Personal Development and Leadership Plan

How can personal development and leadership plan play a role in your life? Choose your work carefully if you want to become an influence figure and you want to build your brand. The great things about this is you’ll be offered work left, right, and center.

Personal Development and Leadership Plan

People will message you, they’ll contact you online, they’ll e-mail you asking you for work or your services, but really if you want to build your brand and you want to build your influence, you have to only take on the work that help you build your brand or influence.

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Not help other people build their brand or their company or their business. You really need to be thinking about what you want to achieve from this work and if this work is something that’ll help you build your brand. There’s many opportunities that might seem interesting. They might seem fun. They might seem like they benefit you, but really to step back look at the bigger picture and just realize if you want to build a brand and an influence, you have to be smarter than everyone else.

You have to work harder than everyone else, especially at the beginning. You need to think, will this project help me build my brand? If the answer’s no, you have to calmly just say to this person, “I’m not interested. I’m sorry.” Or, “I’m too busy.” Really, if you want to build your brand, you want to reach your full potential, all the things you should be doing should be helping you build your brand or you’re going to be staying at the same place.

If you’re just helping other people build their brand, you’re helping other people get rich. If you’re helping other people become successful, you’re not going to be helping yourselves. Sure you’ll get a salary, you’ll get a wage, but you might as well just get a regular job rather than try and be an influence figure if you’re just going to be doing work for other people.

Of course, you can collaborate with people and do joint ventures with people. That’s a bit different from just working for someone. If you’re doing a joint venture with someone who has areas of expertise that you might not have quite as many areas as them in that certain field, collaboration is great, collaboration is one of the best ways you can learn. Only really collaborate with people that help you build your brand. It’s quite difficult. I do think we’ve been trained to accept all work and accept money.

Really, you have to be picky realize there’s more to life than money. You have to be thinking about your brand. Your brand has to be what you live, what you dream, what you sleep, what you eat. Everything needs to be your brand. If something isn’t helping you pursue your goals of becoming an influence figure you need to cut that out. You have to be picky about what you actually choose to do and how you spend your time.

You only have 24 hours a day, that’s not very much. Everyone on this planet no matter if they’re rich, if they’re poor, where the from in the world, they all have 24 hours a day. We’re all even on that playing field. We all have the same amount of hours every single day, but how you spend your hours will make you the person you are.

Just think, do you want to become an influence figure and if you do you have to realize your time is precious. You should only spend that time doing the things that’ll help you reach your goals. You might may sound harsh, you may sound mean turning work down but really you’re not being harsh, you’re not being mean. You’re being true to your core. If you want to pursue your goals, if want to be an influencer figure, if you want to have influence on people, you need to put your content out there so people can see it.

The only way you can put your content out there is for you to make that content, for you to market that content. Not for you to help create other people’s content unless you’re doing like I said, a joint venture where you collaborate together and you put a product out. Similar to what me and Jerry are doing right now. We both help each other, but if you’re just helping someone else, if you’re just working for someone else, you’re not becoming an influence figure.

You have to be thinking of the long-term path the whole time, the long-term goal. What is your goal out of this? Do you want to become an influence figure or do you want a bit of money on the side? If you want a bit of money on the side, maybe becoming an influence figure isn’t for you because initially, you won’t be making that much money. Eventually, once you build your brand, build your product, build your following, there’s a potential to make a lot of money.

Until that point, you have to sacrifice a lot of different things. This could be turning down paid work to continue on your path to become an influence figure. You really have to be picky at the work you do and just realize your end goal. What do you want to achieve out of this? If you really want to be an influence figure, you have to only do the work that help you stay on that path of mastery becoming an influence figure.

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