PATIENCE How to Remember We Already Have It?

PATIENCE How to Remember We Already Have It?

Power thought for today? PATIENCE! Let me remember today how much patience I came into this life with and everything that patience has already allowed me to conquer.

PATIENCE How to Remember We Already Have It?

I was born without the ability to crawl, walk, write, read, or talk. With a willingness to fall down, say words wrong, and fail to understand what I read, I soon learned to crawl, walk, talk, read, and write.

From the view of being in first grade, graduating high school seemed like a lifetime away that I could only aim for one day at a time as I enjoyed each day of first grade. When I was applying to college, having a job I loved and a college degree seemed far away.

With patience and showing up consistently for school, I now have a high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree for a total of 17 years of school finished. That must be a lot of patience in completing hundreds of quizzes, tests, projects, and exams through tens of thousands of hours in class.

From six years old until twenty-six years old I imagined what my wife would be like until she finally showed up along with massive bouts of impatience, fear, and doubt.

Many days I nearly gave up thinking that finding the girl of my dreams was taking so long or I had already missed the opportunity and it would never happen again. Fortunately I am not special or different. All of us have went through nearly these exact same life experiences along with so many more.

Therefore, we can have no doubt when we look at our entires lives, any of us can see that we each possess all the patience one could hope for. Our task is simply to remember the patience we already have and to know that if the words “I am just impatient” or “I can’t wait that long” or any other negative affirmation come out of our mouths about our patience, those words are not the truth.

No one gets to be as old as any of us without the patience to get here and therefore we have the patience to conquer anything else today that might seem out of reach in the short term.

This I write for myself that I may remember it today if I forget my own patience and I write it for you with the understanding that your life may look a lot like mine on the inside.

Thank you for reading this today, which I hope is useful for you in making the most of today!

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PATIENCE How to Remember We Already Have It?

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