140+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2019 + 2020!

What are the best courses to use for private label rights and earn money selling an already created video course as your own in 2019 and 2020?

The short answer is you can get 140+ video courses that I have created and/or paid individually at https://uthena.com/courses/jerrybanfield-plr?ref=668a46 or join as a partner at https://jerrybanfield.com/partners/ to get all courses! If you appreciate this as much as I would have six years ago when I was looking for the same thing, you might be able to make an entire business for yourself selling already filmed video courses, and help people looking for those video courses to get them for cheaper and get a great learning experience out of them.  Read the rest of the post for more examples of how this works!

150+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2019 + 2020!

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Six years ago when I started my business online, I was looking around for private label rights content because private label rights content is already filmed videos or audio, or whatever it is, that is licensed to another person who is then able to resell it as their own.

When we compare private label rights to something like affiliate marketing, we see private label rights is a way better deal depending on how much it costs to get the rights to the content.

I’ve got an incredible deal for private label rights that I’m grateful people are consistently signing up for every month, because there are over 3,000 of my videos that you get for one flat fee or for $49 a month.

The flat fee is $1,000 once for life or $49 a month.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

I think the money-making potential you can have with this library makes that a huge opportunity. I know I would have loved something like this six years ago when I was looking for private label rights.

For example, I will give you the best of what I currently have to offer. I’ve just filmed the best course in the world on live streaming, go from beginner to best in the world.

There are very few people, probably hundreds, in the world who have the credentials to teach a course on live streaming and there is not one who has the well-rounded experience I’ve got to teach this course.

I’ve finished filming it and I’m continuing to add more to it. I’ve looked at the existing live-streaming courses and there is nothing that comes even close to this one.

Because most of the existing courses, at least from my limited research, I found often will teach live streaming on YouTube for example, how to set up your Facebook live stream, or how to build a following on Twitch, but there is none I’ve seen, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, that gives you the depth that this course does here.

I’ve just filmed The Complete Live Streaming Course and it has something like 10 plus hours of video already, and I’m still adding to it.

There are over three hours of video lectures on questions and answers about live streaming.

Things like how do we stay motivated?

How to live stream and record video tutorials without taking more time?

Copyrights for beginner to advanced for live streamers.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

I’ve got two hours just on live streaming gear, setting up the home studio, green screen, cheap and effective lighting, the live streaming software choices.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

Then, I have an hour on the software I use, which I think is one of the best for live streaming. Although you could argue OBS might be better because it’s free. If you really want to do incredible things with live streaming and filming videos, Wirecast is what I use, I choose to use that over OBS.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

I’ve got hours more on specific platforms.

There’s an hour on a brand new cryptocurrency live streaming platform that offers amazing opportunities that I’ve earned thousands of dollars on, I have two hours of video on YouTube, an hour on Facebook and I’m going to beef the Facebook section of this up with even more.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

I’ve got over two hours on Twitter including a full live stream that I did that got thousands of views that had amazing engagement as a case study.

I’ve got 30 minutes on Twitch, however, I’m about to also drop something like an hour to more into the Twitch section of this course.

In other words, there is no live streaming course in the world that I’ve seen, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, that can compete with this course essentially.

This course is a monster, and because I’m banned from Udemy, I’ve made so many sales and caused so much trouble that they banned me, this course is not on Udemy. Although I don’t recommend putting it on Udemy, you could put it there, if you have an account that you don’t care about getting banned.

You might be able to slip it through the review team, I wouldn’t recommend it, but you could try it if you want to.

That’s the beauty of private label rights, if you want private label rights to this course, you can have it as a part of my partner program, which I will talk about in a minute.

You can do whatever you want with it.

You can make a new account try and slip this thing on Udemy and just hope they don’t recognize the name. It’s possible that you might be able to slide it in there and earn thousands of dollars in sales with almost no work, before they figure out, “Hey, this guy’s banned from Udemy, why is this course on here?”

You might be able to put this on other cost hosting platforms that I can’t even be bothered to go fool around with.

I may put this on Stack Commerce, I might get this uploaded to Skillshare.

You see, the challenge for me is I have so many things to do, I have so many opportunities, I get so excited about stuff, and I love just giving people things.

I’m sure you want to say, “Well, Jerry, if you think I should get private label rights to this, then why aren’t you just selling it making a fortune?”

Because I enjoy giving people stuff for free.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

I’ve got this course, I’m just giving it away on my website along with most all the rest of my courses. There are only three or so courses that aren’t on there and I’m going to add them also, so all of my courses will be up here for free.

I love just giving people stuff because I remember when I started my business, everyone wanted me to pay for something.

“Pay for this course, it’s $300 to learn how to click three things on Facebook and submit an ad and have confidence in yourself.”

“Take this YouTube course for $500, I’ll show you guaranteed secrets that you could easily figure out yourself just by using YouTube and trying it yourself.”

“I’ll show you how to get thousands of followers on Twitter that if you just google a little bit on how to do follow/follow back, you can do that same thing yourself.”

“I’ll show you how to make thousands of dollars teaching online, that if you just look at what I’m doing and buy my course…”

You see what I’m saying?

