$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

Will you join me in learning how we can work together to make $2,100 or much more a month for life because if this is what you are trying to do, let’s help each other, let’s make it happen?

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

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I’m grateful I’m earning ten plus thousand a month and I’ve been doing that now for years and I want to help you make sure that you can at least make $2,100 a month for life yourself, because it stinks having to go to work and get up to a job that you don’t like.

I did that for years and I’m not willing to do that again, and I see that if I don’t want to have to do that again I need to help you and that we can literally solve all the world’s problems just by working together to help each other. I help you, you help me, and we get everything we want to, just by doing that.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

If you would like to see all the ideas I have for how we can work together to guarantee that you make at least $2,100 a month for life going forward, will you please read this post or watch this video and see if something jumps out at you?

If you say, “Yes. Alright, Jerry. I think we can do this and this will help me.”

This is about helping you make 2,100 plus dollars a month, to give you inspiration that first, it is absolutely possible. If you are not doing it already, you have got to imagine that it is possible before it happens because imagining that it is possible brings it into reality.

I know when I tried to work online and earn money at first, I didn’t imagine that it was possible for me and then it wasn’t. However, once I saw other people and how much money they were making online, I knew it was possible for me to do that too and I imagined me doing it myself, and that’s what I do today, and that’s how I hope we can help each other here.

If you find anything helpful, will you please like this video because you will feel good doing that? If you want to make $2,100 a month, you’d better be ready to help each other. You’d better be ready to help give back and do little things like leave a like on a video. There is a ton of little things I do, the videos I’ve made. If you want to make money online, it is actually really easy, just focus on helping other people.

Here are my ideas for how we can do that.

First, you will want to see some proof that I’m not just BS-ing you with my own income and with my ability. So, here is my income and I will show you this as your instructor for this presentation and potential collaborator that this is my data.

I’m grateful in January to December 2017, my business made $223,000 online in revenue.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

After expenses, this is $115,000 in profit.

That’s about $10,000 a month.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

If you include the capital gains I made in that, then it is significantly more. I think I had about $60,000 in capital gains also as a result of my work online, so it is much more than ten thousand a month, but this is just my business, so that’s how we look at it.

Now, this year is going even better thanks to your help.

See, I don’t make this money by myself, I make this because I help you and I help tens of thousands of other people like you. That’s why this is what I get in return.

Now, I know it’s easier to get your attention focusing on what you want, but you really have to help other people.

This is my business so far the first nine months of this year and some change on my business. I’m grateful we are going to absolutely pass last year.

That’s a hundred and twelve thousand dollars in profit so far this year.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

What you will notice is significant expenses in contract to labor and advertising. These are generally ways that I can pay you money that we can work together.

In fact, I’ve paid friends and partners hundreds of thousands of dollars to do work for me and to collaborate with me.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

One of the ways I can help you make twenty-one hundred a month is to pay you to do something with me.

Now, this is my data and I’ve shown you this to give you some look inside what I’m doing for myself because you could easily say that I’m a total scam artist if I’m telling you that you can make $2,100 a month with me, but I can’t even do that for myself.

You see, inside this system, all of this is based on me working together with you and thousands of people like you.

Now, where do we get into the rest of these?

All of this, the entry, the gateway to this, is at Jerrybanfield.com/partners.

Everything else I’m going to show you, these are rewards and perks from being a partner with me.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

What I’ve learned in years of business online, it’s critical for me to develop strong relationships and to build in those relationships. What I messed up consistently in my business, to begin with, I didn’t make good long-term relationships with people.

What I want to do to help you make $2,100 a month is to get to know you, to hear what you are doing, to learn about what you are doing and to offer the very best access I can to give you the ability to use what I’ve created and help it to make you money, and/or to give you the opportunity to get to show me your skills so that if there is something I need help with, then I can just pay you to do it.

I refuse to look on websites like Upwork and Fiverr any longer to find freelancers. I only pay for help now, I only hire new help within my partners group. That’s the only way I hire help.

So, any help I need will be hired directly out of partners.

Therefore, the easiest way you might find to make $2,100 a month working with me is to be hired by me to do something for me.

