How To See Real Problems In Life and Solutions To Fix Them

Most of what happens in life is good. Yet, most of our programming by default forces us to look at what’s bad in life. For example, I teach courses online and generally about 80% of the reviews are positive. Most of what people have to say about the courses is good. Yet, my brain is programmed to focus on what’s bad. I’ll scroll by four good reviews and hardly read them to agonize for 20 minutes over the one bad review. Meanwhile, I don’t respond to any of the good reviews.

Why are we programmed like that? It’s for survival in the wilderness. It’s also practical in the sense, when you see a problem you want to pay attention to that and fix it. Just noticing the things going right doesn’t help if you miss that one problem, it can be critical. In the jungle, if you don’t notice a predator coming in, you won’t have a chance to enjoy that body.

The survival instincts we have notice several problems. When you have a child, you’re programmed to notice the one thing that they need to improve on. You become laser focused on the one area where they need your guidance.

The problem with this programming is it makes life miserable. We don’t notice that there are few real problems. For example, I live in the USA in Sarasota Florida today. Almost everyone here has a place to eat,  a place to live. Even people that don’t could have a place to live and have food to eat if they asked for help. There’s more than enough in the entire country on a large scale. Even in the world, in most places there’s enough to eat. It may not be ideal, there’s some places where we could help and do more. Yet, most of the world has enough to eat, has shelter, has water. The majority of the world anywhere from 70 – 80% has what is needed. Yet, we focus on looking at the places where we could do better. That makes sense, the problem is when all you do is focus on the problems. Life isn’t worth living. It stinks to have a wonderful life like I do here, but look for meaningless problems all the time. A predator coming in to kill you in the wilderness, that makes sense. You want to be on the lookout for that.

If problems are political and you’re frustrated about it, then that doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t matter what goes on outside of your own control. If you can’t do anything about it, there’s no reason in getting upset about it. There’s so many people on earth today that go around upset about things that they can’t change. They are problems created in the mind.

Playing video games is a good example. I play League of Legends and Call of Duty and the amount of people pissed off at the game is shocking. I have spent most of my life being the kind of person that was pissed off at the game. Everything in my life was going fine and I’m screaming at the video game as if I’m screaming at a predator. That default programming seems normal. When you see someone shouting at the store or flicking people off, that’s normal. Being miserable all the time is what creates the problems we see.

Almost every problem we see would be corrected if each individual rose above their default programming. If we could all look around and do everything that needed to be done there would be no complaining. It would actually be kind of boring and simple.

Today you have that chance in your own personal life. You have the chance to not complain about what’s going on, to look around and fix what needs to be fixed. You have the chance to enjoy the peace and serenity of being in a place where everything’s okay.

We live in their world today where there are few real predators. Yet, there are more opportunities to complain and be upset more than ever.

The problem is our default nature of finding the problem with everything and complaining about it. Even in sharing this with you I don’t see this as a problem. I’m happy today in my life in my world. Everything is just fine in my world because I work to focus on the 99% of things that are doing well. When I encounter pain in my personal life and see what I can do about it and fix what I can fix and accept what I can’t.

For most of my life, I was stuck in the things that were wrong, I got little time and energy and peace out of living.

I share this with you today with the hope that you can reflect on your situation and see the difference between a real problem and an imaginary problem. Something you’ve seen on the news is an imaginary problem. It doesn’t actually exist in the world around you today. It may exist somewhere else. You aren’t there in the middle of it.

Real problem: you are hungry. That is a real problem. You will die if you don’t fix that problem. You aren’t getting enough sleep – real problem. You are angry – real problem. You are lonely or frustrated – real problem. You are actually experiencing that.

That helps me to differentiate the problems that are real and the problems that are imaginary. Things that happened in my past – imaginary problem. Not real unless it’s being interacted with right now. If I’m miserable and upset over something that’s happened in my past – real problem.

This is a new way of living for me today. In sharing and thinking about my ideas helps me keep them active. If I do not think about this way of living, if I do not focus on all the things that are right in life. I slip back into default programming and I become a complainer. I become part of the problem instead of part of a peaceful happy way of living.

I make these videos out of constant vigilance in my own life so I can keep having the peaceful life I have today. I talk about me because that’s what I know about and I try to lead by example. If you can see what I’m doing that works for me then you can apply it in your life today. I pray to remember that fundamentally, most everything around me is good. Most everything is working well.

I pray to remember the difference between imaginary problems that I’m creating vs. real problems I can get my hands on and start fixing. Then I can devote my time and energy to making sure I’m doing the best I can which then impacts everyone else in the world. I pray that you have the same chance to have the peace and serenity I have on a daily basis. I pray that you enjoy life where you only interact with the real problems that you need to fix in your own life today. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day.