I’m tired of selling courses.

I’ve made millions of dollars selling courses, when does it stop?

When is it enough?

I’m tired of selling stuff all the time, I just like giving people things because I already have enough stuff to sell.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

I’ve got a partner program, you can see I’m selling the private label rights here.

I like doing the private label rights because that gives you the chance to really make the most of what I’ve done.

You can render the videos and upload them on YouTube, you could even render the whole thing together. I might do this if I could take the time to do it. I might render the whole thing together and put it up on YouTube.

My limitation is I love filming videos so much, I love giving my stuff away so much that you might say financially I squander the majority of the opportunity with it these days.

I film all this stuff, and then I just want to do the next thing, I want to live stream the next game, I want to do another inspirational video. I don’t want to take 40 hours to set it up and sell it, and do the Facebook ads, I’ve done all that before.

I’m bored with that, I’m not interested in doing that, so I make this available via private label rights. The beauty of it is you can even take the courses yourself, you can see how they are, with private label rights with me, you get all of these courses.

These courses are making thousands of dollars every month, on StackCommerce, which is on stackskills.com.

They just keep selling these courses every month for thousands of dollars. The same ones I’m giving away for free on my website. StackCommerce is just selling thousands of dollars every month even though from my point of view, who would want a Facebook course that’s two years old now?

People are buying it.

Who would want some of these cryptocurrency ones?

I don’t even care about cryptocurrencies, I’m selling all mine. People are still buying them on StackSkills every month.

I’m grateful that there are so many people who are taking my courses for free, and yet most of the world has no clue about me or my courses.

The best part is, I will help you. I will give you ideas on what to do. I can guide you on how to use the videos, there are tons of things you can do with the 3,000 plus videos I have in my library because I realize not everyone is up for filming videos.

I love filming videos so much that I don’t want to spend a bunch of time doing other things. I love being in front of the camera, I don’t love going through and setting up sales pages.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

As you can see, once I get a sales page up, like the partners, the private label rights, I just want to use that.

If you would like to get private label rights to all my courses, will you please learn about the partner program?

I’ve made this one page and I just leave it now, which is really nice.

The partner program is where we partner together.

My vision for the partner program is whatever you pay, what I give you in return will help you make at least 10 times as much money as the partner program costs. You can become a partner for life for a thousand dollars.

My vision is, you pay a thousand dollars for private label rights to my courses, you get them for life, all the new videos I make, any new courses I film, plus the 3,000 plus videos I’ve already done, which make up 50, 60 or 70, depending on how you organize it, tons of video courses.

My vision is that you are in at least $10,000 back in sales. The courses I’m giving you have earned millions of dollars in sales already. They are proven winners, and even though some of the ones that have sold the most are now a couple of years old, they are still selling for thousands of dollars every month on stackskill.com, via StackCommerce.

I know they are still worth buying and that’s not even counting the course I just showed you on the complete live streaming course.

I literally just need to send a couple more emails and spend two hours uploading the videos to StackCommerce, maybe I can do that, maybe not, we will see. That’s why I love private label rights, I film the video, drop it in the folder, you can do whatever you want with it.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

The partner program has its own discord group, our primary purpose is to help each other build and grow.

There are other people you might love working with in the partner program. Other people are making their own video course websites.

Several partners have made their own entire website offering massive amounts of courses for like $9 a month, where they have got all of my courses in there along with their own courses and other courses, providing an exceptional value for the student.

You also get a one-on-one monthly call and the ability to private message me every month, and I think this is a ridiculous value because I’m giving a whole lot and yet it works well for both of us. At any point in my business, I could have afforded $49 a month, from the very first day I started.

The beauty of it is $49 a month or $1,000 keeps out most of the people I don’t want to work with, who would ask a whole lot without giving hardly anything in return.

I love the partner program because it promotes building ongoing relationships where you become a partner, you get private label rights, and we work together indefinitely to help you build your own business online and make money.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

If you like what you see here, I imagine that if you have gotten this far in, you might like it, will you please join us and become a partner?

Because you will love how we learn and grow together.

You might love the private label rights, you might be able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. StackCommerce has made a lot of money selling my courses that they literally just essentially copied and pasted from Udemy where they were originally, into StackCommerce.

If you would like to become a partner, there are three different options.

You can sign up on Patreon for $49 a month.

If you are new to this, essentially, and just want to give it a try, it’s just $49 a month.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

You might wonder what’s the cancellation rate?

The cancellation rate over the first three months is about 50%, which is good.

The cancellation rate is not like 90% or something, that means people are trying it and I’m doing a good job discouraging people who don’t really want to be in it for a long time from signing up. Then naturally, about half the people sign up and get excited, and then whatever happens in life bogs down and they end up canceling to try to save money or something.

That’s fine with me because that leaves a core group of partners that stick with me for a long time. I don’t know the exact percentage, but a lot of the partners that are with me now have been with me for six-plus months, and many of them for years.

The cool thing is you get a leaderboard, you can see exactly who is a partner and when they signed up, and if anyone cancels their membership, they get removed from here.