There is a bunch of other ways to do this and that’s what we will go through right now. Everything I’m showing you is a reward of being a partner on my website at Jerrybanfield.com/partners.

Now, you want to know, how do you get into being a partner?

There is one key requirement for this: $1,000 payment either on my website or in a donation.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

You might say, “Well, that’s great. You’re going to help me make $2,100 a month, but I have to pay you a thousand dollars to get into your membership program.”

Yes, I’m not interested in giving you all of these perks and benefits that you get as a partner if you don’t want to pay anything because these are exclusive things that I have in limited quantity I can offer.

I am happy to make free video tutorials for you, I’m happy to be available and answer live questions whenever I’m live on my live stream on Facebook. You can interact with me for free in that way. You can interact with me for free in the YouTube comments and in my live streams on Facebook.

But if you want the best stuff, you need to be in the partner program, and what I’ve found is investing in something like this partner program, these are some of the best expenses that you can have online. By comparison, spending money on things like ads online get you almost no return in the long term.

The partners who have stuck with me for several years have earned tens of thousands of dollars already on that membership cost and are on the way to earning hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of collaborating with me.

I know it’s worth it and that’s why I’ve dumped all these perks into the partner program. I’ve also set the cost at $1,000 because at every single point in my business including the very day I started, and I thought I was broke and didn’t have any money, I’ve had a thousand dollars at every single point in my business no matter how bad things got. Even when I was close to bankruptcy, I could come up with a thousand dollars.

One of the toughest things to do with a membership community online is to have an effective gateway to get the people you want into the program and to keep the people you don’t want out of the program.

There is a lot of free groups you can join that may be helpful, but they tend to be filled with spam, there is heavy moderation or it is hard to connect individually. There are other groups you can join that cost a whole lot more where you may get a lot less or maybe more in benefits, I don’t know. This is my membership program so this is how I’m doing it.

Now, once you have paid that thousand dollars, you get the benefits listed here for life. Of course, they are subject to change if I die young, which I’m not imagining is going to happen.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

However, some of them might change as you can imagine depending on what happens. These are the benefits you get today and that I’ve got planned indefinitely going forward.

First, our weekly group calls on Discord.

So, every week at 9:30 p.m. Eastern in the USA, which is tonight in approximately like 10-11 hours or so from now, we have a group call on Discord where any partner can join in and we all get to talk.

Now, these group calls are where you might easily be able to hear one thing or connect with one person and that single-handedly might get you making 2,100 more dollars a month than you are making now.

For example, some of the partners, we have been able to figure out things that I will show you in a little while and we have been able to do that in group calls.

In fact, I’ve got down almost all of these rewards from the partner program having almost no rewards by talking to people on Discord.

The partner calls, if you want coaching with me, you get that one-time payment and a lifetime of coaching and mentorship. I think that if I had to start my business over the one thing I would do differently immediately is finding a mentor, someone I could work with and help them.

You see, if you want to make money, you need to help other people make money. The reason that people give me so much a year in my business with the hundred and twelve thousand in profit this year is because I help a lot of people make money and have full-time businesses online with the things I share.

I help a lot of people solve problems. I help a lot of people feel good and do good. I get a lot because I give a lot and I focus a lot on how can I help you? What can I do for you?

Therefore, when you are in the community that’s what you get back. I focus, I think about you. I try to figure things out for you. I listen to what you have to say and these weekly group calls on Discord, this is the way most of the very best arrangements that I’ve worked out with partners have been figured out in these weekly group calls.

It’s nice because some weeks you can get a one-on-one call with me for an hour and other weeks there will be five or ten partners there, and we will have interesting discussions on all different categories from cryptocurrencies, to Kindle book publishing, to live-streaming, to teaching online, and then these things, once you get your mind open to these can inspire you to figure something out.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

You might realize, “Hey, I can write a Kindle book.”

That alone might make you a thousand or five hundred or twenty-one hundred a month by itself with something you didn’t even think of, but when you see another group member is making ten thousand a month teaching courses on Udemy, you might realize, “Hey, I could easily film a few courses on Udemy,” even if you make $500 a month that’s often income that you get indefinitely. I think that the weekly group calls on Discord are one of the best partner perks.

