Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

Rich versus poor, which is better? What if the opposite of rich is not poor? What if rich and poor are the same thing and “enough” is the opposite of both rich and poor?

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In a world of rich and poor, what if we look at the differences today and see shocking similarities. Let’s talk about the rich and the poor.

The poor suffer for not having enough money, not able to have food, not able to have the comforts of an everyday life.

The rich suffer from having too much.

The rich are afraid: “What will happen to my money? Where do I go to eat tonight? I can eat anywhere I want to. Where should I go? I don’t know. There are so many choices. I’ll just stay home and order the same thing I did last night.”

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

The poor get thin out of not being able to eat and sometimes the poor starve to death.

The rich get fat from eating too much and the rich die of heart attacks and strokes.

The poor sit on the street with nothing to do all day and people walk by and say, “Wow, what a bum. Get a job.”

The rich work all day, and then don’t have any time to see their families while thinking, “Man, if I just had a little bit more money I could afford to retire and take a vacation.”

The poor man has wealth in time.

The poor man can go do whatever he wants to. There is no job anyway, why not walk around and see everything beautiful all day?

The rich man is a peasant when it comes to time.

He has to be accountable.

“I need to go to work and make my money. I need to check on my prices and my investments.”

The rich man fears constantly over where his wealth will go.

“Do I have enough money to buy this new building?”

“Will I be able to buy more?”

“Will I be a bigger deal?”

“What are these other people going to do?”

“What if I lose all my money?”

“Will anyone still love me if I can’t give them money?”

The poor man suffers for not having money.

The poor man wants for money and thinks that money will fix his problem.

The poor man desperately begs for money, and then gets the money and doesn’t understand why he is poor again.

The rich man takes the money from the poor man as they help each other be peasants together.

The poor man begs for money, and then gives it back to the rich person.

The poor man begs on the street, gets twenty dollars, buys a bottle of vodka that goes back to feed another rich man who stresses and is afraid constantly of whether he will keep making enough money, and maybe he will get to take a vacation before he dies.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

The one who stays at home and has so much money, who doesn’t even need to work is so rich that he wonders what to do with his time.

“Will I get to go do something meaningful today?”

“What should I do?”

“I have all day. I’ve all the money I want to. I can’t decide. There are too many choices. It’s so stressful. I’m not sure what to do with myself today. Oh, my God. I just need to take something to take the edge off of this.”

The rich man drinks himself to death because he has so much money he can afford to go to the liquor store and buy the good vodka every day and drinks himself to death.

The poor man begs on the street and gets enough vodka to drink himself to death all the while feeling broke.

The rich man and the poor man die in perhaps a nicer or not so nice arrangement.

The rich man dies in his place in a beautiful funeral home where his friends and family come visit and cry over him.

The poor man dies on the street, he is quietly shuffled away and no one ends up seeing him when he dies.

But where do both of their souls go?

Their souls both rise next to each other for in death no one has any money anymore. The illusion of differences in money is completely removed.

Meanwhile, the poor man goes along desperately trying to get jobs that he doesn’t like and complains about the jobs, then quits the jobs and wonders why he has no money anymore.

The rich man hops from job to job complaining about the job saying these people don’t properly appreciate him, quits the jobs then people give him another job and he keeps getting more and more money even without trying, still wondering at what point is it enough?

The poor man looks at that bum on the street next to him and says, “Man, at least I’ve got more money than that guy.”

The rich man looks at the rich man in the office next to him and says, “I’ve got more money than that guy.”

The poor man struggles through the rain as he gets soaked and miserable having no place to stay at night.

The rich man sits alone in his house thinking he is somehow better than everyone because he doesn’t get wet when it rains. He is complaining about the one drop that gets on his clothes between the short walk into the parking lot at his work where the one drop of rain drips through the parking garage.

The rich man doesn’t even need to go outside to get to work.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

“My God. It’s raining today. My car’s getting wet. How depressing!”

