How I Turned 6000 Likes into Conversions – A Power Editor Tutorial


You are about to experience an awesome Facebook Ads 2015 tutorial showing you how to use the Power Editor and Ads Manager on a boosted post to get low cost conversions through to your website  exactly like I’m doing for myself.

Creating a campaign in the power editor

You can see right here I’m getting around 30 cent conversions every single day to my website. I’m going to show you exactly how to do that with the newest interface as of January 3rd, 2015. This is a free series of preview lectures from my best-selling Facebook Ad and Marketing course on Udemy. People like my course because I demonstrate that I do ads for myself. I do a lot of them for myself  and I do them very well for myself. It’s easy to prove to people I know what I’m talking about when I’m willing to actually run ads for myself.

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The power Editor consistently get’s a lot of updates so here’s an introduction and a quick basic making a conversion ad in the Power Editor – December 17th, 2014. I will consistently update all of my lectures  to match the newest interface.

First, let me share what I’m going to use the Power Editor to do. I want conversions to my website. In other words, I want people to click, visit my website, and stay on there. What I’ve done before making an ad in the Power Editor is to make an outstanding post on my website that has giant social proof with a direct link to my website that will work excellent as a conversion tool.

I’ve set up the post by simply boosting it and creating the ads you seen right here where I got ridiculously low cost engagement – 6500 post likes and 400+ web clicks 267 tracked conversions for $29.

I’ve you’ll notice as I’ve shown this course, I’ve done this with ads optimized to third world countries. That’s exactly what I’ve done to get this post ready to use in the power editor for conversions. I go into the power editor, I open it up and I’m grateful they’ve made so many good changes to the power editor. I like to start by resetting the power editor to clear out any problems.

I clear out the problems in the power editor, I just want to go down and load my own account. I remember what my account starts with. I do not want to load all of the campaigns from the start of time, I have a lot of campaigns in my account, so I just load within the last month. That helps it load fast and still it has to load 1244 images, I’ve got nearly 100 MB, I guess about 75 or 80 MB connection. The connection speed matters a lot for the power editor.

The new power editor interface works like this: Campaigns>Ad Sets>Ads. I’ll try and explain everything that I’m doing. I’ve got this post right here that I just showed you right here in the ads manager. What I want to do is create a new campaign and I want website conversions, then I’m going to call this My Udemy Conversions and I click create.

Evergreen post that has over 6000 engagements

Ultimately I want to create the Udemy conversion campaign that sends people to this page on my website. It’s a fairly simple page, what it does is then send people to my Udemy courses when they click on here using whatever coupon code I have available that day.

This is an evergreen post I set up that I can use indefinitely. It offers a free code on it for the next 25,000 students. However, when the free code runs out, the codes are all set up so I can then smoothly transition to sales. I’ve ran this in the third world giving out tons of free codes, getting bunches of students for a low cost, then I use the Power Editor to turn this into a sales magnet now.

The advantage is I’ve got all of this engagement on something for free that now turns into a sales campaign as soon as I’m ready for it and I can even start it out as a non-sales campaign just to get it done at maximum effectiveness.

To select that campaign, I go to this campaign. I selected not uploaded. I go into ad sets now I need to create ad set. I chose campaign, I used existing campaign. I call this US tech. That’s my first ad set and I do my ad sets by my targeting group.

I’m calling this USTech. I started at $10 a day . The time is now synced to Eastern, which is nice. I edit my audience. I want to do about 28 – 51. That seems to be about my sweet spot for the most part and I will still put English in here. Then I can use a broad category to start because these are proving to be cheaper lately than those ultra niche targeting ones.

All I have to do is try this to start with and then I branch out from there. 60 million people might seem like a ridiculous amount to start with – that’s fine. I’m going to just create this and then create all the other as side by side and I will let Facebook tell me where I’m getting my lowest cost conversions instead of assuming. I keep all of these the same then I’m going to diagnose these after I’ve made these ads. I want to start with a more broad campaign and let the data tell me what actually works.

The more I do Facebook ads, the more I let the data tell me what works and not assume I know. The more you do anything it gets easier to assume you know. I have to keep a bit of humility to say I don’t know exactly how this will work best, but I will try a bunch of things and figure it out.

Power Editor options

I’ve created the targeting now. I click ads and there’s an option to filter by ad set in here to make sure I’m in the right ad set,  and you can see it’s in the campaign so now I click “Create Ad.” I use this campaign, I make a new Ad set and I Create Ad.

I just call it BanWork Post because it’s already up there. Let’s take a look at this. I go down here and I’m going to first find my page. Now I click use existing post. I do not like dark posts because It’s a waste. Why wouldn’t I just have that post on my page already?

Now I have to scroll down and find that post. It’s a little tough  because I made a whole bunch of posts since then so in order to make it easier I scroll up, I grab the page post here and I just start scrolling. There we go!

I found that post,  I just matched it up with my page. I used this actual page post, look how that looks now. Since I’m using the actual post, Facebook will let me keep all of my shares on there. If I create a dark post, the dark post has to fly solo. It has to roll without all of that social proof.

The consistent theme I’ve seen in all of my client ad accounts that are making hundreds of thousands of sales, the social proof is huge.  How many ads do you see that have very low social proof? How many ads do you see that have this massive amount of social proof? It’s one of those sub-conscious things most people don’t even think about, but they will take very seriously and it will modify their actions.

Here’s how I put this pixel on. I have a pixel here called Udemy. I hit Select. I show you where this is at on my page. It’s right around here. If I go to inspect element I can even find it down here. There’s a Facebook conversion tracking code on so all I have to do then is trigger that code on the page. I’ve already put it on there and I’ve shown at other lectures how to put it on there.

It’s the Udemy pixel and I optimize for clicks to my website. What’s cool is, in this post here people were actually optimized on engagement. Facebook optimized them for clicking “Like” or clicking anywhere on the post. Here’s the thing: when I run a conversion ad, Facebook will optimize and try and  get this ad in front of people that are clicking on it and whenever they click on something right here, it will go straight to the website. That’s exactly what I want.

I’ve used existing post, I’ve got my conversion tracking pixel set up. That ads all set right there. The audience is configured up, but I have my pricing set up right here. I’ve got optimize for conversions, which is what I want. Then in the pricing, I’ve just set it up for $10/day and I’ve let it run and optimize on website conversions. The problem if I just set the amount of conversions worth, I am likely to not have my ads show at all and no one wants their ads not to show at all.

When I’m all done with that, I hit upload changes I continue. Thankfully Facebook’s made massive improvements  to the power editor since I started doing these tutorials. It is so much easier to use the power editors than it used to be. To see these,  I look at my Udemy conversions post. I go in my ad set here and I take a look to make sure it came out alright.

I look on the ad and look at that beautiful ad right there. It now has all of the social proof on my post so  when people see that they know this is a serious ad. This ad has been done by someone who has big time engagement who can get people something that genuinely is worthwhile. What I’m ultimately trying to do is reach the influencers with this ad.

You can see the entire process I’ve done from start to finish with the power editor and the nice thing is when I use an existing post it should go through the review process pretty quickly because it already got approved before in the boosted post option.

What I want to do is never go through the work of getting something that’s rejected. I start with the Ads manager, I create a post first on my page then once that post is proven to work, then I go through and make the conversion ad because worst case scenario to me is I waste my time doing what I just showed you and then get the ad rejected.