Now, in order to get this, you need to request it and provide a bio, most partners have not given the bio for this and provided a link to the website.

You can see Michel, we have done an incredible amount of work together over the last two years.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

Joe Parys has been a partner for a year and a half.

Cameron, Thomas, Joseph and AJ have been partners for a long time, and AJ is the newest one who has added his bio.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

Probably only about 5% to 10% of partners actually get their bio added.

AJ is the newest one to add his bio, he’s coming up on six months as a partner here.

The nice thing is whenever I share this page, you can find out and get to know the other partners, and you might be able to find some amazing business opportunities with them.

I bet you at least one or two, if not three of the other partners, would also make a private label rights deal with you and give you their courses, and you would have over a hundred courses you could put up on your own course website.

You charge something ridiculously low like $9 a month. I guarantee you can pull a hundred people $9 a month who will stick with it, and you can make almost a thousand dollars a month, just by putting together courses from me and my partners.

You can sign up monthly on Patreon with any credit card or you can sign up right on my University.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

You can see here, you got the partner with voice chat and all courses subscription.

For $49 a month, when you sign up for this, you get access to all my courses immediately without having to redeem 64 coupons, and then you get access to the partner program.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

Or if you do the lifetime option here, you get access for life.

In my opinion, that’s the best way to do it because if you want to make the most money for the longest time, it’s generally making consistent money every month.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

The best ways I’ve made money are the ones that consistently produce and grow a little bit every month, because the huge $80,000 in one month, it’s a wild ride emotionally, and then when you go down to like $10,000 the next month, it’s a huge letdown and the inconsistency is very hard to deal with.

You steadily start out making a few hundred, you go to a few thousand, that is very comfortable and secure. You pay this one-time cost for the partner program and you have got a library that’s continually growing, you can use any video I put up to.

I might make a gaming video you like, you could edit that, upload it as your own to YouTube and earn ad revenue on that indefinitely.

The possibilities are endless with the partner program because the point of it is to help you build your business using all of what I create in a very simple way that we can collaborate together.

If you would like to take a look at the courses, you can see for yourself before paying anything essentially what you can get. I love that the free courses help build my email list because what I really care about is sharing most of the things I do for free, for example, my Happier People podcast, all my inspirational stuff, and just helping people every day.

I’m grateful that I have the courage to do it this way because this is the ideal. This, in my opinion, is you have made it.

When you can afford to just give all your stuff away for free, and then have very limited things like the partner program that you can monetize with and empower others to build businesses with, when most people can enjoy everything I create for free, that is really having made it.

When I was about to go out of business getting near bankruptcy in 2014, I realized that if my business failed and went bankrupt, the one thing I would really care about is having helped people. I realized that meant giving as much as I could, making as many video tutorials, as many courses, and just giving them away.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

That’s why we are here today because I love you, I hope to help make things easier for you to build your business online than it was for me.

If you would like to join us in the partner program, will you please go to the partners page and sign up today because I think you will love it?

I think you will enjoy being a partner.

Well, there is a 50/50 chance you will love it.

50/50 you will cancel and you won’t want to keep being a partner.

So far, the satisfaction rate among those who have bought lifetime access has been very high. The monthly membership tends to get the people in who are aren’t sure as much as the people who go all in for a lifetime, and I get a text message when you buy a lifetime access.

I get an immediate text message, “Oh, signed up for lifetime access.”

I get really excited about that.

People tend to be consistently happy with lifetime access, and I’m very grateful for that.

If you want to pay with cryptocurrency, you can also pay in STEEM or SBD if you send a transfer to Jerry Banfield ROI. Make sure to use the exact link and copy the account name exactly because if you do not, it may not go through.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

You just need to send at least a thousand dollars worth of STEEM to Jerry Banfield ROI.

So, you can even pay with cryptocurrency for it, but most people just use the University of Jerry Banfield with a credit card.

After you sign up as a partner, you will get an immediate email that gives you the link to sign in to the Dropbox folder where you can get all of these videos immediately.

I’m glad I remembered to talk about the most important thing at the end.

The nice thing is, this is instant gratification.

If you use the University of Jerry Banfield and you sign up for monthly or lifetime, you will consistently get an immediate email with the username and password to sign in to the partners Dropbox folder, where you can then start downloading about four terabytes of videos, just thousands of videos and you can download them, and then get to work with it.

50+ Video Courses for Private Label Rights in 2018 + 2019!

If you use Patreon, sometimes it works.

Then also, you can join the Discord server and there are partners in the channel who generally within 24 hours, you will get a response to anything you ask from me or Michel Gerard, or from another partner who can help you with whatever it is.

I was doing voice calls for all partners, but now we just do one-on-one calls.

You will also get a coupon once we start communicating that you can schedule one-on-one call with me on Facebook for 15 minutes every month to just catch up, let me know how you are doing, ask me any questions, and tell me more about what you are doing to help me understand how I can help you best.

Thank you very much for reading this post or watching the video below.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I just love talking, that’s how I got so many of these videos filmed.


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.