The poor man wanders around aimlessly with nothing to do thinking that if he had more money he could go do some nice things all the while missing the beauty of life around him.

The rich man has all the money in the world to go do things and travel, but figures if he has enough later in the future maybe he can go do some things and really enjoy life after he has retired.

The poor man stresses about what will happen to his family.

Will he be able to feed his family?

The rich man stresses about what happens to his family.

What if all of his wealth suddenly disappears, will he be able to feed his family?

He thinks everything is so well arranged today, but it could easily go down the drain with one lawsuit or one government intervention. One corporate takeover could ruin everything. One bad decision and all of his wealth could be lost and his family could be out on the street.

The poor man fantasizes about how wonderful it would be to be in the rich man’s house driving the rich man’s car with the rich man’s wife and the rich man’s children, all the while not appreciating his own wife, his own children and his own place to live.

The rich man looks at another rich man and says, “Man, if I had his wife and his kids maybe I’d be happier. If I had his car, if I could make just a little bit more money, I’d be even happier.”

The one who has enough looks around and says my life is good enough as it is today.

I’m happy with my wife.

I’m happy with my kids.

I’m happy with my job or lack of a job.

I’m happy with my place to live.

The one who has truly enough has all the wealth in the world and is in poverty of suffering.

The one who has enough goes through the day and says, “Thank God for what I have today.”

The amount of money I have or do not have in the bank is enough. I’m sure my family will be fed just as we are fed today.

This is good enough today and I’m sure it will be good enough later.

The one who is good enough has nothing to fear for today is good enough, tomorrow will certainly be a lot like today.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

The rich man constantly suffers because tomorrow may not be good enough because today is not good enough.

The rich man must hustle and try hard to make more money, launch more projects and get more email subscribers, show another pointless ad on Facebook or YouTube to try and continue to take more and more money from the poor because the rich man does not have enough money today, but maybe will have enough money tomorrow, which never comes until the rich man is lucky enough to either wake up or die.

The poor man goes around complaining how bad his life is because despite not having the money of the rich man, despite not having the problems of the rich man of needing to go serve everyone who gives the money, the poor man constantly imagines life would be better tomorrow with more money.

The poor man endlessly makes schemes to make money, and then doesn’t understand why every time he gets money, he gives that money back away to a rich person.

He makes a little bit of money from a job, then he clicks on some Facebook ad, throws $300 out on a course, and then all of a sudden is poor again and doesn’t understand what happened.

He worked hard for a week, bought this online course, thought it would help and guess what, it’s just more crap.

He easily could have looked it up for free on YouTube.

The rich man takes the $300 and doesn’t even notice the difference as thousands of other people paid $300.

He still doesn’t have money.

He thinks he is trying to do some good for the world and yet how does he get through each day without being a miserable irritable person to be around?

The rich man thinks he is doing great good in the world by making all this money, by looking good, by being impressive, by building a great reputation while the rich man misses time with his family.

The rich man is at work all the time with his buddies whom he doesn’t really like, but he thinks they can help him build a better tomorrow, and yet today is never good enough.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

Things will always be better.

“You know, when we get this set up tomorrow and we’re going to make this and everyone will just be going crazy, and things will be so great tomorrow because they’re not good enough today.”

The poor man sits at home with his family and complains how he just wishes he had a job that could get him out of the house because he can’t stand being around his family anymore.

If his mother would just get off his back, if his wife and children would just leave him alone for a minute and quit asking whether he is going to get a job, the poor man imagines life will be so much better if he could just get a nice job and be in the office all day, not go home and see his family, make a bunch of money, be a big deal and have a great reputation.

A poor man’s life would be so much better if he could just have the rich man’s life.

The rich man sits in the comfort of his home on his beautiful couch looking at his beautiful kitchen and countertops and he feels sorry for the poor man.

“That poor man just doesn’t have enough money to have a good life like I do.”