Now, there is also a bunch more perks. You get private label rights. I have three thousand plus videos online. I will show you what you get over here.

You get access as a partner to my Dropbox folders. All these video courses I’ve made, I’ve got 44 video courses uploaded right now plus there is more in here that I don’t even have on my own website.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

There are thousands of videos in this folder that you get private label rights. You can upload those on your YouTube channel, you can make your own video course hosting website with these, you can render them together and make long videos on YouTube, which has worked really well for some other partners, you can make a course bundle and put that all on your website and sell it.

My courses have helped other people make hundreds of thousands of dollars, if you include the Udemy income, millions of dollars in sales. I know there is absolute gold in this folder. This is one of the largest libraries in the world of newer online video courses and in fact there are two specific courses you might really like.

There is a course named Master of SEO,” which is a brand new search engine optimization course I just filmed within the last couple of weeks. It has got 30 videos and you could easily sell this en-mass somewhere with $10 coupons. You could easily sell this for a few hundred dollars just to get into it, or you could combine this with your own existing course and make a super SEO course.

You also have a brand new course I just filmed in here on Facebook live gaming. This is a really hot topic. It’s brand new. Facebook just launched their level-up program a few months ago. This is one of the first courses in the world, one of the first tutorials in the world deep into Facebook live gaming. Another course you could easily make thousands of dollars selling this or on ad revenue.

One of the most impressive things I’ve seen done with private label rights is what Joseph Delgadillo did on his channel. Joseph has partnered with me since the very beginning and has a hundred and fifty-nine thousand subscribers including me on YouTube.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

If you look at Joseph’s top videos, you will notice an interesting overlap with my top videos. And yes, these top four videos of Joseph’s, which have collectively got him over four million views, guess where that came from?

Yes, Joseph knew my video vault very well. Joseph got some videos out of these Dropbox folders and he has got four plus million views on YouTube. Joseph is even on pace to beat my own video using the same video footage. I think Joseph just rendered a longer video than I did. He put more lectures into it because with private label rights he wasn’t concerned with the terms and conditions I had to adhere to. When I put my hacking video up, I couldn’t put the whole thing up because I wasn’t allowed at the time by Udemy to put the whole thing up on YouTube.

Joseph was able to put the whole thing up on YouTube, and you could literally render my classes from start to finish and just put all my courses up, these really long videos on YouTube. Three million YouTube views, like Joseph has got on this video, that single-handedly is worth twice three thousand. That’s six thousand or so dollars Joseph has earned just on this one video in ad revenue.

This is another video and if you multiply by two, that’s another about $2,000 or so that Joseph has earned on each of these videos. You can see very clear proof on his channel that Joseph has earned over ten thousand dollars as a partner with me just on these four YouTube videos alone, not even considering all the money Joseph now makes selling video courses and all the experience he got from working with me and mentoring with me.

I showed him how I did everything on Udemy and he helped me do a bunch of things on Udemy. Joseph now has his own full-time business in large part from working with me and just following what I was doing, and you can see that right here on his YouTube channel.

Another partner perk that we will go look at over here is directly related. You can literally upload your videos and courses to my YouTube channel.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

So, what I do now is if you have got your own course, let’s say like Joe Parys who has a bunch of his own courses and he has enough work to just get his own courses out there. You can then literally get your courses out on my YouTube channel like Joseph did with this Android application development course.

This video now has almost six hundred thousand views on it. It’s an Android app development tutorial and this is sending people now to Joeparys.com and it’s sending people to Joe Parys’s YouTube channel and there are no affiliate commissions.

I send people straight to Joe Parys’s website. I don’t get a percentage of the sale. I don’t need a percentage of the sale. My partner program covers that.

Once you have paid to be a partner, I will help you get your videos, your courses, if you have got a show what I do is you give me the videos for it, and then I will do my own little intro because it is my YouTube channel and people expect to see me.

