Can We Pray Together?

Can we pray together because we all can benefit of the power of prayer, which can help you and me experience a better life?

Can We Pray Together?

Can we pray together?

I just watched a video on, not even a video, I read a book called “Physicians’ Untold Stories.”

Can We Pray Together?

It talks about how a patient with multiple sclerosis who was near death, put out on a radio station how she was about to die and asked if people would please pray for her. She got up out of her wheelchair that day and she was able to walk and had a miraculous recovery.

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I cried reading that story because I know that’s true. I know the power of prayer. I’ve seen it in my life. I’ve seen it in other people’s lives.

I realized I have something I need to ask for. I need to ask for prayers for myself. I cried because I felt unworthy to ask for prayers for me, I felt selfish to ask for you to pray for me when there are so many other things going on in the world.

And yet, I know last year in 2019, I put a video up “Prayers for my mom” and the prayers made such a big difference. I got to go visit my mom as a result of those prayers. She got healthy enough for us to come visit.

Prayers do work, and I want to pray for you. I want to pray for you and get you to know the power of reaching out to other people that if there’s something struggling in your life, you can pray for it.

So let me tell you, here’s where I’d like your help.

Can We Pray Together?

First, please tell me in a comment, what you’d like me to pray for, for you one or two sentences, as specific as possible. For example, if your dad’s sick, pray for your dad’s health and for you to have peace about it.

Val says, thank you on the live stream.

Thank you, Val.

Please give me something to pray for, for you.

I’m imagining I’ll get a thousand prayers in and I want to give a thousand prayers out.

For me, will you please pray for my eyesight to be restored to 20-20?

I had my eyesight change. It was 20-20 and I could see great. I’ve worn glasses for the last 20 years. I don’t want to wear glasses anymore and I refuse to wear my glasses because I know my eyes can go back and I want to be able to see clearly.

I want to be able to see things in focus. I want to have the story to share with other people to say, “This is how I restored my eyesight, all natural.”

I know this is possible and I’ve been trying so many different things and it just hit me. The thing I need to do that I believe will work, we’ll pray.

So, will you please pray for me to see clearly, both in the biggest sense and now have my eyesight restored to 20-20, because I want that story for the rest of my life to say, “This is how I got my eyesight. I asked people to pray for me. I prayed for a thousand other people for what they needed and my eyes, I woke up one morning, my eyes fixed them. My eyes were back to 20-20.”

I love my eyes. I appreciate my eyes. I have been doing affirmations. I’ve stopped wearing my glasses. I’ve been talking to my eyes. I tried taking vitamins and stuff, and this is the one thing I really care about, that I really want healing with because it’s inside my own body.

Can We Pray Together?

I think we need to be able to pray for each other, that there’s a power that comes in when we ask for help. So would you please pray for that and tell me what you want me to pray for?

Ask other people to help you. I got miracles asking for prayers for my mom, and I want you to know, I want this story for you, so that when you’re struggling with something, you know that all you need to do is ask for help.

Sometimes the prayers may not work in a linear fashion. You might pray for me and my eyes just may fix themselves, or I might be guided to something else that will fix them.

What I’m not interested in is doing something like surgery. I don’t want to have carving and I know I want to show that there’s another way because so many of us already do it that way. I want to show that there’s another way and that we can get these miracles to happen within our lives.

So, I thank you for your help.

I love you.

I appreciate the chance to help you see that whatever you want prayed for the change that it’s okay, reach out, ask for help. People will help you. People want to help you. I want to help you with whatever you need to pray for.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

So let me know in the comments which you need to pray for, and let’s do this.

Let’s do this, let’s help each other. Let’s show how well prayer works and experience the benefits in our lives.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.