frame?

I use AdWords year round for my channel now to boost views and subscribers. I think once your channel gets big enough you can stop running ads for the most part. YouTube is so competitive now it is very hard to grow quickly without ads and very easy to grow fast with ads.

Every channel is different of course. The bottom line is that ads should result in more views and subscribers from some videos ranking higher. If you are running ads on all your videos and none are getting a good amount of free views, then a different kind of video is needed!


How Long Should I Run ads?

I noticed on one of your videos that 60% are from advertising (traffic sources). When do you recommend using AdWords for videos and for how long? I read before that it’s better to use that right after publishing the video to get more reach.

I use AdWords for video on most of my videos until they have at least 1,000 views because most videos on YouTube, probably 95%, have less than 1,000 views. Having more views is a big ranking factor and Google AdWords for video is the easiest way to get views for $0.01 each at scale.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it was useful for you to see what other people running Google AdWords for YouTube are dealing with that might be similar to what you are going through.  If you have any question you want to ask me about running Google AWords for YouTube, the only place you can count on me to give you an answer is in my Complete YouTube Course: Go From Beginner to Advanced.  You can use the link to get a $9 coupon at https://www.udemy.com/youtube-videos/?couponCode=BLOG9.