When you have got something, it’s subject to approval. If you have something I don’t want to put up I’m not going to put that up, and I specialize in video courses especially.

But if you have got something that’s entertaining or funny and that I might like to watch myself, I am willing, when you are a partner, to watch it and to put it up there. I do an intro to kind of explain the context that I’ve uploaded it to my channel, that way my viewers always see me in every single video, and then the rest of the video can be your course.

Now, the key requirement for this, in order to do this, you must be the actual instructor or person that’s in the video. It gets a bit ridiculous when I make a video for you that then someone else made, like Joe Parys and I did on this video, most of the video is not Joe Parys.

That’s one change I’ve made since this video. We are requiring that you actually appear in the video. That way, it’s promoting you. It doesn’t make sense to do these consistently where it’s you, and then you are promoting a third person in there. So, that will keep it a little bit coherent.

This is something I’m available to do several of these every month. It’s first-come-first-served and the more related it is to my specific channel, the more it will be a priority for me.

So, if you have got something like a cryptocurrency tutorial where I’ve got a bunch of followers or a hacking tutorial or Android development course, then that will be a priority for me. I recommend that you get to know the videos that I already have on my channel.

I earn money from this on ad revenue and I’ve actually earned $1,000 in ad revenue from putting this video up, so I want videos that I think can get the most views on my channel, and the beauty of this is once you are a partner, you can keep doing these and it’s all for free.

So, I just put this up on my channel for you and like Joe Parys, he didn’t have to pay for those views. These are just given for free, and then all the people buying his courses there is no additional cost to it.

I love this system for it, which is why I’m promoting it.

Now, if you don’t have any videos yourself, I will even do a video review of your course or your product or your website.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

For example, I just did one for Coinpaprika, which is now the main website I use to look at cryptocurrency price charts and in any other crypto video I do, this is the only website, unless another one becomes a partner, which I will mention.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

I used to use Coinmarketcap and a couple of others in a bunch of my videos. I promoted a bunch of these websites for free that never gave anything back to me.

Now, if I’ve got a partner in a specific area that I need, I will always feature your platform whenever it’s appropriate. For example, any crypto video I do now, I will only use Coinpaprika data as long as it’s on there. I won’t use or mention any other of the platforms.

The Coinpaprika team joined for life as a partner, then I made a YouTube video that’s about 30 minutes long, and then I also made a blog post on my website. The YouTube video and the blog post have the chance indefinitely to earn traffic, to earn views, to convert people over to using Coinpaprika instead of another platform.

That’s the beauty of doing it this way, I set everything up for organic traffic indefinitely. Therefore, if you go to my website right now, for example, the first blog post is this post with Coinpaprika and the second blog post on my website is another partner. If I hire you to do something with me, I will also make a video to help other people find you and get to know you.

For example, I hired James Brooks to be my video editor. I did an entire video and an entire post for him. Now, in addition to earning money by me paying him to edit videos, he has got a post that he could earn clients indefinitely himself and get opportunities directly by working with me.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

Michel Gerard, whom I have also paid, has been a partner for years. Michel gets a link on every single one of my posts because he does transcripts and edits them into blog posts. Michel gets a link to his website on every single one of the posts he does here with me.

I think and plan everything I do to help my partners make money, to get followers and that’s how we all work together, and that’s why I’m certain we can figure out a way to help you make $2,100 more a month by working with me as well.

We have taken a look at these benefits now. I can do a video review of your course, product or website, upload videos to your channel, private label rights to all my videos, you also get the ability to private message me as a partner.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

I limit private messaging outside of the partner context because I am not available to respond to every private message I get. You would be amazed how many people don’t want to talk to me anymore when you have to become a partner to do it first.

People emailing me, “Jerry, can we schedule a call to talk about this b2b platform? I think it’ll help your website.”

Me: “Sure I’d love to schedule a call with you. Just become a partner first.”

Them: “Well, we don’t want to pay.”

Me: “Well, then why would I want to talk to you?”

You see, I’ve already got everything I need. The business I have is enough. This private messaging limited to partners only allows me to be available for you when you help me stay in business and pay down my debt and have money to give back to others. When you help me, then I am available to reach out to you via private messaging and this system with a partner program allows me to say no to everyone else.