He feels separate.

He feels divided.

He feels different.

He doesn’t feel like he can relate to the poor man.

He looks down and condemns the poor man as if he is some lesser soul forgetting that each of us gets the experience to be rich and to be poor, that today’s rich man is tomorrow’s poor man, and tomorrow’s poor man is the next day’s rich man.

We each get a turn.

We go around grabbing for all these pieces of money that if we just had some more of if, we just had some more of these little dollar bills, that somehow they will make our life better forgetting they are just pieces of paper.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

The rich and the poor man both forget they are just pieces of paper.

There are just an idea, they don’t really mean anything outside of what we give them.

The rich and the poor man both go around saying, “Money is the root of all evil. Money’s bad. Money’s gross. People control you with money. The government controls you with money.”

Meanwhile the rich and the poor man are controlled by money.

The rich and the poor both seek an escape out of this same trap.

The trap of not having enough because the idea with money and these pieces of paper, no matter how many of them you get there is always more.

They are printing more every day.

People say, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” but it does.

It does.

It does grow on trees because it’s made out of paper.

In fact, today’s money is made out of electronic zeros.

The computers make today’s money and most of it is not even printed.

It’s literally created out of nothing and the rich and the poor both crave what is created out of nothing.

The rich and the poor both are equally insane.

The rich and the poor suffer together all the while thinking they suffer separately.

The wealthy mother at home with her children who doesn’t have to work hires the nanny so that she can go out and do more things, then misses the time with her children growing up complaining to her friends at a cocktail party that if this person at her league event would just be nicer and that if people would start being nicer to her kids, because her kids are bullied and they just don’t understand her anymore, and maybe if she was just home with her kids, she would have more chances to be there and understand her children.

They would talk to her.

They spend all day with the nanny, so they don’t understand their mother because their mother has so much money and their father’s always at work that their nanny raises them their whole life.

Meanwhile, the nanny goes home and feels poor that she has no money compared to the rich woman, that she doesn’t get enough time with her children because she is spending too much time at work.

She can barely pay her bills each month being a nanny.

The nanny resents the rich mother for not giving her more money to allow her to be wealthy.

Meanwhile, all of the children eat enough every day.

Meanwhile, all the children have enough people that love them every day.

Meanwhile, everyone lives in what looks like a comfortable house.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

The poor wife sits at home, wishes her husband would get a job, and is afraid the children won’t be fed.

Meanwhile, the children are fed.

Meanwhile, the husband is trying to get a job.

They all complain how miserable they are together.

The poor wife in another place has their children die.

They starve to death and she screams out how unfair it is. “How dare you take my children God? My children starved to death. My breasts would not give them enough milk. How dare you take my children God? They starved to death. I’m so poor. If I only could have had more of these stupid paper dollar bills, my children wouldn’t have starved to death. How dare you?”

The rich mother goes around and feeds her children so much that they get fat.

Her children grow up and die of heart attacks and strokes young, and she looks up at God and says, “How dare you take my children from me?”

They grew up fat and couldn’t take care of themselves because they ate so much food, they could buy whatever food they wanted and they stuffed themselves.

Another rich mother, the children have so much money that they go to the liquor store every day and drink themselves to death, they are getting car accidents and the mother looks up and says, “God, how dare you take my children? How dare you give me these children and take them away with alcohol and drugs and food? How dare you do this to me, God?”

The rich and the poor woman both look up and scream for the same reason.

“How dare you do this to me? You give me these things and then you take them away.”

The rich man looks around and sees his family die and says, “God, how could you possibly have this low quality of medical care?”

The poor woman looks around and watches her family die and says, “How can you possibly have this low quality of medical care? I can’t afford any medical care.”

The rich man puts his parents in the hospital and nursing home to try to take care of them, and they die and say, “How could they let this happen to my family? How could they let my parents die? Why didn’t they take good enough care of them? I was paying really good money for that.”

