PLR Video Courses Marketplace Uthena Allows Instructors to Buy and Sell Private Label Rights!

Uthena is a PLR video courses marketplace that allows instructors to buy and sell Private Label Rights. Buying PLR is ideal to start your own e-learning website and selling PLR is ideal for a higher income per sale.

PLR Video Courses Marketplace Uthena Allows Instructors to Buy and Sell Private Label Rights!

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PLR Video Courses Marketplace Uthena Allows Instructors to Buy and Sell Private Label Rights!

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Imagine having access to thousands of videos and hundreds of online courses that you could upload to your own websites, sell and keep all the earnings, or if you’re an instructor online and you’ve got your own courses, imagine being able to put them up on a Private Label Rights course marketplace where you’re able to earn a lot more money than say $5 or $10 by selling your online course.

That’s what we’ve built for you on where you can see Uthena is a marketplace for Private Label Rights video courses.

If you’d like to get your course on Uthena, just click on the “Teach” button and apply today, and you can start selling PLR to your video courses on Uthena.

Jerry Banfield PLR bundle

You might ask, “Well, why would you want to sell or buy private label rights?”

Let me give you a great example of what you can do with PLRs.

This is my friend Joseph Delgadillo.

Joseph Delgadillo YouTube channel

He used the Private Label Rights for one of my courses that I didn’t even think was worth anything because it wasn’t selling very well.

He puts it up on YouTube as a four-hour free preview video. He gets 1.5 million views on his channel, which is worth thousands of dollars in ad revenue, plus, he then sends people to his own website, gets them signing up, buying his own online courses.

That’s why buying PLR is awesome.

You might not have the time to film 3,000 plus videos, but I do, and I’ve paid people to film videos on in-demand topics for me as well, and I’ve bundled all that up into one epic forever all course private label rights bundle, which is the main offering we have on Uthena.

I have 78 ready to go courses. You can literally copy the outline and stick them on your own website. There are a lot of these from 2019 and I’m putting two new videos a day in 2020 and indefinitely, and you can get all this for life for $1,000 with my Jerry Banfield Forever All Course PLR Bundle.”

I’m so grateful that there are other instructors with us on Uthena who are uploading their courses for Private Label Rights to give you an expanded set of options.

For example, here’s one bundle from Michel Gerard that you can get Private Label Rights to all his courses for $142.

Michel Gerard Bundle on Uthena

We’ve got another Private Label Rights bundle here for $333.

PLR Video Courses Marketplace Uthena Allows Instructors to Buy and Sell Private Label Rights!

The idea is you can create your own e-learning platform with all of the Private Label Rights courses we have on Uthena and that’s exactly what we’re seeing.

We just had a customer buy in Nigeria, he bought my Private Label Rights and several others on Uthena and they’ve got everything they need to set up their own e-learning platform in Nigeria, which could make them hundreds if not thousands, if not millions of dollars, as they continue to grow this.

If you’ve got your own online courses, the beauty of selling Private Label Rights is you can make a lot more money.

I used to sell these online courses that I’m selling Private Label Rights to for $1,000 now.

PLR Video Courses Marketplace Uthena Allows Instructors to Buy and Sell Private Label Rights!

That would take me one hundred $10 sales to equal one PLR sale, or if I had a lot of the sales I used to get $5 or even $2.50, then it would take hundreds more sales than getting just one.

Private Label Rights is a great way to expand the earning power of the online course you’ve already filmed if you’re an instructor.

When you look at my bundle, you can see there are 78 courses here and these have already sold a lot in other places.

Jerry Banfield's courses

Let me show you my earnings as an instructor online. I’ve earned a over $900,000 teaching online. My courses sell a lot and they’ve sold to hundreds of thousands of people, and yet the world is so big that you can take the courses I’ve made and sell them to someone who’s never heard of me or never bought any of my online courses before.

Teaching online revenue

You can make all the money off it and it’s a good deal for me because I get to make $1,000 off of it and I don’t have to do anything except give you my Dropbox folder and let you use all these courses that are already uploaded and outlined and that works out great for all of us.

You can even do things like Joseph Delgadillo and give the courses away for free to build your list. You can sell them all on a website like Uthena, which is hosted with Thinkific.

You can have a lot of earning potential when it comes to Private Label Rights and that’s why we’ve made Uthena as a PLR marketplace available today where you can sell your courses when you click on “Teach” and you can buy Private Label Rights to the courses you love.

We are working with every instructor to get them into doing Private Label Rights if they have not already and if you are new, you must do Private Label Rights to teach on Uthena.

Thank you very much for learning about Uthena, a Private Label Rights marketplace for video courses.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

And I’ll see you on Uthena.

Jerry Banfield

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