If I happen to get an email that’s not through the partner program I say, “I appreciate you responding to me. If you’d like me to read and make a thoughtful response, will you please become a partner because then you get the ability to private message me including email?”

If you are not in the partner program, I’m not interested in private messaging back and forth because I live stream almost every day on Facebook, I try to read and respond to most of my comments on YouTube and I’ve got a Discord server you can go to if you go to the contact page of my website where I also try to respond. You have got to put your comment up in public if you don’t want to pay the money to be a partner.

This has been a big help for me and I’m grateful today that I’ve had the courage to just limit my private messaging, say no to any opportunity that’s not through my partner program.

One of the really cool new features I’ve just added is the ability also to get 50% affiliate commissions. I don’t accept any affiliates who are not partners because I’ve learned being a part of a bunch of affiliate programs myself, you need support to be a successful affiliate.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

You need a relationship and most of the affiliate programs I participated in have not been successful unless I did something to kind of cheat a little bit in which case sometimes that worked really well. Like on the Udemy affiliate program, I had a Google AdWords remarketing system that was incredible and on most other affiliate programs, I made almost nothing because there is no relationship.

You more than likely need some help, need some tips to do well as an affiliate. So, if you want to be an affiliate with me, I’ve got some really amazing things to sell including this partner program that’s a thousand dollars. You can get 50% selling that.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

You are a partner, you can easily make a pitch then to your friends, say, “Hey, I’m in this guy’s partner program, it works really well for me. I love his calls. Do you want to join this with us?”

They drop a thousand dollars, you get almost 500 after the payment fees are subtracted. So, it’s about $450 or $470 depending on how much the payment fees are.

Isn’t that pretty sweet?

You get in it, it’s one cost for life, and if you bring a few people every month into the partner program, you could single-handedly earn a few hundred to thousands of dollars a month just by referring people to the partner program, and you can make an honest referral then because you can say, “Look, I love being in this. I’ve earned a lot of money through this. Why don’t you join? I think you’ll be able to do the same thing.”

You get 50% affiliate commissions on anything sold on the University of Jerrybanfield.com.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

You can either get direct affiliate links.

So, if you want to sell my courses instead of trying to sell them yourself, you can even put up video tutorials on YouTube from my courses, and then you could do something like sell the All Courses for Life bundle.

You put the video up on YouTube of the course, you get the ad revenue for it from the private label rights, then you can use an affiliate link to sell my “All Courses for Life” bundle or the Lifetime Partner bundle and you get half of the sale then plus all the ad revenue from the videos on YouTube.

You can sell anything on the University of Jerry Banfield with an affiliate link or here is what’s really cool. If you click on the “Membership” link on the top of the page, it will take you over to the partner page.

Here is what’s really cool in the partner program.

When you are in the partner program, if you notice the text here on the affiliate commissions, “Each new partner not buying specifically through an affiliate link also has the option to simply give that fifty percent commission to any partner for any reason at any time!”

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

I’ve thought of this because I’ve realized that this provides a really strong motivation to connect and help other partners.

This way, let’s say you join directly by watching this video or reading the post on my website.

Let’s say that’s how you join.

Then, after you paid me almost a thousand dollars or maybe I should just make this a thousand dollars. Anyway, you have paid me $999 and therefore, you didn’t buy through anyone else.

Let’s say six months from now, another partner really helps you out, and you then have the ability to give that partner the 50% commission.

You can simply say, “Jerry, look, Joseph Delgadillo helped me out a lot to get my YouTube channel set up. He did 15 calls with me. He helped me get my business going. I want to give him my commission from my lifetime partner membership.”

You then have the ability to help other partners earn money even if they did not directly sell you into the program.

Therefore, as a partner, you can literally just come in help people out and have the chance to earn that 50% commission at any time. This encourages long-term healthy working relationships. You could easily just essentially make being a partner one of the main things you do, be available to help out other partners, bring a few friends in, and then earn 2,100 plus dollars a month just from these 50% commissions alone.