The poor person has their parents die on the street and says, “God, how could you let my parents die on the street like this? Why couldn’t they just go die in a nice nursing home like the rich people?”

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

The poor man walks around thinking tomorrow will be better if he can just get some more money, but afraid that he won’t get any more money, and tomorrow will bring more of the same misery as today.

The rich man is always building, never has enough, constantly has to be making more money because tomorrow will be better than today.

We will build another building.

We will build another business.

We will launch another video.

We will film another course and tomorrow will be better than today.

We will have even more money.

You know, if we had just a hundred thousand more, if we had a million more, if we had a billion more, that would be enough.

Always looking for tomorrow.

The poor family blames their poverty on what happened in the past.

“If this person hadn’t come along and taken all our money, then we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

The rich man blames his situation on the past.

“My parents were so poor I had to make all of this money and now I have so much money I don’t know what to do with it, and it’s really stressful and now I need to medicate myself somehow, and now my life is miserable today because my parents just didn’t have enough money growing up.”

The poor man blames everyone in this life for why he doesn’t have enough money.

He looks around and says, “These grocery stores, these governments, these companies, these other people on the street are taking all of my money. Taxes! I just don’t have enough today. I’m broke. That’s why I’m broke. I’ll tell you why I’m broke. It’s because this company is doing this and that’s why I’m broke. This government, the taxes, that’s why I’m broke.”

Meanwhile, the poor man doesn’t realize he is handing his money over to buy lottery tickets. He is wasting money on things that don’t feed him like cigarettes and alcohol. He spends all the money he gets on things that don’t help him feel good.

Meanwhile, the rich man goes around and complains that the world is in such an undesirable state because of the governments, the companies and the politicians, that the world is so disgusting just because of these people.

The rich man then thinks he can get more and more money, and that if he gets enough money at some point he can fix and control everyone.

The rich man must constantly get more and more money just to have a hope that tomorrow might be better because the rich man surely knows better what would work than the politicians in power and the companies that are in business.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

The rich man surely, with a little bit more money, will be able to buy a better world.

He will be able to just pay everyone to do what he wants to, and then it will be a better world.

The rich mother stresses because she doesn’t know what to do with her children all day. They can go and do anything they want, but what should they do?

The poor mother stresses because she can’t do anything with her children. What should they do?

They can’t do anything.

The rich mother stresses because she is so lonely at home, no one understands her. It’s just her and her children in this huge empty house all day, and she is tired of having to go out and try to make new friends.

The poor mother stresses because she is living in a home with three other families and there are too many other people around every day, that if she would just have her mother-in-law and her family move out, her brother and her three other family members move out, then she could have a little space to herself and enjoy being lonely like the rich woman.

The rich mother goes to the store and shops and endlessly buys more clothes, more shoes, more dresses, more makeup, blockbuster after blockbuster, perfume after perfume, and her closet is so full she can barely find anything.

The rich mother goes around looking for her makeup, her clothes and her shoes, and then telling her children, “Stop that. No. Don’t put that down. No. Don’t touch that. No. You’re going to spill something.”

The rich mother constantly struggles and is miserable in fear over anything happening to all of the things she has bought.

Meanwhile, the poor mother can’t afford anything and laments how bad her life is. She can’t even put on decent makeup, she has one lousy pair of shoes and has to wear the same dress to every job interview because this is the only one that fits her and if she just had a few more dresses life would be nicer.

Maybe her kids might be able to go to a better school if she could just have a little bit more money.

Meanwhile, the rich mother is afraid. “What am I going to do with my children in this school? I don’t know if it’s exactly right for them. Are they going to have the best opportunities in life? I’m sure they are, but what if they don’t? Who are they meeting in this school? What is happening? I don’t like what this teacher is doing.”

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

The rich mother stresses about all the opportunities and choices.

“Should I put them in this school? Should I put them in that school? I don’t know what to do.”

