Praying for my Mom Cathy?

Will you please join me in praying for my mom, her name is Cathy, because she’s very sick, she’s been sick for a long time and she is open and ready for your prayers. 

She’s too sick to even leave the house, she lives by herself in Mississippi and she’s got offers to move and be near her family but she’s been too sick for a long time to even make the move. Please will you join me in praying for her because if you like me you’ll feel so good to pray for somebody else and I’ll keep you updated on my website.

Prayers for My Mom Cathy

Her name is Cathy and I got some pictures up here of my mom and me and my dad. My dad had already passed away, he had something like leukemia, bone cancer, and I remember before that I just felt so sorry for myself for losing my father at 29 years old. This has been a tough journey with my mother. Losing my father was really helpful as it motivated me to go to Alcoholics Anonymous and get sober and I felt all the prayers. I went to Alcoholics Anonymous and that first day I sat in the parking lot and I felt all the prayers people sent for me. It has taken me awhile to consciously be aware of them but on an unconscious level I was aware of them. Those prayers made a big difference. 

I was also just praying for a little boy named Hunter, he was 7 years old, I’ve never met him and he had cancer and his godfather was sharing about this and talking about how much it hurts, how much he didn’t like seeing that little boy sick with cancer. I watched a movie with Will Smith called Collateral Beauty and I prayed my but off for that little boy. He is now so good, he finished his chemo treatments, he is free of cancer, he is growing his hair back and it’s amazing. He is back in school after being home schooled and I prayed so much for that little boy, I thought so much about him and I suddenly realized I’ve let up praying for my mom. 

My mom had chronic daily migraines since I was a teenager, I have been praying to God so many times “God, please help my mother with these headaches.” She kept having headaches and I just gave up “These prayers stuff is not working, it’s not working, I am quitting, I am done, I am not praying, nobody is listening up there.” That is not true, that is not true. Sometimes we just need patience and sometimes we need to ask for help. Sometimes we need to ask a lot of people for help.

I’ve asked “Why God, why is there all this pain and suffering in the world?” and the answer I got to that is to help each other. It feels good to help each other and things like my mom being sick is an opportunity for many of us to help each other. 

Prayers for My Mom Cathy

My mom fell off her horse, the horse is pictured here, she fell off her horse in 2015 and almost died. A lot of us were praying for her, my mom was smashed up like Humpty Dumpty. As we were paying for her she had a miraculous recovery until she got out of the hospital and nursing home. She got back on her feet and ironically that was the time it was the worst for her because that’s the time most of us let up on our prayers, like “Ok, mom is better now, she ought to be able to run her own life.” I’ve been struggling a lot with that, I’ve been struggling with judgement and looking at my mom and saying “You ought to be able to change, you ought to be able to do these things to make your life better.” I know for me, as an alcoholic, that didn’t help me. I drank for 11 years and my mom, my dad, my family and friends could see that I needed to change, that I needed to stop drinking, that I needed to get sober, that I needed to try and do something else in my life.

My father used to tell me “You abuse alcohol” and yet that didn’t motivate me to do better. In fact that kept me stuck in the same spot. All the people who prayed for me, my parents, my wife and her family, all my friends, the sicker I got and the more I started telling my friends and family how sick I was the more prayers I got and that’s when I got inspired to go get better myself.

I made a video last night, I had a really good cry about this. I’ve just recently been telling so many people about how messed up my mother’s life was and that was kind of a defense mechanism. A defense mechanism so that I didn’t look at my mother’s pain. She lives by herself and is too sick to even go to the doctor, she is too sick. She said “I want to move, I want to change my life but I need to feel better first. I can hardly move out of the horse, how can I move somewhere?”  I keep telling her what she should do, she should move, she should change her diet, she should go to a different doctor… I keep telling her all this stuff to do but how often have I stopped and just prayed for her. 

I prayed really hard last night for my mom. I was watching live stream Kiiger (K-I-I-G-E-R), I was watching her live stream and  she just casually said “Jerry, how are you doing?” My first answer was “Oh, I am doing great, I am doing great.” I just put the little sentence out there in the bottom “Oh, my mom is really sick and could use some praying” and all my defenses were down, I just cried and cried and cried. I got to experience and really look at my mom’s life and see that she needs help, she needs prayers, she needs love, she needs support, that is what she needs. Wow, I’m ashamed that I’ve been giving so much of the opposite. 

