Hi! I’m Jerry Banfield!

I’m YouTuber with 8 years sober!  Text me at 727-513-0014!

I’m A Full Time YouTuber Now!

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I’m Desperate For Help

My First Extraterrestrial Contact

Why I Quit Crypto YouTube 4 Years Ago and Am Back Now ALL IN with Bitcoin!

I am now a black man and an African American! I no longer wish to be identified white or Caucasian

How to End a Fight in Seconds

Laura plays Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with our neighbors on Nintendo Switch!


  • God, health, and relationships are my top 3 priorities. Everything I do follows from these principles which means unity, service, and transparency. I will not create from an assumption of secrecy, conflict, or confusion.
  • My life is balanced among family, friends, self care, community service, recovery, and creating online. I will only film videos after ensuring every other area is receiving enough attention. I will not skip quality family time, yoga, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, massages, or exercise to make time for live streaming and filming videos.
  • I have enough money and want what I create to be available to everyone. Thus, everything I create now is available for free on YouTube. I will not create anything for the primary purpose of making money which includes online courses, exclusive content, or sponsored videos I would not be willing to do for free.
  • You following and watching is enough! Therefore, no paid advertising, marketing, or creating content primarily for the purpose of getting views or followers.
  • You can expect me to create on average 2 videos a day for YouTube which will include a combination of live gaming streams and prerecorded videos along with stream highlights!