The rich mother is just as miserable as the poor mother.

The rich man is just as miserable as the poor man.

The beautiful rich young girl has so much money she has to find help to spend it.

She is attracted to men who abuse her, and then take her money because really it’s her parents’ money, and her parents weren’t there for her growing up because they were too busy working and making money, and she wants someone who will just pay attention to her, and it seems natural to be with someone who just isn’t even there and participates, and doesn’t really love you and care about you.

The beautiful rich young girl finds men who don’t please her, who take advantage of her, who take her money, who abuse her, and then she wonders what happened.

“Why am I so miserable? Why are men like this? It’s something with men. It’s completely a problem of men. Men are awful. Men are nasty. Men just don’t understand women.”

The wealthy young man has all the women he wants to. He knows he can just pay for women to be with him and he buys women extravagant things and they take his money from him and they take advantage of him.

They have children with him, then he gets divorced. He marries again and gets divorced, and he is paying and taking women out, and all of a sudden now he is poor, and he wonders what happened.

It was natural for him growing up.

His parents had so much money because they worked all the time.

They didn’t pay attention to him.

Any woman who would pay attention to him seemed like the best thing in the world, but then none of them just could properly love him like his mother and he hoped that if he would give them money they would love him just like his parents.

His parents instead of being there and showing up would just give him money and hope that it would be enough for their son to love them.

Now, he gives the women money, but they don’t love him.

He gives them money, but they have the same problem he does.

They don’t love each other and they suffer, and they are all miserable together.

Isn’t it so much fun?

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

What a fun game to play?

Why do we even play this game?

Why do we play this game?

Why do we go around and believe that if we had a little bit more money life would be better only to get that money and spend it, and then be in the exact same spot?

“If I had a little bit more money, my life would be better.”

“Oh, I spent it. Now, my life stinks.”

“If I had a little bit more money, my life would be better. If I just had 20 more dollars my life would be better. If I just had fifty, if I just had a hundred, if I just had ten thousand a month out of my business that would be better.”

“If I had twenty thousand a month…”

“Now, I’m making twenty thousand.”

“Fifty thousand a month I’d build…”

“A hundred thousand a month.”

“A million dollars a month.”

“A million dollars a month, that would definitely be enough.”

“At no point would a million dollars…”

“You know, now I need two million dollars a month.”

“These politicians, the companies, the government, the taxes, three million, five million, ten million, a billion dollars a month, that would be enough.”

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

“A billion dollars a month.”

“Man, everyone’s going to take that from me now. How do I protect this billion dollars a month?”

“How do I protect my billion dollar business?”

“People are suing me trying to take my money. It’s so stressful. I can’t stand it. Is anyone going to love me after I lose all my money?”

“Will anyone love me when I don’t have any money?”

“I don’t have any money. Will anyone love me?”

What is the point of all this?

It’s just a game and we are deciding to play the game.

This is a little game we have played and how easily we forget that.

We don’t start out knowing anything about money or rich or poor.

We learn rich and poor.

The three-year-old child has no want for money.

The three-year-old child truly in a spiritual sense is wealthy.

The three-year-old child has absolute faith that someone will feed them or if they die it’s not a big deal. They will get a chance to come back again somewhere else.

The three-year-old child does not worry about what will happen tomorrow, for today is good enough.

The three-year-old child gets upset and gets over it.

Well, next.

Whatever’s next.

The three-year-old child does not understand why the poor mother is unhappy and the rich mother is unhappy for more than a moment.

What are we hoping to get out of being rich and poor?

Why do we look and say that one or another is better?

Why does no one look and see that being poor is just as bad as being rich?

Being rich is often lonely and miserable, and being poor is often lonely and miserable.

Being rich is often accompanied by a lot of people that want things out of you.

Being poor is often accompanied by not having enough people that want things out of you.