I’ll show you this video I made, I made this video last night. I’m putting it up on my Facebook stories and I’m putting it up on my YouTube stories and my Instagram stories. This is something  I made last night.

Prayers for My Mom Cathy

Will you please pray for my mom, her name is Cathy, she’s really sick. I’ve just spent awhile crying and I feel so ashamed that I have been judging her so much and praying so little. Please, please pray for her.”

That was a video I made last night right after it happened and you might think “Why do you make something like this, why don’t you just look good, look strong and be a man.” I love when other people let out their pain and ask for help. 

I remember there was a girl that just recently shared a meeting, she was full of fear and financial insecurity. Her whole plans for her whole life and career are not working out right now and she’s home, living with her parents and that’s difficult because you try to get away, she was crying and sharing that and I was just so honored that she let that out with us. These are opportunities to really help each other. When everybody around us is “I’m good, I’m good, I’m good” then where is the opportunity to help each other?

I love my mother so much and my friend yesterday was saying she didn’t love her mother and I think that’s what opened this up. She said “I don’t love my mother” and I just started crying because I love my mother so much. 

My mom gave up her whole life to have me. My mother had me when it didn’t look smart, didn’t look good. My father is an alcoholic, a drug addict, a whole lot of sex issues and gambling addiction. It didn’t look smart. My father already had a family that he left behind with two daughters, he got divorced and was not there for them. That created a whole bunch of problems for everybody. It didn’t look smart to give my father another chance. My mother loved him so much and she wanted to have me. She gave up her whole life to have me. She moved in with dad’s family, even when he got kicked out for his drinking and drug problems. My mom lived with my dad’s family, she went in the army so she could provide a life for us. 

Prayers for My Mom Cathy

You can see a picture of her in the army here, her change of command in Germany and right when she first came to the army at basic training with my dad. My mom gave up her whole life and went into the army which was a bigger risk, in fact she lost her relationship with her parents over this.

She as the youngest daughter, her parents, expected her to stay home, stay around and take care of them when they get sick. My mom said “I have a husband who can not provide anything financially, I’ve got a son and I need to take care of him, this is the best way I can see to have a life for all of us.” My mom went in the army, her parents cut her off and said “You are dead to us.” 

I now have no grandparents that I have had any communication with since my grandmother died in 2015 and my grandfather died in 1994. My grandparents have not spoken to me since 1994 either on my mom’s side. Thus, my mom is my only direct ancestor left so to speak. I am grateful that I have lots of loving aunts and uncles, cousins and nieces and nephews and family members. My mom is it for my primary family tree.

It hurts, it hurts… I haven’t seen my mom in almost two years and I want to introduce her to her grandson. She hasn’t met her new grandson yet. He is a year and four months old now and I said “Mom, I will come whenever you want, we will bring the whole family.” She said “I am too sick for you to visit, I am too sick, I have fevers, I am up and down, I can’t even go upstairs to bed. How am I to give you any meaningful visit? I am too sick for you to visit, I need to get healthier first.”  

I like the “Let’s go off on a crusade, I am going to go and heal my mother and fix her.” but the reality is that with my family, my business and my community here I finally had a lesson that that’s not right for me to go leave all my other responsibilities behind and go try and crusade and save my mother, I need help from where I’m at today.

Prayers for My Mom Cathy

That’s been a very tough one for me. It’s been tough to think about and love and pray for my mother. I had lunch with a member of AA that’s got 37 years sober last week and I was complaining about my mother, how she is so sick, she can’t do anything, how I want to see her, I was complaining. He said I need to look at your ninth step with my mother and that is to make amends. I was saying “Come on, haven’t I done enough already. I have sent her so many birthday presents, I send her cards and pictures, I’ve visited her so many times before my child was born, I’ve helped her come visit, I’ve told her she can move near me, I would help her move wherever she wants to move. Haven’t I done enough? I call her twice a week or so and talk to her, isn’t that enough?” He was saying just ask her, just to make sure. I asked her and she said “Just think of me every day, send me a picture or something, it makes a big difference.” I was thinking “My God, my mother has done so much for me, how can I have done so little? How can I think about myself so much and have so little thought of her? 

I’m thinking of her and I’m praying for my mom everyday. I’ve been going up and down, this comes in waves. I’ve had periods when i went on a crusade and I said “Everybody please pray for my mother” and then at some point I’m just I just stopped. I would be like, whatever, mom is sick, this is what she is doing, I’m not praying, it’s not my mess and I’m not going to think about it. 

