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June 2019

Jerry Banfield Partners Enjoy the Following Rewards!

  1. WEEKLY GROUP CALLS! Each week we gather on discord to answer questions and share what is new with us in weekly voice calls!
  2. PARTNERS ONLY FACEBOOK GROUP! At we enjoy posting what we are doing and asking for feedback on our new ideas!
  3. ACCESS TO EXPERIENCED ENTREPRENEURS AND INFLUENCERS ONLINE! Our members collectively have millions of followers and deep experience on Facebook, YouTube, Udemy, Twitter, Instagram, Teachable, Thinkific, Fiverr, Upwork, StackCommerce, Skillshare, and more which enables us to very effectively guide and help each other in building our online businesses!
  4. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES! Partners collectively have paid each other tens of thousands of dollars in the last year as those with the most income depend on service from those most available to work!
  5. ALL JERRY BANFIELD VIDEO COURSES! Enjoy every video course by Jerry Banfield for life!
  6. PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS! Just starting out? Great! Enjoy immediate access to 3000+ videos you can use to build a foundation including building your own courses, free offers, and membership programs!
  7. GUARANTEED APPROVAL TO BECOME A UTHENA PARTNER!  At in the second lecture of the course is an application to apply for free to begin uploading courses, publishing free offers, launching membership programs, selling services, and begin affiliate marketing with 20% commissions for life on! You earn 80% of any sale on Uthena minus any affiliate commissions with net 30 day payouts! After you make $1,000 in sales, you can build your own email list using our ActiveCampaign account for free!  While this application is free, approval is based on an established online presence.  If you have applied and received a not yet response or are just starting out and what to build your business in one place, as a Jerry Banfield Partner you get guaranteed approval to become a partner on Uthena where you can build your entire business from free offers to $10,000 a month coaching and 20% affiliate commissions for life selling anything else on Uthena!

Meet The Partners!

Here are a few of our featured members listed in order of longest active membership!

The best money I ever spent in building my business online was becoming a partner with Jerry Banfield! — You 2020