Are You Praying For Help? You Will Receive It

The help you need is right in front of you today, it always has been and always will be. This is a powerful thought that helps me a lot and can help you. The help you need is right in front of you. You already have the help you need.

In my experience, the help I need is right in front of me means that I already have the solution to my problems. I can’t have a problem absent of a solution. It’s the simple yin-yang solution of the universe. If there’s something I don’t like there’s something I do like right there with it and vice-versa. I’ll give you some examples that will help you to see what I’m talking about when I didn’t use the help that was available to me. The biggest block to using the help available to you is fear. Fear will often stop you from using the help you have available. It will also stop you from seeing what you have available. I pray to be open to seeing the help that is already available. I pray to have courage in using the help that is available. In short, I pray to see it and to use it.

For example, one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to deal with in my life  was hitting puberty and all the changes that come with being a teenager. I dealt with things as best I could isolated in my bedroom feeling lonely and praying for help. I got frustrated when the help I prayed for did not come to me with no effort. The help I needed was all around me the whole time. My dad had dealt with all those same things. He’s a man and had 30 years of experience dealing with those things by the time I had to deal with them. Do you know what I did? I did not ask my dad for help. That’s a perfect example of one of the most challenging problems that my body was going through.

I didn’t ask for help with it until recently. For the first time, I am at peace with my body since I was a teenager. Having those changes happen to my body was the first time that I got out of peace and out of sync with my body. When you get out of sync with your body, life starts to suck. Your body is with you all the time and when you start to not like your body, it gets to be painful.

The help is right in front of you to get help with it. That’s the beautiful thing about it. There are people in your life right now that you can ask for help with almost any problem you have. That fear barrier will come into play. You will be afraid you can’t talk to them you can’t trust them. Your fear will pop up a hundred reasons why there’s absolutely no one in your life you can talk to or trust. That’s where you need the courage to see that there is a person that would be good to talk to.

Ask for those things you will get them. If you ask to act in courage to do the right thing. Ask to have the serenity to have the vision to see the help that’s already in front of you. Those things will be given to you based on my experience.

Here’s another example with this initial body pain and suffering I developed over 5 years. I got to a point where I hated being in my own skin. When I tried drinking, I liked that drinking numbed the pain of being in this body. I started drinking as much as I could as often as I could. By the time I was 29 I had one hell of a drinking problem and again, the same thing happened. I would not ask for help. I would bring up the problems that were going on. I was not open to receiving the help that was already there.

My dad had way worse drinking problems then I could survive through. He has tons of experience dealing with it, but he did not feel encouraged to talk to me about it. When he did I would not be open to it. I was afraid of trying to live a better life because I wouldn’t know who I was anymore. I was closed off even though he put the help right in front of me. He put all the tools in front of me. He led by example, he lived without drinking the last 23 years of his life. I was not open to receiving the help the whole time. Through the 11 years I struggled with drinking, the help was in front of me the whole time. Finally one day I got so desperate I asked for help. I told God I would do anything to stop drinking and I could see the help that was already in front of me. Through that prayer I had the courage to actually go and use the help and now I go to a group every day.

What amazes me sitting in that group some days is that the group was right across the street the entire history of my drinking. There was help available right across the street from the first time I drank to the last time I drank. The miracle is that the last time I finally opened my eyes and looked for the help and I had the courage to use it. I prayed to open myself up to use the help that was already there. The whole time I drank all the help I needed was available. The whole time I struggled with my body as a man, help was available all the time. I took 15 – 20 years of my life being miserable and ignoring the help. I was afraid of using the help that was available to me. Being afraid will take the form of rationalizations most effectively. With things like shame. Shame is something you have to get rid of it will change your whole soul.

Based on my experience, no matter who you are or where you are, there are people out there that will help you with your shame. What will happen is your mind will rationalize all the time. It will immediately say you can’t trust that person. When you try to tell someone else, you mind will say you can’t trust them either. You will they wouldn’t like you anymore, or they would fire you. If you pray for help with it and you ask, if you don’t know exactly how to go about it. If you pray for help and are open to receiving the help, you’ll figure out exactly how to do things. You’ll find the right counselor to go to. You’ll find the right support group. You’ll find the right place to go to get help.

For example, today I’ve been having an issue lately with pest control. There have been some rodents in the attic. Today, I called the pest control service. It’s that simple, but how many days did I have the rodents in the attic but I was too lazy to call the pest control service? The help you need today, especially with the internet is right at your fingertips. It’s in the phonebook, it’s in a text message, a phone call, or a Facebook message. Even this video, if you are struggling with something today,  has the help right in it for you. It has that peaceful message right in it for you that can inspire you to look within and ask for help with whatever you need. This video is proof that the help you need is right in front of you. It’s not me that is the help. It’s the world, the universe. God always provides the help you need at all times, it’s right in front of you. I find peace and comfort in knowing that everyone else has the help they need right in front of them and very often they’re getting it.

Sometimes when bad things happen, when tragedies happen, that is the help they need.  For example when my dad died last year, that was the help I needed. I depended on my dad so much, but I often didn’t listen to him. The biggest help he could’ve provided last year was passing on and forcing me to open up more. It forced me to look for more help. There’s no arguing it because that is what happened. These are all ideas and I choose to believe ideas that are helpful for me today. If I believe the help I need is never available or I have to go and get it that’s not helpful for me. That makes life hard and miserable. I’ve had enough misery in my 31-year-old life; I’ve had enough misery for a lifetime.

It’s not just about me. Haven’t we as humanity had enough misery already? Haven’t we done each other enough wrongs in enough time, in enough countries? Haven’t we done it enough times now? Haven’t we had enough? Isn’t it time to see that we all have the help we need in front of us? I think it is and that helps me today. I pray today that I continue to remember this throughout the day. I’m amazed how many of these videos I make that help I needed I already made it in the video that morning.

I was struggling with something and got a little irritated the other day and what did I do when I prayed for help? I remembered the video that I made that morning. I prayed in the video that when I was annoyed I would remember that video. Then you know what happened? I got annoyed, I prayed and then I remembered the video. Then it all didn’t seem so heavy and serious. I know these videos are helpful for me, that’s why I make them. The beauty of it is I don’t see that you and I are so different. Maybe if they’re good for me to help me, they can be useful to you.

I pray today to ask for help seeing the help that is available in front of me. I pray to have the courage to face and overcome my fears related to using the help that’s already in front of me. I pray to use the help that’s already been given to me. With every challenge, all the help and solutions have also been provided. It’s an amazing thing when you see that with every problem, a solution is included. That doesn’t mean you will see it immediately. It’s there and if you ask to see it, it will be shown to you. I pray that you have the same opportunity today to see that you have the same opportunity all the time. If you know you can’t see it you can ask for help seeing it and that will work.

If you can see it and you can’t use it and you pray for help to use it, have courage to overcome the fear. Then you might have a chance to have the wonderful life right this moment that you’ve been working on for so long. The life that you’ve struggled to get to. It’s here right now. You don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to heaven or hell because you’re already in heaven. You may already be in hell. All you need to do to get out of hell is ask for help and watch  for the hand that comes to help. I’m grateful that this has been my experience and it is my experience now and I would guess it will continue to be my experience. Thank you for reading this, I’m honored for each moment you’ve spent here. I hope this is the help you need and I hope you have a great day today.