I have looked around and seen lots of affiliate programs. This is one of the best deals I’ve ever seen and that’s because I’m willing to give a lot back. I’m willing to give half of that partner membership cost back because the more I give back, the more I get. It’s really simple and that’s why I’ve set it up this way.

Once you consider these affiliate commissions and you put all this together, what you are seeing is ridiculous value. You have got coaching, you have got the ability to have me as your mentor over time, you can use my videos, you can help other partners and sell the things I do, and I’ve also got it so live events are free forever.

Whenever I start doing live events, I’m imagining that I’m going to do more and more live events going forward, like a seminar here, a meet-up there. Partners get access to events free forever. Once you are a partner, you never need to pay for a ticket again. You get into the event without having to pay anything.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

I like it that way because this gives you one single thing to pay, and then let’s say five years from now you want to come to an event I’m having in your city, then you don’t have to pay anything else for it. You can just show up because you gave me a thousand dollars now, why would you need to pay anything for me to come to an event to see you in your city?

This allows me to direct my live events by where the partners are. Right now we have got something like 30 or 40 lifetime partners and the partners are kind of scattered out in different areas. The more partners we get, it helps me say, “Oh, maybe we’ve got five partners in Houston and I’m going to drive through there or stop there at the airport or whatever.”

I will intentionally schedule meet ups, so that I can meet up with partners where you are at, and also since you have got private messaging you know I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, you can just say, “Hey Jerry, I’m going to be in St. Petersburg, Florida. Can we have lunch?”

You are a partner, the answer is yes. I will figure it out in my schedule. I get private messages from other people that live locally and want to have lunch, I say, “Sure, you want to have lunch with me, please become a partner, then I will be happy to have lunch with you.”

As is, my schedule is booked. If you are not a partner, I’m not making availability to go to lunch with you because I already can barely get enough time to go to lunch with the people I would like to go to lunch with.

Alright, I’ve got one friend in St. Petersburg, my massage therapist. I have one friend, and I’ve got people in AA and I’m lucky to go out to lunch with them collectively once every few weeks or so.

Therefore, if you are a partner, you will get that priority. You can come meet up with me any time you are in St. Petersburg, Florida, we can come meet up in person or I will come to you.

As you are seeing, the idea of all these perks is that we build a strong relationship.

If you are on Steem also, you get a resteem every week indefinitely.

If you converted over to Steem and you love Steem, and you got in off of all my hype, you can get a resteem to the largest real following that I’ve seen on Steem every week indefinitely on my account.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

You will probably be posting more than I’m posting.

The last reward I will go into and talk about a little bit is low-interest loans.

What I’ve replaced my enthusiasm and excitement for cryptocurrencies with is an interest in direct help through working together with people I actually know and have a relationship with.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

I’m imagining the financial future for me is just more money than I know what to do with and I’m already planning on that, even though technically I’ve got my family, and my wife and I, with our home and our student loans, collectively have about five hundred thousand dollars in student loans and our mortgage.

So, first, I’m accepting loans.

I’d like to pay you the interest.

If you have got money to loan, I’d like to pay you the interest instead of paying it to the banks. You have got full accountability, you see me, you see where I am, I talk about everything I do. I’m already paying four plus thousand dollars a month between the mortgage and the student loans.

Therefore, I’m in the habit of paying out that money every month. Over fifty thousand dollars a year I’m paying out to banks and the federal government, and they are cleaning up on interest.

The student loans are around seven percent. The mortgage is around four percent. They are cleaning up on interest and I would rather you have that money instead of you having your money sitting in a checking account not earning anything or even having your money tied up in something where you could lose it instantly for something out of your control.

For example, you have got your money in mutual funds or stocks, the market could go down and you could lose a lot without having done anything essentially, you could just lose it.

So, I would rather lose money to someone I know who has had a hard time or made some bad decisions than to lose money to people I don’t know who have just been greedy and stolen it, or used little systems to trick and siphon money off the market, and that’s my vision going forward.