The most ridiculous transaction is when the poor become rich because the poor are thinking always that more money will be better.

The poor are used to no one wanting or expecting anything out of them.

Suddenly everyone wants and expects things.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

You have to come to work now.

You can’t go home and see your family at five o’clock because you need to work overtime. You have a high paying job and you can’t just do whatever you want to or say whatever you want to, or be whoever you want to.

“You need to be like this because we are paying you, we tell you to be like this.”

The poor man becoming rich is in a laughable position for how quickly he forgets what it was like to be poor, any more than saying that was awful and this is better.

“I’ll never be like that again,” while he remains exactly the same.

The rich man goes around thinking somehow he is better than his fellows because a couple of pieces of paper have told him so.

He forgets that he could write down on anything he wanted to on another piece of paper and it would be equally as valid.

The rich man goes around stuffing his face endlessly out of fear of starving to death, while the poor man starves to death and does anyone care?

How many of the rich men care that their fellow poor man is starving to death?

How awful to be a rich person and not to care about the suffering of your fellows?

What an awful burden to be a rich person and look around and say, “All these poor people are starving to death. I keep trying to give them money and they keep giving it back. I give and I give and I give, and it doesn’t matter. I give money and they spend it. They waste it. We give them money and they move into nicer homes and they wreck the homes. They spend all their money and end up back in poverty.”

The rich person can’t seem to get rid of wealth.

The poor man goes to the bank and they want to charge the poor man money at the bank just to try to have a bank account.

The rich man goes to the bank and they give the rich man money for opening a bank account.

“Here’s $500 for opening a bank account and putting a minimum deposit down.”

The poor man tries to put in a few dollars and they say that will be ten dollars a month off of your checking account because you have got so little money in here, you just can’t afford to have an account.

The poor man keeps going to cash his checks and they take a percentage of his checks before it even gets paid.

The rich man earns rewards on the money he spends.

The rich man buys things and gets money back. It costs the rich man less to buy the same thing than it costs the poor man to buy it.

What a ridiculous game?

Why do we even play this game?

Why play the game of money?

Why do we think that if we win the game, we define winning by having more?

But what if having more is just as bad as having less?

What if having enough is the only solution?

What if looking around today and saying that these pieces of paper are enough today?

This food, the studio, this home, this wife, this child, this paint, this lamp, this heat, it’s all good enough, and since today is good enough, tomorrow will certainly be good enough.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

I’ve never not had enough money a day in my life because had I not had enough money a day in my life, this body would have decomposed.

Truly the only way one cannot have enough money is to starve to death.

If you starve to death, there you can say, “I didn’t have enough money to even buy food. I starved to death.”

One can argue the rich man has too much money and all the things money have bought him kill him.

The poor man and the rich man both arrive at Heaven having died of the things that they had or didn’t have.

The poor man shows up to Heaven and says, “God, how dare you let me starve to death like that?”

The rich man says, “How dare you let me have a heart attack like that from all that I consumed because I had money?”

God looks at both and says, “I gave you what you wanted. I gave you what you asked for. I gave you what you needed.”

You see, you get whatever you want.

We all end up here at some point.

Rich or poor, good or not good, we all go the same direction.

We are just playing a little game right now.

What difference does it make if you are rich or poor?

It’s a transitory state.

Tomorrow’s rich is the next day’s poor.

Why are we even here?

Why does all this matter?

Why even think about it or talk about it?

Are we here to learn something?

Maybe we are just here to have fun and play a game together.

Who knows?

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

Thank you very much for experiencing this together.

I was inspired to share this last night after I was reading a book and for perhaps the 10,000 times I thought how awful to be poor, and then all these thoughts poured out of me.

Really, it’s awful to be poor?

How awful is it to be rich, to be alone with your wealth and your money, and no one understands you because everyone else is so poor they can’t understand you?

“Oh, that poor bum on the street, if only he had a job. If only he had more money, then he could get off the street and sleep more comfortably.”

