The First Jerry Banfield Show – Praying for Guidance

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The First Jerry Banfield Show – Praying for Guidance

I was praying for guidance at the beginning of the year, Michelle helped me work through a big block I had last year. She did a kind of a future progression. It’s the opposite of a past life, or look back. I went in the future and I was four years in the future.

The First Jerry Banfield Show -praying for guidance

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I was in my mom’s house. My mom had just died. My brother was there and I was looking around the house. She has a lot of stuff, all mom’s stuff was there.

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I hadn’t visited my mom in four years and I hadn’t visited before that for four years. So in that future progression it was eight years that I hadn’t visited my mother.

I felt how sad, I felt looking around at that and I thought, “No, no, I’ve got to change this.”

It was so nice, like that showed me, this is where I’m going. That’s the trajectory and I have the chance to change that. I remember feeling so awful looking around the house.

I’d gotten to that point because I rationalized, “Well, my mother lives in Mississippi and she’s there by herself and I’ve got two kids, I’m very busy and important. I don’t have time to go visit my mother and it’s not fair that I uproot my whole family and drive everybody out to visit her. She should come visit me.”

And she did, even though she’s been very sick the last number of years, she came and visited in 2016 twice and in 2017 and I continue to maintain the position that she should just keep doing that.

The First Jerry Banfield Show - praying for guidance

It’s her choice to live there. It’s unreasonable to ask me to come visit her. Thankfully working with Michelle, I saw that, “Oh my God, I need to go there.”

So I took nine more months to plan a trip to go visit my mother.

Once I saw that vision, I got on top of it. I had a lot of resistance built up to visiting my mother and finally, we went to visit her for new years, this was about six months ago.

That trip broke a bunch of blocks open in my mind, I got out of my comfort zone. Laura did not want to make that visit because she had to do all the planning and everything for it. That’s a whole week where she can’t see her family and it costs money to go do that.

We had a beautiful, perfect trip to see my mother and she got to meet her grandson for the first time, to see her granddaughter for the first time in two years.

When I came back from that trip with that broke open, I’m like, “I’ve got to get with people in person. I’ve got to stop doing these stupid videos in my studio. I’ve got to get with people in person.”

I’m praying, “Please, God guide me.”

I’m cutting all these expenses right before that, I just met with a bankruptcy attorney.

I learned that no matter how much money you can make, you can spend it. In fact, the more money you make, the more credit you will be given, the more people will trust you with money, the more it seems reasonable: “Well, a $900 a month car payment when I’m making a thousand dollars a day is not a big deal.”

The First Jerry Banfield Show - praying for guidance

What happens when that thousand dollars a day goes away?

That’s a big car payment.

I built up a lot of expenses. I went on all these ambitious plans to try to conquer the world and had a lot of success, but last year it really just went downhill. Everything just kept failing and I got so frustrated, so I went and met with a bankruptcy attorney.

She said, “You’re borrowing money to make the minimum payments, you need to declare bankruptcy.”

At first I thought about that, then I kept thinking, “When I die, what do I want my story to look like?”

I want it to look like that. I changed my life and my spending habits, and that is what fixed my finances. Not that I just said, “Screw you at all my creditors,” but then I made the right changes.

Therefore with that mindset of like, “Oh my God, I’m borrowing money to make the minimum payments.”

I came in as a part of cutting my personal training. I was doing $600 a month in personal training. I cut that and I get a gym membership.

I’m praying to God for help me while, “Please help me. I don’t know the help I need, but I’m asking for it.”

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I love you.

Youโ€™re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.