Power Editor Facebook Ads YouTube Video Tutorial 2014

Power editor Facebook ads tutorial 2014.

The Power Editor is where you actually want to make the ads. You use the Ads Manager to get some insights on what you should do in the Facebook Power Editor. The Power Editor is on that list of menus I showed you back a few pages. The Power Editor links right there and I recommend always using the Power Editor on a desktop computer with a good connection. You want a solid computer and good connection to use the Power Editor because it sucks if it’s on a laptop with WiFi. I know because obviously I did that. It is so much better on a desktop with a good hardwired connection. The reason is, you need to download your ads to the Power Editor and then upload them. So if you’ve went and made 500 beautiful ads and you try and upload them and it goes 1, 2, really painfully at a time, then you’ll figure out you shouldn’t do that and you’ll get a desktop and you’re hardwired in.

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So, the Power Editor by Facebook. This is what the Facebook Power Editor looks like and this is where you click create ad. Let’s use the pen on it. You pick create ad right there to make a new ad and I’m going to do this quickly, I already made the ad to show you. This is what the ad you can make in the Power Editor. This is an ad similar to what I would make if I was advertising this on live training. I’m not advertising this because there’s more cost effective ways to do it than Facebook ads and I’m trying those out now. So, if I was advertising this on Facebook ads, this is how I would make the ad. You can see the strength of the ad is here in the, look how much text that is. Do you remember how short the other area was? This is a lot of text. That’s what’s great about the Power Editor, you can use a lot of text. You can put more info down here and then you can make a nice post down there. You can make a nice post that then the post can get social proof on it and shortcut for social proof show your post ads if you know they’re good, show your post ads globally first, get social proof on them, and then show them where you want sales.

Once you’ve made the ad, you build all elements of the ad and if you’re thinking right now well how do I know what I should put where, there’s no surefire way to know beforehand . If you want to get great ads, you have to test, test, test. If you’re thinking of banging your head on the wall or something right now, that’s good. It is hard to get a great ad campaign going. It often takes a bit of luck. You have to try all kinds of different combinations, different text combinations, different link descriptions, different headlines, different URLs, and then I always recommend try one ad first, make sure it gets approved and then make more. There’s nothing like making 50 or 100 or 500 ads and then getting them all rejected by Facebook at once. Yes I’ve done that several times. Make one ad first and then make more ads off of that testing each part of it and the only way you can know which of these will work is just test, test, test.

Once you’ve made the ad, then you can check out the conversion pixel. You put your, you use these conversion pixels and then you optimize by one. So I could all of my conversion pixels on this ad, and then just use one pixel to optimize by. You can choose your placement and I recommend choosing your placement and testing that out. If you can get the desktop writing column to work, it’s way cheaper than getting any other ad placement to work. But, at the same time, the desktop writing column doesn’t often work. Again, test, test, test.

Then, you can use the data you’ve figured out from the Facebook Ads Manager to put in audiences that work for you. If you have a website, using your website visitors is a great small audience to use to get maximum conversions. I technically have ads running for my Facebook Udemy course. Udemy makes those ads for me and they convert anywhere from 5 to 20%. They’re retargeting ads so someone has to go to my course to start with and then click on the Facebook ad. If you have website traffic, you can use ads like that to bring people back to your website. T hose often can work really well.

Still, it’s important even if you’re using web traffic or you already know about an audience you want to put the age in and make sure your audience is the right size. For $5, $10 a day budget, a few hundred thousand is usually a good size audience if it’s in the U.S. You want to make a smaller more targeted audience unless you’re overseas and you’re going for max page likes or something, then you want a bigger audience so the ads actually run.

Now, this is what an ad looks like after it’s done and this is an ad actually my newsfeed. What do you see the problem in this ad is? And I mean, I like upstart, but this is a big problem on their ad. Three likes. There’s no social proof on this thing. There’s no social proof on it and social proof is often an unconscious thing most people take not of. There’s only three likes on this, I know this ad hasn’t been running very long. Now let’s compare that, this is what I do for my, back when I ran ads. Well, let me skip, if you wan to get conversions that’s like this, you want ads and this is my ad but you want ads that have social proof on them. You want ads that have thousands of likes and then have some comments and shares on them, and I ran this one first globally and then I went back and ran it in the U.S., Canada, etc., to get more people my website. But my data shows that for when I do ads on Facebook don’t work to actually convert business straight to me. Youtube works, Odesk works, but Facebook ads don’t work so well. But when you, that’s what I said about the 90% of ads, 90% of things you advertise will not work at all. If you have something that doesn’t work at all the best thing you can do is either not try Facebook ads or try them real quick and quit. Since most things don’t work, it’s worth a test, but you don’t want to invest too much in it to find out it doesn’t work.