What if he likes sleeping outside?

Isn’t he where he has chosen to be?

Aren’t you where you have chosen to be?

Aren’t you exactly where you have decided to be?

Every decision you have made has put you where you are at.

Why do you think you are better?

You have a piece of paper?

Does it say you are better than someone else on it?

It doesn’t say you are better than anyone on it and if you are not better than anyone, you are not worse than anyone either.

Is someone that has more of these better?

Are you better than me because you got more of these in your wallet?

Well, what if I take more out of the bank account?

If we are not better or worse than each other because of the money we have, what difference does it make?

Why does it matter?

Why does it matter?

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

Life is not any better rich or poor.

Life is exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Our lives can be beautiful if we simply ask and look and see the beauty in them.

A poor life is just as beautiful as the rich life, and even saying that the thought comes, “No, it’s not. No, it’s not. No, it’s not. No, it’s not. Being poor sucks. Being poor sucks.”

We are programed to think being poor sucks and we are therefore programed to suffer the fate of the rich that have too many possibilities, too many decisions.

“What do I do today?”

“I have enough money I can do anything.”


“I can do whatever I want.”

“I could fly to Europe right now.”

“I could fly to China right now.”

“I could go to Vegas right now.”

“I could go do and buy whatever I want, practically, right now.”

And if I can’t buy something, well that’s just confirmation that I don’t have enough money and I need to hustle to make more, and then I can buy this thing.

How many of us set up things that we can buy just to prove we don’t have enough.

“Well, if I can buy this nice car, then I’ll have enough.”

You buy the car, “Well, there’s one that’s a little nicer. There’s a newer model this year. I’m going to buy that. I’m going to buy that.”

The grace comes in seeing the game.

The game is one of choice.

The only way to stop playing the game is not to be here in this life anymore.

We are surrounded.

We are in the middle of the game and we get certainty that someday we will stop playing the game.

So, until then, why not enjoy the game?

If you really want to master the game of money, see that the rich and the poor man have everything in common, and that the man who has enough, the woman who has enough, has all the wealth in the world, and that no amount of pieces of paper can tell you that you have enough or not enough.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

No amount of zeros on a bank account can say enough or not enough.

It is up to each of us to decide what is enough.

Do I have enough today?

And the irony is, this world will often give us more when we have enough today because that’s the challenge. When one has enough, the world will often give more because it’s very easy to be tempted by more.

“Oh, you have enough money today let’s throw a little more at you and see if you still have enough?”

The irony is in receiving more, it’s often difficult to maintain enough.

One wife or one husband is enough.

Two wives might actually be less than one.

Having enough money to feed a family today and a little bit in the bank is enough.

Having a billion dollars in the bank, imagine the stress.

Because if you just have enough, plus a prudent reserve, “Well, what is there to think about?”

You have got enough.

But if you have a billion dollars in the bank, then now, “Wow, we are going to need to start spending some of that and being a big deal and changing the world.”

What if being rich is worse than simply having enough?

What if being poor is merely a reflection of the same sickness as being rich?

You see, being poor or rich has nothing to do with the actual amount of money you have because these are self-definitions.

One person’s definition of poor is another person’s definition of wealthy.

Another person’s definition of wealthy is another person’s definition of poverty.

How many would look at a person who is full of big bank accounts, full of all kinds of dollar bills, full of misery, stress and addiction, and find a person in poverty, to say this person has no wealth?

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

All they have are pieces of paper and zeros in a bank account.

They have no real wealth.

They have no free time.

They have no joy in a daily existence.

They have no love, no gratitude.

Real wealth is love and gratitude.

Real wealth is having enough.

Real wealth is looking around today and saying, “My life is good enough today and I’m sure no matter what I do it’ll be good enough tomorrow. What kind of a life would I like to make tomorrow? A life a lot like today.”

I think I’ve said enough.


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.