Thank You for Being My Business Partner!

What benefits does each of my partners enjoy?

  • Private label rights!

    Become a partner to get an unlimited license to reuse to all of my videos!  After becoming a patron for $49 a month on Patreon, I will message you with a link to  access to my dropbox folder with thousands of my videos including complete courses!  You then have a license to do whatever you want with the videos as long as you are at the partner reward level or higher on Patreon!  This means as a partner I give you permission to modify and reupload my videos however you would like including on YouTube, Teachable, or anywhere else!  If you make sales or ad revenue, you get to keep everything!  If you were the first to make a YouTube channel with edited versions of my videos, I would guess you could build a big following that way!  If you uploaded all my videos to any website besides Skillshare, you should be able to earn hundreds of dollars a month at a minimum!  If you upload all my courses to your own Teachable account and put them on your website, you could probably make more money selling my courses than I do!

  • Posting privileges in my Facebook group!

    Facebook groups have been the most powerful tool I have seen online for reaching the organic newsfeed on Facebook and building deeper relationships over time among thousands of people!  Would you like to join nearly a thousand people in my “Jerry Banfield and Friends” mastermind group on Facebook where I answer questions and make new posts daily?  The purpose of the group is for each member to do invaluable learning  and networking which empowers consistent business growth each month.  As a partner, you will have the unique ability to create new posts that are seen by hundreds of group members which is why I also allow only partners to make new posts in the group!  I have learned a lot in this group already by watching how group members interact and reading what is shared.  I have already done some amazing networking in this group and now handle the majority of my business communications in posts in the group.  If I am getting these benefits out of the group, I believe you will receive the same!

  • 50% the all courses for life bundle at The University of Jerry Banfield

    Get every course I make FOR LIFE today when you purchase this bundle! After you purchase, you will have access to every course I upload including all of my existing classes and every new class I make! As I upload each new class, it will be added to the bundle! Check back daily to see new classes get added!  Partners get an exclusive 50% off coupon to this bundle which is not discounted anywhere else!

  • 50% commissions on selling my courses as an affiliate!

    Would you like to earn 50% FOR LIFE on EACH CUSTOMER you get to sign up at The University of Jerry Banfield which soon will have 100+ online courses? Partners are the only people I am allowing to sign up as an affiliate because of the time required of me to collaborate with you in making sales and because of the high commission percentage given the lifetime value of a customer. What I think you will love being an affiliate with me are the lifetime commissions. When you are responsible for getting a user to sign up on my website, any purchase they make FOREVER will pay you out 50% on PayPal! No other affiliate will ever be able to capture them with another cookie AND even my own promotions will still give you 50%! The ridiculous part of this system is that you can just give my courses away FOR FREE using the coupons I put on my free courses page to drive user sign ups. Then when I do the work to make new promotions and send out emails to students, YOU GET HALF THE SALE! For example, let us say you use the dashboard to make your own affiliate links using my free coupons and then share those on your website alongside your own free courses. When a user finds your list of coupons and signs up on my website, you will be able to earn 50%. After a week of taking a few of my classes for free, let us say that at least one new student discovers they can pay $27 a month to get access to all my courses without ever having to buy any individual course and they decide to sign up. That earns you $13.50 a month for the LIFE of their subscription! What if that same week another student chooses to buy the all courses bundle for $297? There is another $148.50 payment for you when all you did was share a few free coupons. I think this commission structure is so amazing that I am only allowing partners to participate. Would you like to receive these benefits as an affiliate starting today?

  • Make Videos Together

    Would you like to make a video with me?  Become a partner today to begin collaborating on new videos together!

  • A listing on this page!

    Show up on the leaderboard below with a backlink to your website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel!  See the listings below on this page and get yours by becoming a partner today!  I plan to promote this page throughout everything I do because it will give my audience a chance to get to know you and give me the chance to get more partners!

  • Live video shout outs!

    Whenever I am teaching online in my live videos and Skillshare courses, I will try to make a reference directly this partners page and specifically for you when it makes a good example.  If I am talking about the importance of having a great looking WordPress website and your speciality is making WordPress websites, I would then tell my viewers that if they wanted hands on help to go to the partners page and visit your website to hire you.

Who are my partners?

The list below features the partners I am working with on Patreon today ranked by their lifetime contributions!  While the minimum is $49 a month to become a partner, you can get listed on the partners leaderboard by being a member of the Facebook group and referring at least one person to join!

Would you like to partner with me?

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