I’m asking you for help because it felt so good to pray for Hunter who had cancer and to hear that he’s over cancer. It felt so good to pray for him, somebody I didn’t know, somebody you could say totally selfless. He hasn’t had any impact on my life, these boys that live somewhere else I may never see if they have cancer or not and yet praying for him feels so good. All I’ve seen are just pictures of him and this was cool.

It is this miraculous power we have to help each other just with our thoughts. We also have a miraculous power or horrible power to hurt each other with our thoughts when we’re judging  and thinking, saying same people shouldn’t be like this or do that or hurting them. 

I remember I talked to my wife one day, I have been struggling a lot with a feeling like I was a monster. Like that is the truth about me and my wife would think the same about me. One day after I stopped thinking about myself that way, I recovered and going to therapy and getting help and getting over and my wife said something about, thinking about being afraid what I do, she said, “Stop thinking about me like that. When you think like that you are hurting me, you are doing something to me. You are making it more likely to be reality just with your thoughts. It’s up to you to stop doing that to me mentally.

These are valuable lessons I’ve learnt that make a huge difference. I love my mother so much and I am grateful for the chance to share this message. It has taken me a lot of prayer just to get up here and make this video because there is a lot of that conditioning in there, there is a lot of resistance, “You don’t need this video, nobody is going to watch this video, people won’t understand what you have to say, they won’t be praying for your mom, they will unsubscribe from your channel.” Somebody will probably unsubscribe from my channel and that is good. That is good because this is the stuff we do in our lives that makes a big difference.

I think a lot about my end of life review, after the soul is left this buddy and I’m looking around, how am I going to judge my own life. What am I going to look at and say “I am so glad I did that.” What I see is that doing things out of love, praying for people, helping people out, spending time and being there for my family and friends and the community, those are the things that at the end of live review I can say “Thank God, that is amazing. I am so happy that I did that.” It is not going to be about how much money I have or what people think of me, it’s about what I did to help and serve others. 

Please join me today, pray for my mom Cathy. She is welcoming your prayers and would love to pray for you, I hope I mentioned this earlier. If you’ve got somebody you want to pray for, please say so as a comment on my video here, I will pray for them too. Talk as much as you can about them, tell us what they are like, tell us what they need help with. 

My mom needs prayers for healing, she needs healing, she needs to heel. 

I was listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s “Super Attractor” book and there’s archangel Raphael, Raphael is the one that does healing. I’ve been praying and asking for Raphael’s guidance. When I’ve been praying for my mom I’ve been imagining the energy out of my body, taking the energy from my body and going where she’s physically at, just as this green white healing light is going all over where she’s at.

When I pray really hard it feels like I leave the body in spirit. When I prayed really hard for Hunter I was sitting and crying, I felt like my soul went and was in his body with him like soul to soul and just throwing a whole lot of good energy out there and when I really prayed hard that’s what it feels like for me.

Thank you very much for reading all of this, I love you and I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I hope this is helpful for you, to open up and pray about the people in your life. To ask for help instead of laying down judgement and to give you a chance to feel good praying for someone. Thank you for praying for my mom.

When I post an update I imagine that I will tell you she is feeling much better, thanking you for your prayers, that she’s getting out of her house that might be a toxic mold situation for her, I don’t know, and she’s getting into a better life.

I had a hypnotherapy session about 6 months ago and it was a vision into the future. In that vision in the future my brother and I were in my mom’s house. About three and a half years in the future my mom had died alone in that house. I have not been to visit her since then and I felt so bad. In the next vision I was trying to do a speech in front of people and I thought, “How can I do this stupid speech right now when my mother just died and I am feeling so bad about it?” and I came back on to that, and that was the last time I got really psyched. 

The message was if nothing changes with how I am being with my mother then that is her faith, she will die alone in the same house she is in now and I will never see her again. Please help with that.

As soon as she says she’s healthy enough, I would love to bring my family, my wife is willing to go as soon as my mother’s ready, I’m imagining how much fun it would be to bring the children and help my mother meet my son she hasn’t met yet, see my daughter she hasn’t seen in two years. The last time she visited us she was too sick to visit us so please pray for us.

We love you and we want to pray for you, leave a comment, let us know who we can pray for and I’ll get to work praying for who you need prayers for and when we all pray for each other there someone or something or someone that listens.

I love you, you are awesome, thanks for reading all of this and I’ll see you in spirit.

Jerry Banfield