I Spend $600 A Month on Personal Training for Exercise and Weight Loss

I spend $600 a month on personal training in st. Petersburg Florida. I go to Mandy’s free spirit fitness with Denise which is outstanding. I do 2 one-hour-long workouts with her every week and this is money that’s really well spent in terms of how good I feel, how good I look and how much energy I have. I’ve done personal training for several years from 2012 or so to 2016. I initially started doing personal training to lose weight and look better. Then my trainer said something that infuriated me. She said, “Well the exercise is like 20% of how you look but diet and your other lifestyle like the amount of sleep you get, the things you take in your body. Diet and lifestyle are the other 80%.” I thought, “Man, why am I here then? Why am I not working on my diet? I don’t even need to go to personal training.” And what I did shortly after that when I moved, I started working on my diet. I went whole plant vegan and I stopped doing personal training for 3 years.

What I noticed is that I lost a lot of muscle mass. I started being more flabby. It was easier to have less energy and to get really exhausted very easily and I found I miss just the connection having someone to talk to for an hour during personal training twice a week. I ended up going back to personal training because so many other motivated people in my life were doing it. My wife started going to Orangetheory for 3 nights a week where they work out hard every hour and she started with the same reason to lose weight and look good after our second child. The thing with personal training is, it’ll make you look at your diet also because you’re only going to accomplish so much with your exercise alone and thus that’s motivated her now after a few months of doing it to look more closely at her diet.

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I also credit Jewel & Auret who are the members of my partner group. We have weekly group coaching calls with entrepreneurs like me who are full-time online. Jewel, Auret and our partners call each week. They’re consistently telling me about their personal training. They’d say, “Oh we’re just getting back from personal training”. Now I’ve got them in my partner group every week during personal training. Laura doing personal training several times a week and I’m looking at myself and I’m saying, “Well I exercise. I’ve been exercising almost every day for the last three years. I’d take the dog on a 30-minute to an hour walk every day. That’s good enough, isn’t it? What I found is no that’s not good enough if I want to be at maximum health and maximum strength. Walking the dog is great to maintain a basic level of fitness and absolutely at a bare minimum almost every human being should walk or do something active that’s comparable walking for at least 30-minutes if not an hour or an hour and a half every single day.

I also try and stand up for the majority of the day which is why I film my video standing up. For me just walking the dog was not enough to have some kind of good fitness. For example, one day I got in the mood and tried to run. I found that I got extremely winded running and not even half a mile. I thought well this is dumb. This body eats well. I work on it to look good. It ought to be able to easily run a mile. It’s 35 years old. I feel the best and look the best my whole life. It should be able to run a mile and I got motivated to do personal training. The other day I did a workout with Denise and the very first thing she said is, you’re gonna start by running a mile today on a treadmill. I was like, “If that’s just, to begin with then I still got 50 more minutes after that.” I’m grateful that I’m going back to personal training and I’ve been doing it for several months now.

I’ve already noticed a muscle definition all over my whole body and I just feel so light on my feet now. I feel and I don’t have as much muscle pain intention and I like today my hamstrings are sore from a workout I did two days ago. I like having some sort of muscles every day and to me, those are growing pains. I’ve lost a percent of body fat in the first 2 months with keeping my diet the same or maybe even eating a little more out of being hungrier, my whole plant-based diet from the book how not to die and I’ve lost a decent percentage already of body fat. I’m down to 22 percent body fat which may be the least I’ve been maybe ever. I don’t know if I’ve ever been 22 percent body fat and I’m very close to the target zone for a man which I think’s in the 10% to 20%. At one point, I did measure around 30% body fat. Changing my diet, walking the dog and staying Sobers got me down to 23% body fat and with personal training at this rate, I will go under 20% body fat and continue to build more muscle.

What’s awesome is, how quickly my body has responded. On the first assessment workout I did with Denise, I could barely go through 2 rounds of her assessment activities which included push-ups, sit-ups and some basic stability exercises and a few other things. About 2 months later when she did that assessment with me, I did the full assessment by 50% more. I couldn’t even get through the full assessment the first time despite walking my dog and having an active life, I had lost almost all of my vigorous level of fitness. What I see also watching my 4-year-old daughter and my 1-year-old son, they’re constantly exercising and working out their bodies and working on growing their bodies. One of the signs that I’m grateful to have a healthy beautiful body is that I work out. I exercise and then I push it just a little bit further. That’s gratitude to me. I do personal training and that shows my body how grateful I am.

This also is the expense I see which is not similar to something like shopping online for $600 a month. To me, this is an expense that gives me a very high return having a healthy body that looks good, feels good and is full of energy, prevents injuries. It prevents trips to the doctor. It’s an expense that in my mind produces thousands of dollars of return for me every month and the opportunities I can have and my availability to work, I feel good, I look good and I’m ready to go to work. The money I spend on personal training, I’m grateful today I’m willing to spend that money because when I started doing personal training a few years ago, it seemed agonizing to get my wallet out and put down the money for personal training. I was like, “God! This is such a big expense”. I’m grateful for today. This is an awesome expense and I love how it helps another person with their business.

To me, all expenses are not created equal. Just throwing money to the government in taxes versus giving money to an individual for their business that uses it to buy food and has a regular life so to speak. I can do a lot of good spending money in certain ways and I can waste my money in other ways. This is a way that feels good to me. That’s why I’ve talked with you about this because other people inspire me to stay healthy and I help to inspire my massage therapist. She’s like, “Yeah, you were talking about personal training, my friends are talking about working out. I did some light yoga and hurt my back.” I was out of work for 3 days. I’m like, “Well, that’s why I go to a personal trainer” because if I would have just gone back to the gym after not going regularly for 3 years and started trying to lift weights myself, I would have had a good chance of hurting myself.

A personal trainer is valuable because the right personal trainer does a good job of seeing how much your body can handle and pushing you in the right ways that allow muscle growth while minimizing the potential for injury. A lot of us just trying to do it ourselves and lift weights, have a very good chance of directly injuring ourselves while working out. I’ve experienced firsthand what I did, I would work out certain things so hard at the gym like I’d hit the bench press and the weight machines that I would make these big strong muscles at certain areas and they would be imbalanced with other muscles that I hadn’t developed at all. And then when I had a little temper tantrum like one day I had a little temper tantrum in the bedroom, I hurt my back because my muscles were so screwed up and imbalanced from my workouts that it was easy to hurt myself.

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Jerry Banfield