I am intending not to keep more than a year’s worth of expenses in the bank. I’ve got 30 or 40 thousand dollars in the bank today, and that’s a prudent reserve. That’s several months of expenses for my family. I’m imagining in the future of more money than I know what to do with incoming and my plan is to put everything except a year’s worth of prudent expenses.

For me, that would be a hundred and twenty thousand dollars in the bank. My expenses are about ten thousand a month. As I said, four thousand a month in debt payments alone. Another almost two thousand dollars a month for health insurance. That’s six thousand dollars a month in the kind of BS expenses, in my opinion.

And yet, bet you could say bad decisions in terms of the student loans, borrowed a bunch of money or I don’t know. Things that I imagine the student loans will be wiped out in the future, and maybe we can get some kind of better solution for health insurance in the future than this mess we have today. I’m grateful I can actually pay for health insurance, and at the same time, I’ve been thinking about not paying for it. That’s a whole other video though.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

I’m imagining in the future that relatively soon when I’ve got just maybe fifty or a hundred thousand a month coming in, then what I’m intending to do after I’ve got all my own debts paid off and I’ve got a hundred and twenty thousand in the bank, which is a year of expenses at my current living situation, and I’m not intending to increase those expenses regardless of how much money I have because I’ve got enough right now, I don’t need a bigger house, I don’t need a nicer car, I’m very happy with what I have.

I’m intending to give all of the money I make back through low-interest loans to partners at around three percent. Whatever the lowest I can loan according to the US government that will let me use that as a loan. If I loan lower than that, it’s a gift so we don’t want to do that. Whatever the lowest interest rate, I will give back those loans to my partners. I imagine I will help partners collectively pay off millions of dollars of debt at a much lower interest rate and I imagine some partners I will loan them ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars and they will take all of it and never pay me back anything, and that’s okay.

I would rather lose money like that than to show up and see that the price of Steem is down three dollars because the development company dumped a million dollars of it on the market over several days and cashed out and made millions of dollars for themselves.

I would much rather lose ten thousand here, twenty thousand here to a partner who just didn’t pay me back while imagining that 90 percent of partners would make almost all or all of the payments, and those partners would cover all the losses for everyone else. Those partners would save thousands of dollars, in some cases, tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands in interest.

That’s my long-term vision.

Now, you see, I will obviously do that based on our relationship.

So, now is the time to help me get to know you. If you want a ten to twenty, fifty, hundred-thousand-dollar loan in the future, it might be a good idea to start getting to know me now, and then when the money materializes in my bank account, then I will have that money ready to give to you.

That’s how you make a strong foundation for things. This is a laundry list of the benefits in my partner program and all of these, I can expand on these at any time and I can change these as needed.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

When I had a new baby, I did one-on-one calls instead of weekly group calls on Discord. Note that as a partner you also get access to every single course on my website.

So, if you would like a one-on-one call, you do get access to every course on the University of Jerry Banfield indefinitely, and then what we have got is some of these new courses have a coupon for a free one-on-one call.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

So, if you enroll in the course, and then you go to Jerrybanfield.com/call, you just watch this lecture on how to schedule your one-on-one call, and then you get a 30-minute one-on-one call with me free.

Now, you can actually do this, all the new courses I’m making have a one-on-one call coupon into them, so you theoretically could go straight through and use the call from this course, then you could go into “Master of SEO,” which also has a one-on-one call in it.

Therefore, if you go through each new course, you get a free call coupon in every single one of the new courses I’ve made starting with “Master of SEO,” I believe. If I haven’t put one in “Start Live Streaming Today,” I might go put a call coupon in there as well.

As a partner, you also get access to all the video courses and the new ones will include one-on-one calls. If you get those one-on-one calls, if you would like to schedule a call and talk about something for 30 minutes privately, you can do that.

If you would like to buy the partner, there are two basic ways to do it. You can do it through the University of Jerry Banfield and buy the Lifetime Partner bundle on that partner page that I’ve been going on and on about here for 40 minutes.

I’m amazed that you have gotten through this. I’m guessing you got a really good shot or love being a partner if you have got this far into it.

You can then complete payment, you click “Get started now.”

