PDF Filler Tutorial! Skip Printing and Signing Documents!

Have someone sent you a PDF before and said -Hey, will you please fill this out and sign it and send it back?

Was it annoying trying to print it out and write it in and scan it and send it back? -Yes.

Are you an entrepreneur online is frequently asked to sign documents for people, and then print things or take pictures of them with your phone and send them back?

I found a tool that’s really helpful for eliminating the need to use a printer, what is called as PDF filler, and I’ll show you how to use it right here.

This tool allows me to fill documents out completely online.

When someone sends me a PDF, for example, and says, Jerry, can you sign this and send it back? Yes, super easy to do in PDF filler, no need to print it out and take pictures on my phone and all that.

Let’s show you exactly how to use it right now.

This is PDF filler at PDFfiller.com. What you do is you just sign up and then upload a document

I found this via Google search when I had some real estate documents to sign that were being emailed to me and I thought there’s got to be a better way. Fortunately, there is.

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The basic thing you can do to start with is: upload a document, you go to add new, click on Upload document, browse for a document, we’ll go over to the download folder and click on this W9, this is an example of a form that someone might ask you to sign and fill out

Now a form like a W9 should only be sent to someone you trust given it has your social security number or taxpayer number on it.

For something like this, you normally would need to fill it out somehow print it and sign it. And yet this makes it a lot easier with PDF filler.

This is just an example document, you can put documents in even if they don’t have anywhere to type text in.

On some documents like this, you can enter the text directly, what you can do is type all the text in and even as handy tools like if you click on “Date”.

And you see down here it says date, you can just click that right there and then they’ll put the date in for you.

Then on your signature, you can go click on the signature wizard over here.

And look I can just drop a signature on it right here.

Let’s say I filled the rest of the form out. Now what I can do is click Done.

When I click done on this, then I’ve got all these different options over here that I can do with it. I can email this, I can fax it, I can send even certain forms directly to the IRS.

This is the most common option, I can download this, I can send it in the mail, you can send it as a text there’s even the option to have it notarized over here.

You can link and share documents like this you could even sell a form if you want to, PDF filler has even the option to send a fax. A couple a year or so ago had some confusion about my taxes.

There was a mistake double reporting of income and then I made an additional mistake and did not adjust for that immediately on my taxes. The IRS got confused said I owed a bunch of taxes and I used PDF filler to write a letter and then I faxed it directly to the IRS. Using PDF filler I got a confirmation the fax was received the IRS within a week or two sent me a letter saying you don’t owe anything.

And they didn’t apologize or anything. They just said your current balance is zero all taken care of.

PDF filler makes tasks like this super easy and that’s why I’ve shown it to you today.

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Thank you very much for reading all the way to the end of this.

I love you. You’re awesome and I hope this video tutorial is been helpful for you.
Jerry Banfield