That is all I have to offer about the Facebook part of this presentation. I’ve shown you the most profitable, the best method I know to make money on Facebook which is using a powerful profile to send messages. I’ve shown you what the best of what I know about getting ads to work and I’ve given you the information you can use to avoid making some of those painful mistakes I’ve watched hundreds of people make by investing thousands in Facebook ads that don’t get them anything.

Now, let’s talk about growing pains. If you’re trying to make money on Facebook, if you’re using Facebook ads or marketing to try and make money, let’s go back to that why. If you’re trying to use Facebook ads and marketing to make money, you are likely working with two things uphill and these are the two biggest growing pains I’ve had in the last three years. And these are two things I never got past or I didn’t’ get past in the seven years between when I tried to start and when I did start. The learning and community is what finally gave me the courage to start. When I tried to first get started in 2004 I had no idea where to go and learn things that would be useful online. I tried joining an MLM community and it just was awful. I found out the people above me were hardly making any money despite putting a lot of time and energy into it and I though well why would I want to try to work up to that. I quit, I gave up and a lot of people I came across, they end up talking to me, at that point of giving up and I hope if you in a place where you’re trying online, I hope sharing my growing pains with you can help you not give up yet because it’s hard to be successful, it’s hard to make money on Facebook. I did it the hard way, banged my head against the wall until something finally worked and the wall caved in.

Learning and community were my two biggest growing pains. I didn’t know where to go and learn what I need to know. I just did it the hard way, I created ads for myself, getting started and they failed and failed and failed until I created global ads that got me a lot of likes and then I realized I could that to help other people. I just learned the hard way, I wasted tens of thousands of dollars learning the hard way. All of my savings, my wife paid all of the bills while I was doing this and if she hadn’t been suffering away as a personal injury attorney in a job that she did not find the value there for why she became an attorney, she worked there until I could get through these growing pains. You, I don’t know if you will have that much time and opportunity to get through your growing pains so maybe this will make it a little easier.

The learning part of it is very painful especially if you want to get good at Facebook ads. Practically the only way most people can do that is if you get a client to pay you to learn and that’s how I got so good at Facebook ads in a lot of people’s opinion is by having hundreds of clients pay me to learn Facebook ads. They knew nothing about it and I knew a little bit more than nothing about it and I learned with them. The more I learned, the better their ads got and now I’m able to consistently create ad campaigns well because I spent a lot of time learning. But I was lucky I could get so many clients and I got them almost all of them through Facebook messages and Youtube videos. But learning is really hard, especially if you’re trying to learn something that doesn’t have an established community or where clients are not going to pay you very easily. Facebook ads was wide open when I started, there were very few people helping with it and it was easy for me to get people to pay me because they didn’t know who else could help them.

Now if you’re in something else like copywriting or if you’re in Facebook ads now it can be a lot harder to get people to pay you to learn. The learning has been really hard and I’ve given the best of what I know for free to make your learning a lot easier than mine was and of course in giving that then I get back from that.

But the second thing is community. I spent thousands more dollars trying to join the right community. I joined local chamber of commerce and this is a horrible story because I messaged their page, I used what I’ve showed you I messaged their Facebook page to try and get them as a client and their sales lady invited me in to talk about it and I came out of there with a trustee membership. A trustee membership is like five times as expensive as a regular membership and then you only go to trustee events which cost more and then you might even want to host a trustee event which really gets expensive. My ego got me into that position because as soon as I sat down I thought, well if I was, I need a community of people where I can get more clients and I should be a trustee because that’s much better than a regular member. That cost several thousand dollars. You know how much money I made off that? Three hundred. Three hundred dollars. I could have not done anything at all and came out way farther ahead.

I joined a business networking community. That actually did make some money back but when you calculate how much time and energy into it, I effectively lost ten or twenty dollars an hour every minute I spent in the business networking international group. And it was the best one in our area, it was a really good group. It’s just, for what I do and what you might do as a consultant or in trying to make money online, it’s hard to find a good community. A good community is really hard to find. If you have a value mindset similar to what I do, if you’re working for a greater good, you’re working for more love and happiness, if you have a sense of spirituality, it’s very hard to find a good community for that in the context of making money online, making profits on Facebook because most of the communities online are organized with a similar mindset to what I had when I first tried making money online in 2004. A mindset of, here’s how you do it and it’s like an MLM type setup or it doesn’t tend to attract the kind of people that I want to be in a community with. I want to be in a community where people give their best learning out and where I can listen and pick what I need from other people’s knowledge and then I give that myself to other people. I’m in a community like this locally for life generally. We share our, what we’re doing in our life and we listen to what other people are doing and that learning environment’s really effect.

I hope these power editor Facebook ads tutorials have been helpful for you!

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