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

You will need an account on the University of Jerry Banfield, and then you will also have the option to choose Stripe or PayPal for your payment method. Therefore, you can use any credit card or if you got a PayPal account, you can also use that.

Alternatively, if you would like to pay with cryptocurrency, you can pay with cryptocurrency on the Jerrybanfield.com/partners page. Let’s say you have got a thousand dollars just sitting around in Bitcoin or one of these other currencies, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum classic.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

Whatever Coinbase accepts, you can do that.

Now, in order to do this, you click on “Lifetime Access” with this, and then what you do is you make what’s called the donation on my Streamlabs account in cryptocurrency. You can also do credit card, if you want to.

What you will get when you go through and do this, it will have the option and you need to make sure to put your email address in that, or a way I can contact you, so that I know it’s you. Because if you go through there and don’t fill the information in, it is possible I might have a hard time figuring out that you made that donation.

So, you go through here and you can use your cryptocurrency to buy a lifetime partner membership. Coinbase will then immediately notify me as soon as your payment comes in. I get a text message as soon as you sign up for lifetime access. You get an email immediately if you sign up through the University of Jerry Banfield explaining how to take advantage of all those partner benefits.

If you use cryptocurrency, I send you an email manually because I don’t have an automatic system yet to set it up for directly to put your email into ActiveCampaign.

So, if you do this, I will get a text message and I will send you an email as soon as I see it and have a chance.

Either of these methods, you can pay the thousand dollars. I’m just rounding it. It is technically $999.

Then, the critical thing to do after you join is getting in that Discord server. You use the link on my website to join the Discord server and let us know that you have just signed up to be a partner because then we will obviously double check just in case anyone is trying to get cute, but we will match up your Discord account to your partner sign up, and then we will add you in the Discord channel where you get exclusive access to the partners’ channel, which is where you can chat with all the partners that are in Discord.

I’m also imagining I will make a new Facebook group just for partners pretty soon. I will do that when I make my new course, and then ask Michel Gerard or Jerry Banfield, ask us to get you that partner status on Discord.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

Then, the key thing to do, to really get involved is to start participating in the voice calls. You don’t need to go to every single one at 9:30 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday. You don’t need to go to all of them.

I recommend to get in at least one a month if you can, and then try to show up and get connected because ultimately if you want to capitalize on these rewards, you will want to be collaborating and talking with other partners, and you will want to be hearing from me.

I know if I dropped a thousand dollars for your partner membership, I want to be getting a close collaboration with you. There are lots of people I’m following, if they had a similar program to this, I would join immediately. I haven’t seen anything like this before, which is how I’ve created it.

I like the one-time payment instead of the subscription model because the subscription would need to cost more and I like just making one-time payments if I can, that’s why I’ve set it up this way. Because then, you pay once, you know exactly how much it costs, and then you have got rewards for life.

So, I’ve gone on for 45 minutes about this now.

You also do get a listing on this partners page.

$2100 A Month For Life As A Partner with Jerry Banfield?

This page has all of the lifetime partners who have successfully submitted a biography and I highly recommend you get this biography on here.

Right now I’m also asking partners to make their own video like this because with this new commission system, you could actually convert a commission just because someone likes you and watched your video.

For example, you share your story and someone watches that.

Someone just like you watches that before deciding to be a partner.

I’m going to put those videos on the partner page, so that others that are considering becoming partners can see them. You might be able to get a 50% commission just because someone likes you. They might watch your video and say, “Hey I want to support Joe Parys in his business. Give him half of the commission.”

You won’t even need to have used their affiliate link, just sharing your experience as a partner might be enough to get some of those affiliate commissions or to get new partners to connect with you, and then earn that 50% commission.

All right, I better just stop. I can go on and on for like years probably about this.

So, thank you very much for making it all the way to the end. I’m imagining out of everyone who has watched or read this, you are one of the only people who has made it to the end.

Thank you very much.

I’m relatively certain since you have got to the end, you might love being a partner.

If you have got any questions, will you please drop those on the video because then I will try to respond and answer any additional questions you have?

I love you.

You are awesome and I’m imagining I will see you as a partner soon.


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.