How To Get Patreon Donations and Support For Your Work

Thank you for learning about my Patreon page. I’m Jerry Banfield and this is my page on Patreon.

Update: Please be advised that we don’t do pledge for pledge anymore.

What is Patreon?

It’s a website that allows fans of creators and artists to support their work. Right now most artists and creators are supported through advertising revenue and sponsorships.

Patreon allows the fans to contribute to the artist cutting out the middle man. It allows fans to pay for what you want to see more of instead of getting shown ads that aren’t relevant to you. I love Patreon and I’m grateful I have 124 people on Patreon supporting my work each day.

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The purpose of this post is explaining what you get out of clicking “Become A Patron” on my page. There are two basic reasons to become a patron with me.

If you want to make sure I can keep making the online content, then you can become a patron and contribute what you can. That gives me the ability to keep making the videos and podcast episodes you enjoy. I have almost two million people that like my Facebook page and millions of views on YouTube. I do helpful inspirational videos and I have a podcast also.

When you become a patron on Patreon, this helps supports me being able to continue doing this.

I’m honored you would even consider doing something like that and I am doing that for a lot of other people right now.

At most this video will consist of me explaining reasons you would want to become a patron. If you want to support my creative work, you’ve already heard enough to become a patron. If you want me to do something for you in return, I offer three different rewards when you click on “Become a Patron.” What you give will determine what you get.

The main way people are currently pledging to me is a pledge for a pledge. This is when you click Become A Patron with me and I pledge to you. That’s the number one way I give back if you click become a Patron. That works best if you are a creator on Patreon.

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Second, if you become a patron for at least $10 per video, I’ll give you a free coupon to every new Udemy course I create. The main way I  work online right now is by creating courses on Udemy. You can see I have 50 courses with 150k students. I’m making tons of new courses all the time.

These courses cost between 20 and 50 dollars each. I’ve made 5 or 6 new ones within the last couple of weeks. If you pledge 10 or more per video, I’ll give you a free coupon every single new course. I’ll send it out in a message on Patreon. That’s the second reason to pledge to me.

The third reason to become a patron with me is if you want to get consulting or coaching with. I have little time where I can talk with people online and I currently do this on clarity. This is the only place where I currently take calls. I usually talk for $16/minute on Clarity which comes out to $1k an hour. I’m making videos like this with every chance I get because that pays well in making these new Udemy courses.

I have people that coach me. I just got a League of Legends coach to help me play League of Legends better. I understand the value of coaching first hand. I believe in working with a mentor. If you want me to be your mentor Udemy is where I can be most effective.

If you click on the “Get $300 Reward,” for every $300 you support you get credit for a 30 minute call with me. That’s $10 a minute and way cheaper than the $16 a minute you can get on Clarity. That gives you the ability to have an ongoing call with me each month.

If you support a few videos each month, you can have your coaching done with me that simply. If you’ve never talked with me before, I encourage you to try a short call on Clarity to make sure we’re on the same wavelength. If you’ve watched some of my courses, we probably are. You can also set how much you would like to get credit for as a maximum. If you want an hour maximum, you can get credit for $600 a month. You can get all these things by becoming a patron.

Most people are doing pledge for pledge with me. Here’s how it works:

patreon supportersThese are the people I’m supporting. It’s a big deal to me to support your creative work if you’re creating things on Patreon. Whatever you support me at is where I’ll support you at.

You might ask why I would waste time going pledge for pledge with people. Here is the exact reason. I have 124 patrons paying $279 per video now. Do you think it looks better that I have 124 patrons? Does that give you confidence and trust that it’s worth supporting me? Would you feel the same way if I just had one or two? No, you would think that since no one else has trusted me before, you’re not going to contribute either.

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The hardest patrons to get are the first few. The more you get, the easier it is to get more. I’ve helped hundreds of people on Patreon get their first patron. That’s the hardest one to get. I said I’d be their first if they would get back to me.

I said I’d be their first hundred patrons. I’ll pledge to you and you pledge to me. Someone else will see they’re not the first person to pledge and they will be more likely to become a patron.

It’s like a restaurant. I drove by a Chinese restaurant a couple years ago and there was a massive line out front all the time. I kept thinking the food must be good. I didn’t eat Chinese food at the time so I wasn’t looking for a Chinese restaurant. I noticed  the restaurant had a line out there so my brain said that has to be delicious. You have to stop there and eat. I ended up waiting in that line at some point.

Picture this: I drove by Chinese restaurants like that all the time with no line. I stopped to eat at this one and waited in line to eat there because I saw other people were doing it. We are programmed with herd mentality because that’s safe. If hundreds of people have eaten at that restaurant before me, I can guess that they didn’t die from food poisoning. I also think that the food must be really good and they’re coming back.

If there’s an abandoned restaurant, my human instincts says why don’t you let other people go in their first. Let other people make sure it’s safe and the food is good. Once you see it’s busy a few times, you can go back.

The same thing applies on Patreon. Everything I’ve done on social media is based on the same principals. My YouTube channel functions in the same way. If you get millions of views, you’re likely to get more. If you get millions of people to like your Facebook page, you’re likely to get more.

The same thing happens on Patreon. That’s why I’ve worked as much as I can. I’m trusting you to help me continue the work to give other people that first patron. You will put them in a better positin to do the work to get the second and third one and get the ball rolling.

I help people get their ball rolling on Patreon. In return, they’ve helped me get mine rolling. They’ve even interacted with each other. If you’ve done pledge for pledge with me you can see that others will probably do it with you. So if you want to get 100 people pledging just message and go pledge for pledge with all these people that are already doing it with me.

Working together, we all have an easier time building a genuine audience that is willing to give to us. We can then get patrons where we’re only giving what we create and we are not giving any money back.

Perception is reality in life. You can see this is how I’ve build up my Patreon and these are the rewards of pledging to me. If you become a patron, you can pick the reward, you just choose that. I think it’s the dollar amount plus the patron amount together. You can see on mine, the average person is doing about $2 so that looks good.

After you become a patron, you should be able to send a message. You can say Jerry, I pledged to you because I want you to pledge to me. I’m willing to do pledge for pledge with you because I want you to grow and I want you to have your best chance.

If you want the free Udemy course, I send out a message and if you want to go pledge for pledge. If you give at least the $10 level, I’ll also give you free coupons to my Udemy courses. Obviously if you do $300 or more, I’ll send you the coupons to my free Udemy courses also. I’m grateful people enjoy my Udemy courses and they have mostly good reviews. To me, it’s a great deal at the $10 level to get the free courses.

If you want the coaching, I can be helpful even in a short amount of time. Your logic might say what are you going to do for a $300 30 minute call. That can’t be worth it.

I’ve had several times where people have given me in a few minutes advice worth thousands of dollars. I paid for a call on Clarity at $1 a minute on clarity and talked with a guy for $12 minutes. I gave him a basic overview of what I was doing. I told him I’m making courses on Udemy and I don’t know what I’m missing. I don’t know what I don’t know right now. He said your distribution.

I have courses and I’m selling them to my current students, but I needed more distribution. From there, I started pumping up my YouTube channel. That’s when I ended up getting more viral videos. These have made tons of sales on my courses. That information I got out of the clarity call in 12 minutes.

If you look at what I’m doing online you can imagine I’ve got a pretty good point of view on what works on things online. You might think $300 is a lot and it might be. It depends on what you do with it.

I appreciate your feedback on this post. Thank you for reading this. Heave a great day!

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Update: Please be advised that we don’t do pledge for pledge anymore.